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Millionaire Mentor Group is a scam!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss

I attended a seminar in Vancouver and bought the 3 day package for 467.00 dollars which MMG referenced as a "training." Once I attended he training I was upsold into a 35K package by Brian Peterson which now I now is not really an Investor. I should have known....he is to young to have the experience he claims to have. After doing an Investigation on Brian Peterson I found the whole crew of MMG comes from another company EWI. SEE THIS LINK: http://www.ewiworkshops.com/bios/bio_all.aspx

All these guys are are seminar speakers. I called Linda at the MMG office and they would not return my calls. I showed up at the 3 day buying boot camp where I was told I would meet the contractors and power team only to her from Mark Dove that we didn't want to meet them because the were mexican and only spoke spanish and we would not undersatnd them anyway.
This is a warning, If you want to throw away hard earned dollars go ahead. The coaches will lie to make a sale. They are not investors......Please look at the sight. All these guys are sales people taking your money!!! 2ff77e1

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Jun 05, 2013 
Think what adage comes to mind under this
Scenario and multiply its effect on those of
U and me who were duped...grown educated
Adults...got to give them credit but still pissed as
Reply to Pessimist

May 01, 2013 
Did any one got refunded from MMG?
If yes how. I would like to know how. I am another MMG victim.
Reply to Kathy

Feb 25  from Toronto, Ontario
Yes, we did get the refund from these guys! i want to tell you more: Have you met Cory and Mike? they are members now of www.Fortunebuilders.ca they are a big scam! If that Brian Peterson is a Milionaire; i'm the prime minister in Canada. i think the only guy that makes money is Ryan that's it.
You have to call Lynda everyday to get the refund and tell her; you will be sending the xeriff soon if she doesnt refund you.
How much did you pay? I Paid $10,000 to assign properties with Brian on the phone; it was a BIG scam!
Reply to Chris

Nov 13, 2012 
I still can't believe I fell for this. They completelky failed to deliver on any promise they made, up to and including conmsidering refunding my money. We all need to get together and see if anything can be done.
Reply to Red5

Oct 29, 2012 
Thanks for the heads up everyone. I wanted to point out that this is NOT the same company as the Monthly Millionaire Mentor program. (www.TheMonthlyMillionaireMentor.com) I am the owner of this company and the MMG has been trying to use our name to attract customers. Please beware.
Reply to Douglas Vermeeren

Jun 06, 2013 
Hey Doug, you have done the same.You claim to be a mentor and I paid you big money and you have done absolutely nothing. You are no different than the other scammers out there.
Reply to ReyL

Jun 30, 2013  from Calgary, Alberta
Rey you are not giving both sides of the story. And you never invested with me at all. How can you say I am a scammer. You sir are a LIAR. And just for the record we had several calls together. You dropped the ball my friend and if you have a problem with me have the courage to talk to me directly. You have my number.
Reply to DV

Aug 21, 2012 
I fully agree MMG is a scam a ripoff.
I asked for my money back haven't received it yet.

Scott Bell (scott@millionairementorgroup.com)the CEO of MMG promised a refund but after many months has yet to deliver.
Reply to ffb

Aug 08, 2012 
Hi Renato123,

Please give me a call at 604 6l7 697l as soon as you get this message. You may have some information that may help me with regards to MMG.
Reply to lovestarbucks

Jul 31, 2012 
Thanks for posting this! So many of these groups are complete rip-offs!
Reply to CarrieC

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