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Don't buy from Monster Transmission

Company Monster Transmission
Product / Service Transmission
Location Cincinnati, Ohio
Category Equipment
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Don't by any products from Monster Transmission&Performance. I just bought a transmission from them and had it installed. The transmission caught on fire and did not *** into certain gears.

When they got the bad transmission back the said nothing was wrong with. now they refuse to take care of the repair bill. This company screws you of your money and their product are junk.

I highly recommend you stay away from this company and the junk products they supply. Don't waste your money with these clowns.Monster Transmissions&Performance is a joke the people their don't care about there customers or their vehicles . 2db27ef

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Apr 12  from Casselberry, Florida
Monster Transmission is a HUGE JOKE. They talk about how great there product is and how great there HANDSHAKE warranty is. Bought a 700R4 from them that did not work right on the 1st test drive. (I am a ASE master technician for 30 years). They never did take care of it, only one excuse after another. Save you money and buy from a reputable company !!!!!
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Mar 30  from Pasadena, California
I've built c4, c6, 5r55e, axod, 4l60e, 4l80e, th350, th400 and zf transmissions. What I don't understand is why you have to purchase the ATF fluid from them? Yes certain vehicles "imports for the most part" are very fluid specific and you have to buy ATF from the manufacture but a c4 or a th350? Sounds like a money making strategy to me. If their gonna overcharge me on fluid i can only imagine how far bent over I'd get on a transmission! Go get the local shop to rebuild your existing transmisson for a fraction of the price
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Jan 16 
I'm gonna directly call out monster transmissions right now and say their "no finger pointing policy" is utter ***, they immediately blame you if you're not ase certified and refuse to replace the bad transmission they sent you. They seem to have forgotten about the people who work on cars as a hobby who have all the experience needed just without certification. Tired of seeing them lie about that,
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Nov 02, 2013 
I will be looking for someone to rebuild my 4l60e in the near future. After reading these stories I will continue to look at a reputable place to have mine rebuilt. Sorry--too many stories for me to feel comfortable !!!
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Oct 20, 2013 
Wow after reading this postings il newer buy a Monster transmission. Thank you for the information.
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Oct 18, 2013 
Kells, please give us a call. We work hard to make all of our clients happy. This website doesn't allow the clients to remove what they posted even when we resolve the issue. We have less than a 1% warranty return on our units. We shipped out over 1800 units last year and over 1700 the year before. We do our best to work with all of our clients and make them satisfied. We are on TV and in magazines because we build a great product and stand behind it. I just saw your post or I would have contacted you earlier. 1-800-708-0087 is the best number to reach us on, our good far outweighs the few bad, give us a shot !
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Oct 02, 2013  from Cicero, Illinois
Okay I was really looking forward to buying a monster trans. but there seems like there is way too much room for error. This sucks because I finally saved enough dough for the best trans. that matched my horsepower. I guess I'll keep looking around.
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Jul 23, 2013  from Browns Mills, New Jersey
Never even got my transmission, was told 2 weeks to build and after having to constantly call THEM for updates after 3 weeks I cancelled order. Communication was terrible. I can't comment on quality but from lack of communication i was worried if there was a problem that I'd be chasing them down after I received trans. Bought a new factory trans from the dealer for cheaper price with torque converter same day I cancelled order and had it in a day with a better warranty. I will say they refunded my money promptly when I cancelled.

Apr 22, 2013  from Melbourne, Victoria
guys i got a monster trans behind my 750hp big block for 3 years now and i drive it hard and not had any probs with it
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Oct 18, 2013  from Brooksville, Florida
Thank you Big HJ, we really appreciate people like you ! Send us a video or post it on facebook or youtube ! We are a good and honest company who puts a lot of blood,sweat and tears in to our builds. We go above and beyond for our clients. It's nice guys like you that keep us in business. Thank you so much !!!
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Mar 27, 2013 
I just recently purchased a 480le for my Suburban, so far no problems. I really hope
it does'nt take a *** on me. I will personally return this Trans myself to these People
via the front window! Probably should have bought from TCI :eek
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Feb 19, 2013  from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
My friend bought a turbo 400 From Monster, he got trans and took the pan off to put on a better one and there are metal pieces in the pan laying. It has never been in a car! How can you sell a transmission like that and they say it's good for 600 horsepower. You decide if you want there product.
40 year experience auto tech
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Feb 17, 2013  from Los Angeles, California
Thank u for the reviews I was about to purchase one

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Jan 25, 2013  from Port Saint Lucie, Florida
Sorry for the woes ya'll are posting about your transmissions, but I have to say I put a E4OD in a 4x4 powered by the Powerstroke and I have nothing but praise for their quality and service. I pulled mini excavators with it and pounded the heck out of her with a performance chip and in the end it's still a great product. I find it sad that some folks find these message boards and blast companies when its quite possible the issues they are face with could in fact be of their own making.
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Jan 22, 2013 
Got a 4l80E with torque converter at 60k from Monster. Just sent it back with 42k miles on it and the reverse band seems to be gone already. First thing they wanted me to get the shops ASE certificate, its faxed. I have the 3 yr, unlimited milage warr. The warranty agent said i would have to pay shipping, i said i have the warranty in hand and states free shipping on first time basis. So now they sent a truck to pickup and take back to Monster. I had to take it in to shop to get a report, 300 $ later they said the reverse bands are bad. Thats the first 300 and i faxed it to them to recover that cost. How about the cost to put in again $ 365. plus the fluids again? How about the two weeks without a car and i had to secure a rental for 285 $ for two weeks while it goes back and forth... omg... what a nightmare... I will keep all informed as how this goes....
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Jan 07, 2013  from Brooksville, Florida
The Truth about Monster Transmission This is a response to all postings on this site and a message to any readers seeking the truth. We at Monster Transmission not only pride ourselves on providing stellar customer service and great products but also taking care of our staff and giving back to our community. In this day and age of technology it is easy for us to forget that we are all human, mistakes can and will happen from time to time. Whether it be a defective part or improper installation of a part, we have a very strict No Finger Pointing Policy. What we care about is finding solutions and creating enjoyable experiences. Many of the postings on this site are false, however some are true. The sad thing is, this website will not allow people to retract postings after they have been submitted, so even now satisfied customers that may have posted something prior to us resolving an issue, are unable to take back what they said. Thus the need for us, to give you the reader, a balanced perspective. At Monster, we have always, from day one, created new and innovative ways to better serve you. Going back nearly 10 years we were the first to offer Free Shipping, then came our Low Price Guarantee, Satisfaction Guarantee, our World Renowned Test Drive Technology, and now our 3 Year Unlimited/Mileage Handshake Warranty which contains No Fine Print. Also offering Toll Free Tech Support, the creation of our “Monster-In-A-Box” Rebuild Kits, Our Comprehensive Overdrive Transmission... Show more
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Jan 07, 2013  from Brooksville, Florida
Our Trans-Mission Statement is to “Provide the highest quality products and service to every customer, every time.” No exceptions. Our Motto.. “We Build More Than Transmissions, We Build Relationships!” is another example of this. Our many thousands of fans and satisfied customers agree. In fact they more than agree they show it, we have more Written, Audio, and Video Testimonials combined than any other transmission company on the planet. We are grateful for what we have. Despite the individuals and competitors that enjoy spewing hurtful or irrational comments, (and I presume they will continue to do so after this posting) we forgive them and hope that they will forgive us. It is never the intention of a successful business to upset people. Everyone, every moment, has the power to choose. To choose what you believe, to choose what you say, to choose how you act. Here at Monster Transmission we choose to focus on the positive, on solutions not problems, our choice to create this post, and it will be your choice to decide on giving us the opportunity to work with you. We are family owned and operated, we say operated because we treat our Staff like so and your business helps to support 25 plus American families. If you haven’t heard the good news, our company was recently nominated by the Small Business & Development Center and Won the prestigious Top 50 Florida Companies To Watch Award. That is, the Top 50 growing businesses in the entire state. We are the first... Show more
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Feb 03, 2013  from San Jose, California
wow!is all i can say :sigh
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Oct 12, 2013  from Boston, Massachusetts
i would nt buy from monster,just the name scares me away, and im looking for a tubo 400 for my transam,,no thanks monsters!
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Jan 06, 2013  from Galion, Ohio
Is in a 2000 gmc 1500 also bought a torque converter from monster.Truck ran good for 4yrs then when it shifts into 3rd its like it just hits nuetral. Very dissapointed since this truck is driven very lightly.I am in the process of making a video of the truck and shift characteristics as tranny is not holding third gear after 40,000 Miles. Video will be posted to youtube as soon as possible and tagged to monster transmission. Truck has a 5.3L rated at 285hp,transmission is supposed to hold 500hp. Truck was not worked hard and only step on the pedal on the occasional sunny day with the right song on the radio. If this will trash a monster transmission this makes me a little skeptical. Monster offered me 30% off of a new one but is it worth it for another 40,000 miles? I think they should take responsibilty for the one I already bought.
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