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Menards - Military Discount

  • by   Dec 02, 2010
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Company Menards
Location Washington, District Of Columbia
Category Supermarkets and Malls
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My husband and I went to Menards in Quincy,Il.on Nov.

24th. We have done a lot of shopping there since they opened this year. We got to the check outs and were told that there is no more military discount. They said it was discrimination.

I guess the only ones complaining were the ones that didn't serve their country.Put your life on the line then you would also get the dicount.We will be shopping at Lowe's again. We told them about no discount and they couldn't beleive it.

I hope whoever decdied to do away with the discount doesn't need the help on the military or any other man or women who puts their life on the line everyday for us.Memards you should be ashamed of yourself!!!!!!!!!My husband says you are cheap *** in his book!!!!!!! 2e45005

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Sep 10, 2013  from Middleburg Heights, Ohio
I have been a volunteer firefighter for over 30 years now. I cannot tell how many family functions, gatherings, holidays I have missed or been extremely late to due to fighting a house fire, pulling injured people out of destroyed cars, or done CPR for 45 minutes to an hour only to tell a family I am sorry about your loss. No one owes me anything for doing any of this. My family support me 100%. Much in the way families of service men and women support their kin. Thank you for your service, but don't expect anything handed to you these days.
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Feb 06, 2013  from Saint Louis, Missouri
meganmills, your a piece of garbage who obviously has never served this country, and your *** and retarded, no one would want to give a lazy *** like you any discount and im surprized you even have a job you piece of trash
Reply to amberjohns24

Sep 27, 2011 
Stop biatching you cheap biastards. You got payed when you were in the army didn't you? So shut the f up. no one gives me a discount for showing up to work.
Reply to MeganMills

Feb 06, 2013  from Saint Louis, Missouri
you wouldnt last one minute in boot camp you sorry, no good lazy in bred, your post was in 2011, i bet you dont even have a job anymore you worthless drag on the economy, how dare you say anything negative about anyone who has served this country. menards should give military people a discount just like they do the employees
Reply to amberjohns24

May 31, 2011 
I think some are missing the point. Some Menards stores offer military discount and some don't. For example Lima Ohio does and Tipp City Doesn't. When I asked they said that it is discrimation to give military a discount and not others. Oh, they do offer an employee discount. Is that discrimation? I don't discount that police and fire put their life on the line but last time I checked they weren't being deployed for up to 18 months at a time away from their families.
Reply to Jim

Feb 20, 2011 
Currently menards DOES OFF THE DISCOUNT...

Reply to fdsgfdg

Jan 30, 2011 
WOW! Because of our military, Menards is able to discontinue the discount AND you are able to voice your opinion in this forum.

Reply to Charly's Grandma

Jan 29, 2011 
I too was disappointed that Menards dropped the military a discount. However, this is a business decision alone. I am ashamed that some feel they are "owed" a discount. The military discount has saved me nearly $2,000 over the past few years and I appreciate Menards for it.
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Jan 12, 2011 
If you want a discount bad enough then find a way--I have been both military and contractor. Menards is a company trying to make it happen--Grow up or take up cage fighting. In other words get in the fight or get run over..
ps-if you don't get resolution at the store then try a corporate contact--or even better write them. Nuff said
Reply to Big D

Dec 18, 2010 
what the ####? I'm a auto tech and I buy tools all the time should Sears give me a discount. Yeal right! :cry
Reply to auto tech

Dec 11, 2010 
I am a veteran and current service member. Nobody owes me a thing for my service. I serve proudly and expect nothing in return. Menard's doesn't owe me a discount. I did enjoy it when they offered it, but it ins't a big deal that they discontinued it. If I want the discount, I can go to Lowes or Home Depot. That is the freedom that we have in our country.
Reply to MD

Dec 08, 2010 
stop crying about not getting a discount, police and firefighters put their lives on the line everyday and I dont hear them asking for a discount, why do you think you are so special??
Reply to nobody

Dec 06, 2010 
BB, you are one of the contractors over in Iraq that get paid up to 10X what our military gets, and have the guts to complain about it? ***.
Reply to RSM

Dec 03, 2010 
I find it funny that you think the store OWES you a discount, and by the way Menards has cheaper prices than Lowes and Home Depot, so it really isn't price matching because they already have the lower prices.
Reply to skdjkdkj

Sep 10, 2013  from Kokomo, Indiana
Not true! Lowes price was the same as Menards, then they gave Military 10 percentage discount.
Reply to Veteran

Dec 03, 2010 
Isn't it amazing how much you can learn off of the internet?
Reply to El Ray

Dec 02, 2010 
Do police officers get a discount? Doctors? Firemen? Teachers? Volunteers? I could go on and on. There are millions of people in the world that give back to this country. There is no draft anymore. What you do with your life is your choice. I am thankful for all americans that give back to our country. I guess im not sure why a retail discount just for folks in the military makes any sense.....
Reply to Patriot

Dec 02, 2010 
worked in irag getting shot at a bombs going off all around me and im not militery. i dont get no discounts from nobody us.gov and no one. so go cry to your mama. the store is right. go menards. contractor 2 years 10 months convoy truck driver.
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