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Mercedes Benz - belt tensioner pulley and belt broke

  • by   Dec 27, 2013
  • Review #: 466775
Company Mercedes Benz
Product / Service Belt
Location Jackson, Mississippi
Category Dealers
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Do not go to Leigh automotive in Tuscaloosa Alabama.I was charged 1100.00 dollars for a belt and tensioner.

A dealer in Jackson Mississippi was 600 dollars cheaper. I broke down while passing through. Have purchased 3 vehicles a 300 E and a 600 SL and a CLK 430. ..no more l can promise you that.

........I had to rent a Toyota Avalon right across the street from them to get home. Guess what I'm signing the paperwork on a 2013. Their sales representatives and overall attitude was great not like the atmosphere across the street.

People expect better service for what they are getting overcharged for the Mercedes Benz name.....signed the last straw 308c5f6

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Apr 08  from Fairmount, Georgia
dont know why customer think mercedes benz only know about mercedes that not true..Auto zone is the place to go took my mercedes into mercedes and came out with $1500 dollar they though cause my engin light came on went to auto zone someone forgot to put the gas cap back on and thats why my check engine light was on..Mercedes Benz are lier and try to milk you out of your money will never buy another one going with American made cars..Everytime some gp wrong with your mercedes you can look at nothing under a thousand dollars Mercedes is a rip off yeah keep buying them the looks good but they gonna cause you a LOTTA MONEY THEY STEND TO BREAK WHEN YOU PAY YOUR LAST NOTE..never ever will i buy a mercedes benz they are out for money..like you just gotta bring your car to them well let me tell you thats a lie and a big lie how you gonna charge me almost a hundrend dollar for windshield i went to auto zone and i also get my oil change ther for cheap just gotta buy my filter and oi..goodbye Mercedes you will never get a dime from me yes gonna trade it it just sick of it.. :roll
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Dec 27, 2013  from Jackson, Mississippi
They use gates belts ..... you can go to Auto Zone and buy one for 30 dollars end they charge 4 times that :(
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