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Mold Treatment Centers of America - Treatment and Diagnosis of Mold Illnesses Due to Toxic Mold Exposure

Company Mold Treatment Centers of America
Product / Service Treatment Diagnosis Of Mold Illnesses
Location Alpharetta, Georgia
Category Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Centers, Doctors
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If anyone has had problems with Mold Treatment Centers of America in Alpharetta, GA where you were to be diagnosed and treated for mold illnesses due to exposure to hazardous toxic mold environments, please email me at: bfritts1947@yahoo.com.I was first (and only) seen by this treatment facility on 12/28/12 for severe mold illnesses from my exposure to hazardous toxic molds at a hotel in Horseshoe Bend, AR (Cedar Glade Resort).

After paying $3200 on 12/28/12, and being treated by ????, I was thrown off their radar screen. Michael Pugliese changed by protocol twice after the 1st month as I was not improving. For 10 days in March, I could not access the established patient line, nor could I access the journaling site that comes up immediately with your password, etc. When I complained, I was called by Lisa and was told that they had moved furniture around 10 days ago and the telephone line got disconnected (???).

When I told her that it wasn't just the phone, it was the journaling site as well, she said she would have to check with their website person. It was after March 19 that I was no longer heard from anyone, and my illness was getting worse. I made a surprise visit to them on April 12, '13 (had a witness with me), and Michael Pugliese was less than happy to see me in the facility (I live in GA, not out of state as many who come into this facility fly in from out-of-state). He was so angry that we could not even look at me.

When I started to question him, he said to me "your files are not on the premises." When I told this to my Pulmonary Doctor (a real doctor), Dr. Waldman said to me, "Where would your files be, somewhere in Canada?" I then asked for copies of all my records, and what I got were handwritten office notes, nothing on letterhead, no diagnosis (these were all records dated 12/28/12). The MD, Dr. O, sent me out of that office with stroke high BP levels (he took it 3 times).

There were no records forwarded with any changes that were made in my protocol by Michael Pugliese (2 changes made). First told to go off of the herbs given to me by Dr. Kang (the acupuncturist on 12/28/12, who, by the way is no longer be used as part the MoldTC treatment a/o March -- they threw her off their radar screen). I started to see Dr.

Kang on my own in March & April (12th) due to my severe irritability caused by the very high levels of mycotoxins found in my body. She also related information to me about MoldTC and how other patients have had to call her because they could not get through or get responses from MoldTC after becoming one of their patients. She would have to go next door to their office to find out what was going on. I have had to move to Tucson, AZ to come under a "real" mold specialist physician, Dr.

Gray in Benson, AZ. This MoldTC has been termed by the Director of the Special Investigations Unit of the GA Dept. of Health as a "criminal fraud scheme." And was told by a retired mold specialist physician who lives in Tampa, "worst place you could have gone; money making machine." The GA Dept. of Health, Julia Campbell, has had many complaints over the past year with people from out of state with questions and concerns about this facility.

Another person facebooked me and called this a "fake" place and thought it had been closed down. There are no certificates for any of these doctors on the walls; no licensing; and the only thing they could find out for Michael Pugliese were the scams he ran with his private company, Probe Environmental on Rip-Off.

Again, please email at above email address if anyone else has had problems with this facility.Thank you, Barbara Fritts 2ee7669

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Mar 05 
Google - bfritts1947@yahoo.com to see all the other companies I am complaining about...Its a full time job...lol
I have now filed a small claims suit against Affordable Dentures for the football helmet they put into my mouth instead of what I purchased - the most expensive package for an upper denture.
They attempted to contact the general dentist I ended up having to go to in my town to try to get this mess straightened out after they were served the small claims papers. The general dentist's receptionist told them that they could not release anything to them without my written consent. We have what is called "Hippa Laws" today! Who the *** do they think they are, trying to obtain personal information about my treatment without my consent??
These people will stop at nothing!! I am asking that anyone who has had problems with ill-fitting dentures they purchased from Affordable Dentures and your end result to please e-mail me (Barbara Fritts) at: bfritts1947@yahoo.com. :
I will need all the ammunition I can get to take with me when I go to court. I will need feedback ASAP.
I have gotten some complaints printed from Pissed Consumer, but this is a hard site to print from. If there is anyone out there who has worked for this place and can add to their bait and switch program, please give me your feedback as well. This place is Cartersville, GA has even threatened other dentists in the area who have tried to help people with the pieces of *** they purchased from
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Mar 04 
Here is another one to STAY AWAY FROM
Dr Ritchie Shoemaker- Complaints to the Medical Board regarding aspects of the Shoemaker Protocol
View the complaints about the use of cholestyramine, online diagnostic tests, uneccessary testing, use of off label potentially toxic drugs. Read Full Complaints - http://www.owndoc.com/pdf/RitchieShoemakerReprimanded.pdf
After Dr Ritchie Shoemakers recent hearing, facing a variety of charges in front of the Maryland Medical Board..the board have ordered the following reprimands. ORDER Based on foregoing Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law, it is this __20th_ day of ____March___, 2013, by a majority of the quorum of the Board considering this case:ORDERED that the Respondent is REPRIMANDED; and it is further ORDERED that because the Respondent’s medical practice is now closed, should the Respondent resume the practice of medicine in Maryland, he shall be placed on PROBATION for a minimum of two (2) years and until he fully and satisfactorily complies with all of following terms and conditions:i. The Respondent shall notify the Board in writing prior to re-opening his office;ii. Prior to the resumption of practice, the Respondent shall obtain at his own expense a Board-approved practice monitor;iii. For the first year of probation, the practice monitor will review on a monthly basis aspects of the Respondent’s care including diagnosis, treatment and medications prescribed and appropriate referral to
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Feb 23 
There is a website by a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine that is helpful. She is located in Florida. Since I cannot list the website on here the name is basically Toxic-Black-Mold-Syndrome. There is a support group also mentioned on the website.
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Feb 23 
There is a website for mold sickness http://www.toxic-black-mold-syndrome.com/ that is helpful. The doctor whose website it is has a practice in Florida. She is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. There is also support group info on the website.
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Feb 22  from Naperville, Illinois
Thank you for speaking OUT....the rest of us "moldies" need to know where NOT to take our health concerns. Thanks again
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Jan 05 
So glad I read this. I am trying to find somewhere to take my 13 year old daughter. None of the Dr.'s in Ms. seem to think mold is a real illness. I was investigating this clinic, because ATL is so close. I will not be taking her there after seeing this.
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Oct 28, 2013 
Well sandra lucky for u cus i never herd from them again after two months. Maybe after those two months id hear from them every three months. And there isnt a single dr in there besides kang. I think ur trying to cover sum tracks. Now it seems they changed there name to treatment centers of america. Im with barbra i e talked to this investigater and ya its a scam. And u said wen sumone dies from cancer u cant get mad ur right. But the issue is once they got our money we never here from them again. My girlfriend actually works with real doctors and she studied all this paperwork and these so called drs and said also scam. U need to leave barbra alone she has dun more help for myself than mold trearment centers of america ever has
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Sep 25, 2013 
My name is Carla, I can't think of a way to prove to anyone that I'm not some ally or some fabricated patient created by the staff from Mold treatment centers of America, but I'm not. I am a patient with real mold illness, poisoned by mycotoxins from my home. I did a lot of research before I made my choice, I chose this treatment center because they listened to me, they explained things thoroughly, I felt like they understood me, they were the people who made me feel comfortable. Michael Pugliese seemed to have more passion and knowledge than anyone I had spoken to. There were answers for my symptoms that I didn't understand, I didn't feel alone anymore. Mold illness ruined my life, my finances, my spirit, my desire to live. It ruined important relationships, interfered with my ability to cope with stress, irritability and mood swings were under statements. I left the treatment center finally not feeling alone anymore. Treatment started right away and helped immediately. I believe in my heart, that they helped me more than any other mold specialist could, even shoemaker. Do I think their business could use improvements? Maybe so. Maybe they are slow to respond or disorganized at times; but they DO help people. And although I have not finished treatment I don't believe that this place is a scam. Five months ago I wanted to die, I am thriving and I can actually say I feel comfortable in my body again. Please don't let 10 comments ruin this facilities reputation, I truly... Show more
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Sep 17, 2013  from Washington, District Of Columbia

I went back to the Internet and Googled the Mold Treatment Centers, because I want to send my son to go there and lost their number in our move to get away from the mold, and found what you people have written so I thought I’d share as well. So I’ll tell you my experience and what I think about this blog. In 2011, I had exhausted almost all of my financial resources I was dying, lost my job and most of my family and friends. I had been to the ER several times no help, I went from a healthy 138 down to 94 pounds, I was dying. my regular doctor I had been going to for years thought I was a lunetoone, just like everyone else. In a deathrow I found I found the Mold treatment people in GA. Instead, I went to Shoemaker first what a rude man, and after seeing him I was still sick. Later on I found the flordia wellness center was out of my reach financially 15K who can afford that??????. My church gave me the money to go to GA it was the least expensive of them all. To tell the truth, seeing anyone who is the least expensive is a horrible felling. After I got there I did hear things I did not hear before on the internet or with other dr’s. Inexpensive for medical care is scary and when we got there and to say the least it’s a small place. I saw five experienced healthcare providers. When I left, I had a feeling of warmth and caring, everyone seemed like they knew what I was going through. Frankly when I left I didn’t know if it was the truth or some kind of rip off. I did
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Sep 18, 2013 
Well, Sandra, if I am so insane that I need professional help, then tell me why the Georgia Composite Medical Board found probable cause to launch an investigation?? Why, because other people who experienced the same thing as I did came forward with their experience with this facility in GA. I am very glad that you got help; but many of us did not have such experience. Yes, I followed protocol, as you did; but my protocol was changed twice because I was not progressing. Could not get through to the established patient line (as others could not); could get not responses from anyone (as others experienced); it all stopped in mid-March (2 1/2 months after I started treatment (same as others experienced). Therefore, all of those who responded to my review all must be insane as I am. And to further this, I have gone through all of my reviews I put on this site about MoldTC, and there is not mention made whatsoever about my family. In order for anyone to know about my family would be someone within this facility; as this was all discussed with the Therapist, and I have never talked to a Sandra G from Washington, DC. I know every person who has contacted me about their experience with this place (and have only actually talked to 2 of them; 1 from Missouri; and 1 from MS!! All others have been through emails; and you WERE NOT one of them. So, Sandra tell me when you talked with me on the phone??? I am sending this on to the Georgia Composite Medical Board, as I believe... Show more
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Sep 18, 2013 
By the way, Sandra, I don't talk about my personal life with anyone other than my 2 best friends and other family members; with the exception of Dr. Weekley at MoldTC. But this has been forwarded on to the leading investigator, as I believe the information that has been revealed here is against the HIPPA Laws and has come from MoldTC; there is no other source. I have a contacts list of all those other people who experienced the same thing that I experienced with MoldTC, or anyone for that matter with whom I have talked to or emailed; and your name does not appear anywhere on my list. I have every email copied that have come from and gone to these people, and none of them seem to know about my "personal, confidential information." If I find out (and I will) that this confidential information has been revealed by MoldTC, I will pursue litigation as the HIPPA Laws were made to prevent such revelation of personal information to anyone, unless approved by the patient. And I did not give MoldTC such permission to lease this information to anyone. And like I said, I had a witness with me on 12/28/12 who heard and saw it all!!
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Jul 29, 2013 
This is an update on my previous review on Mold Treatment Centers of America. The only thing that has happened since posting my original review on this facility in Alpharetta, GA is that I received a "Cease and Desist" threatening letter from Michael Pugliese to pull my review off Pissed Consumer. I have talked with law enforcement officials about this, and what I gave was my experience with this facility, and quotes that have been made to me by other professionals in the law and medical fields. These are not my words that I quoted, but theirs. I have been told by law enforcement that as I long as I did not threaten anyone's life, I have the right to share my experiences with others; welcome to the "social media era" is what one said to me. If you are running a "reputable" establishment, then you do not have to fear such comments as this. These complaint internet sites have been created to share good or bad experiences about companies, medical establishments, nursing homes, treatment centers, etc. No, I will not pull my experience with Mold Treatment Centers of America, as all I wrote in my review was the absolute truth; I did not threaten anyone's life!!
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Jul 23, 2013 
Im cameron wilson and i had the exact same experiance they didnt help at all and just like u nobody will call or reply by email. Its a joke to say the least. It is so bad because i work const and i dont no how many times ive thought of quiting my job due to my illness with mold. But i keep praying theres a real DOCTER out there sumwhere who can help. If u no of a doctor please email me at..... cwunderground@hotmail.com. Hope to hear from sumone
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Jun 30, 2013  from Meridian, Mississippi
I had a very similar experience, however when I traveled there in August of 2012 from Mississippi, I didn't even get to see a single doctor, not Michael OR that Dr. O. And all for $3000!!!
Complete waste of money. Scam.
Couldn't get through to anyone by phone either for longest time. Finally did, and got similar excuse, "have a new phone answering service. They must have forwarded your call to wrong place..."
When finally got a hold of Michael on phone, first time ever talking to him, he did admit he hadn't made it to my in person appt because he had something with his kids that afternoon!

Tried continuing to work with him by phone/email, just to try and get my money's worth. He eventually stopped answering me.

Can't seem to get this off my mind. I spent so much time trying to research beforehand, trying to make a good decision. Called the man with accent that answers phone quite a few times trying to ask questions to make sure I knew what I was getting into.

Still got scammed.

What a waste - of time, money, energy - mine AND my dear husband's, who has taken me all over the country to try and get help for me...
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Aug 03, 2013  from Norristown, Pennsylvania
I am a toxic mold survivor, when I was badly sick, because of exposure to Stachybotrys mold & its lethal Trichothecenes toxins, I thought of going to the mold treatment centers in GA, I cancelled my idea because of the entire lacking of information about the identity of the people working there & their certification, I ended up going to a local family physician with a minor specialty in toxicology (this branch of medicine is known as environmental medicine), they know different ways to detoxify the patient & refer him/her to a specialist to deal with any damage rusulting from mold toxins, e.g. if you have symptoms of multiple sclerosis they refer you to a neurologist, they also accept insurance (because they are family physicians) so nothing significant you have to pay out of pocket, I will give you the link to the american academy of environmental medicine, where you can go & locat a local family physician, here is the link: http://aaemonline.org/
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Aug 23, 2013  from Boca Raton, Florida
Thanks for these reviews! I'm suffering for toxic mold and have been for 4 months I have been to several doctors due to having a fever for 4 months now along with many other symptoms. I've been told by every Dr I see that there's nothing to do about this. I feel like death and I can't work due to sickness. I've been calling the mold treatment center in GA for the over a week now they have never answered the phone. After reading these reviews I'm happy they didn't answer the phone. I thought they were my only hope of getting treatment but I'm going to this link you sent to find a Dr that can help me.
Thanks again
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Aug 24, 2013  from Tucson, Arizona
Thank you for your response to my post about Mold Treatment Centers of America in Alpharetta, GA. I had 4 people who responded to my post immediately, and therefore went forward with a complaint to the GA Attorney General's office and was sent to the GA Composite Medical Board for an investigation. There are very few doctors in our country who specialize in mold illnesses. Not even one in the Atlanta, GA area (believe it or not). Medical doctors are not taught this in school; therefore, do no believe it exists. The only doctor who worked with me as much as he could was my Pulmonary Doctor because my exposure has affected my lungs terribly (have Aspergillosis of the lungs that has up to a 90% mortality rate). But he didn't even know how to treat this, because, as he said to me, "they are not taught this stuff in school." I have had to relocate to Tucson, AZ to come under the treatment of a mold specialist physician, Dr. Michael Gray, in Benson, AZ as my illness is so severe. "Do not" go to Sponaugle Wellness Center in Palm Harbor, FL (this is another scam). The only mold doctors who are highly recommended by the top toxicologist in the country, who has been highly involved in my case since mid-Oct.'12 (I was exposed, unknowingly, at a hotel in AR -- were supposed to be "newly renovated" rooms, but found out after 4 days why Mom (me) had become so sick) are: Dr. Michael Gray in Benson, AZ; Dr. Irene Grant in Tarrytown, NY; Dr. Rea (not sure where this doctor is... Show more

Aug 24, 2013  from Tucson, Arizona
I am glad I was able to help you with Mold Treatment Centers of America. I have had several other people who have gone to this facility for diagnosis and treatment of mold illnesses and got ripped off, as I did. It is now being investigated by the Georgia Composite Medical Board for a "criminal fraud scheme." It is not only I who got ripped off, but many others who have had to come in from other states with many other additional costs incurred (I lived in GA, so I did not have to incur such expenses). Myself, along with 4 others at the time, took this to the Attorney General's office, and they sent it on to the GA Composite Medical Board and found probable cause to investigate. When the investigating agent told me they would first go in and take all the files out, I told Agent O'Toole that they would have to go to Canada for mine, as mine were not on the premises as told to me by this Michael Pugliese on 4/12/13 when I made a surprise visit to the office as I had been thrown off their radar screen. Please email me about your illness. Medical doctors in the Atlanta, GA area (if you can believe this) literally pushed all my mycotoxin and fungal ID tests aside, as well as the certified reports from SanAir Labs in VA evaluated from the samples my daughter took out of these 2 hotel rooms (my room was far worse than my son's, and these were supposed to be "newly renovated" rooms we had been put into), as well as all the pictures she took. Because I had pre-existing lung... Show more
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