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The TRUTH about Metro PCS....

Company Metro PCS
Location Groton, Connecticut
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I see a lot of people carrying on about how horrible Metro PCS is. Well I work for a Metro PCS in Connecticut and am here to let everyone know about how things are SUPPOSED to work.

1)Return Policy: As long as the phone is UNDER 60 minutes TALK time and LESS than 7 days old with no water or physical damage you should receive all of your money back (for the phone and the plan) NO QUESTIONS ASKED. THERE IS NO RESTOCKING FEE. You can text and use data plan as much as you want but if you go over the 60 minutes talk time or bring the phone back after the 7 days it's yours. I found out recently that the day your purchase your phone is considered day one. So if you purchase on a Monday you have until Sunday to return it. METRO PCS DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO RETURN ACCESSORIES so I would make sure the service is adequate before purchasing.

2)Bill payment. The day you purchase your phone is considered your anniversary date. The bill will be due the day before you purchased your phone. For example if you buy the phone on 5/4/2011 your bill date will be 6/3/2011 and it will be due every 3rd thereafter. If you don't pay your bill on the 3rd it will go off at about 11 am (eastern standard). If you pay from 6/4-6/9 YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY YOUR BILL ON 7/3. HOWEVER if you come in on 6/10 you can do what is called a bill cycle reset. Basically you pay an additional $5 on top of whatever your bill is and (for the sake of argument) your next bill due date would be 7/10, giving you the full 30 days of service.

These are ALL things they should be telling you and if not I do apologize. I care a great deal about my customers' satisfaction and Metro PCS as well. If you have any other questions please leave your email down below and I will answer anything else you would like to know about Metro PCS. We need to have our name restored. And the only way to do that is by informing the public about these things. I wish you all the best and if you are ever in Connecticut and need service I am here and will do all I can (within reason) to make you happy. 2e57f2c

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Apr 10  from New York, New York
i tried to pay my bill with the phone app Tuesday night and was told to call the 88 metro number cause the app was not working.. i called the number several times and entered my debit card info etc. and each time it seemed to malfunction ... finally i got a person on the phone and he told me to wait till two AM and do it via the app and no worries... So i did that and got a confirmation number.. but when i went to the bank to get my money off my debit card I found I had been charged Twice plus $2 fee, but its in "pending transactions" section on my online statement.. I do not know if i will get my 47 dollars back or be ripped off.. I got no record of it but that i called the number a few times... money is very tight and the debit card is attached to my job and now i have only 19 dollars on it and it should be 66 and because of this I will not be able to buy groceries and take care of my daily necessities... when i phone people at the Debit Card company bank number or MeTRO PCS i get a runaround.. HELP.
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Mar 02  from Mishawaka, Indiana
In what year did Metro PCS came to Florida?
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Feb 17  from Clermont, Florida
I cant log into my account because my password keeps getting changed but not from me. Can someone tell me what I can do about this
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Feb 17 
Call customer service but push the button for 'activate new phone'. They'll typically pick up faster. You should have a secret question on file and if you answer it they'll access your account. If you can't they wont help. Good luck.
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Dec 11, 2013  from Elk Grove, California
I havent paid my bill today and cant until later in the night. I need my phon
e. Will it cancel anytime soon? I live in California. My email is arianrahimi77@gmail.com
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Nov 18, 2013  from Tampa, Florida
Does anyone know if you can pay for a phone monthly for metro for example i wanna get the galaxy s4 but dont have enough money to buy it is there a way to pay the 549 dollars monthly like $40 a month for the phone not the service.
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Nov 18, 2013  from Odessa, Florida
Nope. Gotta pay out of pocket. Its a prepaid service so there's no guarantee you'd pay it off.
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Nov 17, 2013  from Newark, Delaware
I was given this phone. Had for a month. It awss hut off 2 days ago. Went online and made payment 3 times and still won't turn back on... I call customer service and they won't talk to me cuz I don't know the ORIGINAL owners name on the account. I thought it was pre paid and didn't need that info or I wouldn't have gotten this phone..... All I wanted to know was WHYYYYYY my payments go through but the service is still disconnected. Was only off for 2 days.... Been 8 hours since payment made and its a Saturday. Can someone help me figure this out. Closest store is an hour and half away. I don't know what to do other then switch companies if need be... Pleaded email me @ rhoyle69@gmail.com. thanks. :sigh
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Nov 11, 2013 
Would your number change if you pay it a day after the billing date
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Nov 01, 2013 
I have a metropcs phone and it was off for about a month or two, then I went and paid a bill to find out that the number I paid the bill for isn't mine anymore. Will they change my number and give me the credit for the payment or am I just going to have to suck it up and pay an additional fee? My email is iranyssiatemple@gmail.com

I'm going to the corporate store in the morning and I would love some insight first.
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Aug 28, 2013  from Tewksbury, Massachusetts
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Aug 21, 2013 
I have been getting calls from metro pcs customers phone numbers with spam commercials , I reverse checked and they are all metro numbers, SO I called the recent numbers back and the ppl havent called or so they say, but everyone of them, being different, adamantly deny calling. So, metro piggy backing their customers numbers to distribute spam
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Aug 21, 2013  from Throop, Pennsylvania
I paid my bill ahead of schedule, yet I still can't download any songs or videos.
I will never pay my bill on time again I promise!!!
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Nov 01, 2013 
Why would you PAY for songs or videos???? SMFH people really do that?
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Aug 09, 2013  from Henderson, Nevada
To those are upset w/ metro pcs, i have been w/ metro pcs for roughly about 5 - 6 yrs. I have been extremely SATISFIED about Unlimited Minutes, especially w/ Local & Long Distance Calling. Do the math, you CAN'T do that w/ phones you have buy mintes to. Especially when contacting IRS or Social Security Office. I am going to activate my other metro pcs phone. It is a FAR cry of Restocking Fee's, my Billing Date has ALWAYS been the same day the phone got Activated. All people need to do is: "Do your Home Work, Check Coverage in your Area & Find out what phones WILL WORK & which ones won't.
If i get working, i will Upgrade to 4G Phone. As long as you do research, you will a Satified Custemer w/ Any Carrier. Any one can contact me @ jmswltr70@gmail.com i will try to help out the best i can, along w/ finding Cheaper Solutions to Specific needs.
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Aug 02, 2013  from Dallas, Texas
Do I have to return it to the same location purchased or to a corporate office?
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Jul 15, 2013  from San Francisco, California
stay away both companies have lousy reception and metros cdma phones will be phased out then you will have to buy a gsm phone from tmobile and their service just sucks period why you ask cause att wont let them roam off their towers and tmobile has never ever upgraded their network therefore it will be overloaded with so many people it will suck even worse in the future more than now metros phones and network and customer service is the worst their ever was and tmobiles network is the worst of the worst good luck i say stay away or you will be sorry
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Nov 01, 2013 
Dummy. I've had metro for 5 years now and never had an issue with service.
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Jul 13, 2013 
Paganstefany@gmail.com I have omw very important question Can you please email me ASAP ..
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Jun 27, 2013  from Fort Worth, Texas
The bill cycle on the anniversary date is a crappy policy. The monthly bill should be adjusted down not up for a billing reset.

These companies want your money and time. No respect.
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