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Monarch Dental reviews, Monarch Dental complaints, read Monarch Dental reviews, find Monarch Dental reviews, Monarch Dental scam reports
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  • 202 complaints
  • $77,687 claimed losses
  • $385 average
  • 10442 since Apr 21, 2008

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Monarch Dental
Main address: 201 E. Sandpointe, Suite 800 92707 Santa Ana CA
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Monarch Dental reviews, Monarch Dental complaints, read Monarch Dental reviews, find Monarch Dental reviews, Monarch Dental scam reports
  • 202 complaints
  • $77,687 claimed losses
  • $385 average
Had an experience with Monarch Dental?
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  • Apr 08
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Dntal Service Coupon
  • 4

First of all, try calling corporate offices in CA to file a verbal complaint...its impossible to even get someone on the phone. Beware of the $29 is a lie...there is no cleaning whatsoever involved.The call center woman confirmed 3 times that this special includes a cleaning. Coupon states:New adult patients only. Services rendered same day. ADA Code 1110 cleaning in absence of... Read more

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  • Mar 19
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Incompetent Staff
  • 7

I was at Monarch Dental at 1604 and Bandera location in San Antonio. The lady who set the appointment was extremely rude. Even the Doctor and nurse were very unfriendly. It seemed that they were underpaid employees. Dental office was not clean at all. There were blood stains on the chair and a bloody cotton ball was on the table in front of me. I was over there for a crown, very unsatisfactory... Read more

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  • Mar 09
  • Arlington, Texas
  • Deep Cleaning Scam
  • 21

Seems like this is an on going scam with Monarch Dental. I switched insurance companies....made an appointment with Monarch Dental in of Pleasant Ridge, Customer service very friendly, receptionist at office just as friendly....The first person I saw was X-Ray's...went off without a hitch...then someone comes in and tells me they are going to do some measurements on my teeth....1-3... Read more

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  • Feb 19
  • Irving, Texas
  • Annual Exam
  • 1
  • 31

I made an appointment for my annual exam and cleaning. Had to wait, but it wasnt more that 30 minutes. Admittedly, I have a small mouth but the taking of x-rays literally made me cry and vomit..gagging me at least 6 times. Dentist was ok, she was there for 5 minutes at the most. I then expected hygenist to come in for the cleaning but no, it was the finance lady, coming in to tell me that I... Read more

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  • Feb 18
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Dental Appointment
  • 21

Arrived early to my appointment and they said that I did not tell the insurance company that they would be my dentist. Resolved this issue within 5 minutes. Then waited for an HOUR before someone came to get me. Someone came in after me and left before I did. That should have been a huge red flag. When they finally saw me, all they did was take x-rays and then they didn't even clean my teeth!!!... Read more

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  • Feb 13
  • Irving, Texas
  • Bad Service
  • 10

Staff sucks from front desk into every exam room to the doctors. Assistant constantly taps on the leg of the chair while you are getting work done, They try to charge you for things you don't need to get more money from you outside of your insurance coverage. Every exam rooms water dispenser leaks all over your face each time they use it. Hasn't been fixed in our 2 months. Results of work... Read more

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  • Dec 03, 2013
  • Teeth Service
  • 43

I hate this place!! It's given me severe anxiety about going to ANY dentist because I can't shake the feeling that they're going to force more work than needs to be done. It doesn't help that the dentists and receptionists are consistently rude and condescending. I know my teeth are less than ideal, but their treatment is always SO aggressive; I don't think I've ever gotten less than a root... Read more

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  • Nov 21, 2013
  • El Paso, Texas
  • Customer Service
  • 36

I had a surgery scheduled at monarch dental, I had to sit through the pain of getting anesthesia injected in to my gums only to find out that the dentist didn't order the right kind of material to complete my procedure! As a specialist, that's something he should've checked BEFORE giving me the anesthesia. Well he proceeds to tell me that he cannot do the surgery that day and I get rescheduled!... Read more

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  • Oct 03, 2013
  • Dental Services
  • 27

I was given an appointment for 730 I arrived at 715 only to find out they do not open til 8 supposedly, they did not open til 810 then I was made to wait til 9 before I got to see anyone who brushed me off charged me 29 dollars for nothing and told me they would call me for my next appointment it has been 3 days and I am still in pain I have called twice for another appointment and they keep... Read more

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  • Sep 26, 2013
  • Orthodontics
  • 37

Its been a month or so when I found out that Monarch electronic billing stopped drafting my kids Ortho payments. Immediately, I contacted Ortho and resubmitted my paperwork. Apparently "a disconnect" happen in corporate. Either way Im the one that has been calling the office to make sure everthing is in place and we have no issues. Once again the account didnt draft on the 20th as requested and... Read more

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