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Stalking Michelle Whitedove

Company Michelle Whitedove
Product / Service Negative Reviews
Location Mt. Laurel, New Jersey
Category Professional Services
Views 386
Update added by user Jun 20, 2012
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Update added by user Jun 20, 2012
If you have knowledge of the ongoing attacks please call 954.981.282 office of Michelle WHitedove
Original review posted by user Jun 20, 2012

Dear Pissed Consumer,
Celebrity Psychic Michelle Whitedove's FORT LAUDERDALE STALKER is responsible for these negative reviews. The known psychic stalker http://Jill-Dahne.pissedconsumer.com/ has obsessively posted fraudulent slander about Michelle Whitedove out of professional jealousy.
JILL DAHNE has a long history of stalking and harassment, she was served a Cease and Desist letter that outlined her continued attacks. Please Click the link to VIEW: http://www.michellewhitedove.com/images/legal.pdf and SEE the Documented Proof of ongoing stalking here: www.Michelle-Whitedove-Consumers.blogspot.com WHY? JILL DAHNE is so envious of Whitedove's continued TV successes that she lashes out and posts as an anonymous coward (which proves Jill's lack of integrity and moral fiber).
>>>> Please read Michelle Whitedove's REAL Client Reviews: http://MichelleWhitedoveReviews.blogspot.com/
>>>>WATCH America's #1 Psychic Michelle Whitedove on Lifetime TV: http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/americas-psychic-challenge 3011997

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Sep 21, 2013 
You all need to grow up. I'm a friend of michelle and Shante. Michelle has done several readings for me and contacted my father on the other side. Her confirmation was right on and I personally know her to be a person of integrity and deep commitment to accurately disseminating information from a higher plane. Get a life Jill! LeeAnn Sherwood
Reply to lee

Sep 14, 2013  from Plantation Acres, Florida
Whitedove Rocks, been to several of her events, she is always accurate.
Reply to lynn

Sep 13, 2013  from Palm Beach, Florida
RE: About the Post Below
Dear Jill posting as Abby,
The lovely Micki Dahne called Michelle Whitedove and Shante to asked them to come to court with her. Micki is afraid of Jill thats why they have NO CONTACT. The Judge even admonished Jill for treating her own Mother badly in the court room. You can find the truth in the court transcripts. OR call Micki Dahne Instead of repeating the lies. But Know, THE TRUTH ALWAYS COMES OUT
SEE the Proof of Stalking Here http://michelle-whitedove-consumers.blogspot.com/
Reply to TheTRUTH

Jun 08, 2013 
Michelle whitedove has been stalking Jill Dahne for years Even Shante writing as Jill Dahne's Mother on sites to try to slander her own daughter which is liable On Michelles web site that has Jill Dahne's name on it Jill Dahne's attorney has sent many letters to Michelle Whitedove & Shante Rene Powders to stop and they have looked many times to see and it's still there which was a lie to begin with I advise you and your friends meaning Michelle and her crew to ceast now with all the IPS addresses that come from Michelle and her friends writing fraudulent & slanderous posts The Ips just came in 3 days ago and guess who it was I wonder who You are suppose to be a light worker than be one you are acting in the dark cease and desist Shante Michelle and your crew stop riding Jill Dahne's name
Reply to Abby2013_2013

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