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Midland Mortgage is a joke of a company!

Company Midland Mortgage
Product / Service Mortgage
Location Pocatello, Idaho
Category Loans and Mortgages
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First off, let me tell you I did not choose this company and my loan was SOLD to them by my original financing company.
This company, Midland Mortgage, is a joke!
When they first took over my loan they could not even take phone payments and would not negotiate with me on reporting against my credit if I was one or two days late due to the postal service time to get them the payment.
Now, today, they have received their payment, yet I get a call AT WORK from their company because they auto dial through a call center and the guy wants me to verify all my information. After I told him I wouldn't verify anything with him he checks my account and says, "oh... it looks like we do have a payment, our auto dial called you". Why should I be subjected to this sort of embarrassment when I have paid my bills and they don't bother to check???
I have had nothing but constant problems with this company and a total unwillingness to resolve any issues!

I STRONGLY recommend looking at a different financial institution if anyone is looking! 2d77010

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Mar 24, 2012 
midland mortgage is whats known in the industy as a predatory lender. their company fits this profile perfectly. they specialize in buying high risk high interest lones close to foreclosure that fit the criteria of high property value to debt ratio so that when through their deceptive practices they force you into foreclosure they not only make out when they sell your house off ,the federal government reimburses them for inflated losses.i would not waste your time complaining to the feds about it because they are part of it. there are hundreds of companies like midland out there doing the same thing and the feds are fully aware of it.
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