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moonsblessings Lady Heather Claire

Product / Service Spell
Location Woking, England
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Monetary Loss

She sells FAKE spells and does not honour refunds.She has a VERY BAD REPUTATION.

Do not EVER send her money. FAKE LOTTERY SPELLS. FAKE SPIRITS. Just google the name Lady Heather Claire or Moonsblessings and you will see for yourself.

Also check out her feedback on ebay SO MANY NEGS she had to delete her profile. You will find many people who were thoroughly disappointed with the FAKE spells and services she sells. People have spent many 100s of dollars on her so called spells and they DID NO WORK.

MOONSBLESSINGS is one of the biggest SCAMS going.You have been warned. 3069581

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Dec 22, 2013 
I have to question the mentality of anyone who would actually believe that someone selling a "SPELL" could be a scam....Who with any education or common sense would think that this is even possible....A SPELL is not going to do anything, its NOT REAL! USE THE BRAIN GOD GAVE YOU BEFORE YOU BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU HEAR OR READ AS RIDICULOUS AS THIS
Reply to MissMiss57

Dec 17, 2013 
Note ID change again! Moonsblessins/Lady Heather Claire Peavey and Frank Peavey are at it again. ID Qadira Byrne is now Illuminated Path Spells on etsy and also Mystic Coventry on etsy. This is Heather and Frank Peavey who were kicked off eBay as moonsblessings and veritas fideslis spellcastings as well as many other ID's. As soon as their angry ex customers catch on to their new ID they change it.
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Oct 17, 2013 
Yay! finally that fraud has been brought to justice! I knew she was a fake all along! I'm glad someone caught her and put her out of business! she was a real ***!
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Oct 17, 2013 
Lunar coven is now closed, its not stopping me, i will get my refund, she needs to know how to deal with the public, the customer is always right!!!
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Oct 22, 2013 
That ID is closed like others they did use in the past but Heather and Frank are still selling as Cosmic Guru and Qadira Byrne. They have a website QadiraByrne.com and are on both etsy and Bonanza.
Reply to Scam Buster

Sep 28, 2013 
I don't know who's worse, her for ripping people off, or you for being so *** as to pay for such blatant nonsense. Actually I do know who's worse...... the customer. Taking money off idiots isn't a crime.
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Oct 17, 2013 
its is when you committing advertising fraud, it doesn't matter what she selling, some churches sell candles and for them to pray for you, what she advertise is no different than going to buying clothes, and when you return it because she promises a no questions ask policy and says she doesn't care about the money, so why isn't she giving it back then? she could be anyone you buy from, she sells jewelry too, so your statement makes no sense, because she could be selling you a lie with jewelry that isn't real. :eek
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Sep 28, 2013 
She defrauded me of $200. I left it too late to claim my money back through paypal :(
Reply to Amanda

Sep 22, 2013 
"Debbie", the claim that you visited Lady Heather AKA Heather and Frank Peavey Jr. in person PROVES you are making a fake review. Heather first used a photo on eBay of an older woman model claiming it was her. That picture was proved to be one you could purchase from a photo agency. We have screen shots of it and where it came from. On her new site Heather stole various pictures of people from the Internet. The picture she claimed was her and her daughter was proven in this very post to belong to another. The original photographer even posted this was a stolen photo. So "Debbie" IF you were a legitimate customer and really visited Heather you would know she is not the woman from any picture but a chubby 30ish housewife whose real picture you can find on Facebook by looking up Heather Peavey of Standish Maine. Check out Frank Peavey too since the Qadira Byrne website was registered to him till he made the registration private. Careful though, both Heather and Frank are sneaky and have been deleting Facebook photos and creating fake profiles. The originals are in screen shot and filed away in case the authorities need them.
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Sep 16, 2013 
I believe in magick, and that there are persons gifted with special powers/talents. And not that I'm setting out to smear anyone - but Lady Heather Claire is NOT one of those gifted psychics/witches!

Back in May 2011 - I purchased a Phychic Reading and '100% Guaranteed Lottery Win' from Lady Heather Claire (when she had her shop on ebay).
The 'reading' was nothing more than the typical run of the mill one produced by many simple astrology/numerology software reports. But I didn't make my [$91 purchase] for the reading anyway - so much as for the '100% Guaranteed Lottery Win' and supposed lucky numbers she provided...

Having been recently widowed at the time -I didn't really have the extra money to spend on such things. But figured that I would either win the lottery in X amount of time (as specified and guaranteed), or get a refund as promised.
I began playing the numbers she provided (consistently & without fail every Wed & Sat since). And when the allotted time (the 75 days in which she assured me I would become rich) came and went -I believed and continued playing them (because she stated on her website to be patient... That sometimes it may just take a little bit longer - and that the longest any of her clients evr had to wait for their riches was around 360-80 days).

SO I WAITED... and waited... AND Waited...
Here we are Sept 2013 - and I'm STILL WAITING!

I recently emailed Lady heather
... Show more
Reply to Chandra_W

Sep 10, 2013  from Eglin Air Force Base, Florida
i think if everyone has forgotten that is illegal to advertise fraud online and hit the FTC board with a complaint as i am. I waited the 6month, and even forgot about the 6 spells i purchased from her, and worked with the ring they sent me for months, and still nothing, you owe me $500 and worse you have set a precedent not just here but on other site forums, how can you sit there and say you have done nothing wrong, when those who back you and even sent new customers to your site, get the shaft when they request a refund after a period of time, i think if you were an honest site you should set that period of 45 days, that way we don't have to fight with you, we just hit the compliant button on paypal, and go from there. It shows your works are not for helping others but for greed, how sad...and worse, im not going to feel bad when the FTC shuts you down or worse the Attorneys that deal with Advertising fraud which is a federal offense even online takes you for all you got and gives back those who did right while you did wrong.. :(
Reply to Reeses74

Sep 09, 2013 
Yes, she stole my money too. But luckily I only sent her $20. Don't trust this fraudster - she has been exposed as a fake so many times. I urge anyone who is considering buying form her to read ALL of the posts on here as people have posted actual proof of her fraud.
Reply to Carol

Aug 30, 2013 
Shaun they can't sue you because it would mean everything true posted about her here would be revealed in court. It's all bluster and BS just like all the fake posts giving good reviews or saying only one person has a vendetta against her.
Reply to Scam Buster

Aug 30, 2013 
Have received both physical threats of lawsuits from both Frank and Heather Peavey Standish Maine please bring it on you thieving nasty people!! Please report them to the police cannot wait for them to go down
Reply to Shaun

Aug 28, 2013 
Here is PROOF that many of the most current positive reviews about Lady Heather are FAKE and done by her and her hubby Frank. When I posted the screenshot on the other post and posted the info below pissedconsumer homepage showed 175 comments from 54 different IP's. It now says 182 posts with 55 IP's. So only ONE new IP posted yet Heather got several positive reviews, 4 in fact out of 7 posts. ONLY one of these posts was from an IP that had not posted before. I would bet it was the spam post about a money making venture from lizalisa856 totally unrelated to Lady Heather. So take that Chris Rhodes/Heather/Frank! :grin 8)

AND I'm NOT Denny from Falkirk, United Kingdom with IP address

ROTFLMAO :grin :grin :grin You can't read IP addresses off this private website. Only Pissedconsumer can see the IP's. Chris Rhodes/Heather is full of ***
Reply to Scam Buster

Aug 28, 2013 
Both Frank and Heather have been exposed as Lunar Coven and Qadira Byrne. Someone should put them in jail for scamming people! Both sites are owned by Frank Peavey. :(
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Aug 28, 2013 
I know Qadira is a fake because she declined her services to me after she sent me an email back in June to purchase her services. Now don't you think something is wrong here? They are going under different identities. :(
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Aug 25, 2013 
Check the post on pissed consumer titled "MOONSBLESSINGS Lady Heather Claire, spellcastings weebly, spellcasting weebly, covenmagick, thelunarcoven, Qadira Byrne, Cosmic Guru Coven - Moonsblessings Post PROOF many people posting" to see PROOF how many different people posted on this thread. As of yesterday 54 people in 175 posts.

Not just one person trying to smear Heather and Frank it seems.
Reply to Scam Buster

Aug 24, 2013  from Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico
So Chris Rhodes/Heather. Again you deflect. First you say all posts are one person, yet Pissedconsumer itself had posted in the HOT TOPIC section yesterday that OVER 40 INDIVIDUALS had posted on this thread. Not just one person.

All rational people realize that you are full of BS. There is one person who started this thread and DOES want Heather forced to stop. He wants his money back. Many others have joined in to speak up against Heather Claire and her STEALING of their money.

You only need to look at moonsblessings feedback her last month on eBay and after to see that she took many people's money and skipped out without providing merchandise or service. Her money back guarantee is a lie she posts to make people buy her items.

I made fun of your post but only because I know it was full of BS.

I an not the person who started this post or any of the others on Heather Claire, moonsblessings, spellcastings weebly, spellcasting weebly, covenmagick, thelunarcoven, Qadira Byrne, Cosmic Guru Coven, etc... but I know a scam and she is it. All those ID's and more as she hides from those she scams.

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