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Beware of rebates at Menards - it's a scam

Company Menards
Location Maple Grove, Minnesota
Category Supermarkets and Malls
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I recently moved to the twin cities.I purchased several items at Menards and was aware of the rebates for in-store credit.

I purchased three items with a $15 rebate each and 1 item with a $2.00 rebate. I was looking forward to $47 in store credit. I followed the rebate submittal procedures and had to submit the rebates to two separate P.O. boxes.

Eight weeks later, guess which rebate I received......the $2.00 rebate! I checked the status of the $45 rebate on line, and there was no record of the rebate. Image that. Menards states in their jingle, "save big money at Menards" Just don't expect rebates.

What a scam. They just lost a customer.

I will do my home improvement shopping at Home Depot or Lowes.Whenever I hear the jingle I now sing "get scammed out of rebates at Menards". 2ff7866

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Jan 08 
buy at home depot or lowes,it is 11%cheaper,then the scam going on at menards.
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Dec 14, 2013 
Lots of DUMB A people complaining. KEEP A COPY OF YOUR REBATE FORMS AND COMPARE TO WHAT YOU GET. 2 of my rebates were never processed but I kept a copy and after waiting the 6 weeks I sent in my proof and they took care of it. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T ASK FOR MORE REBATES AT YOUR ADDRESS, if the limit is 2 don't expect a rebate on 4. DONT BE AN A and if you have a copy of your receipt and don't get your rebate you should be able to contact rebateinternational with proof. :p :cry :(
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Dec 06, 2013 
I have had tremendous success with their rebate system here in Ohio. I actually had $1100 to use toward a new refrigerator. They had the best price on the model I was looking for AND it only cost me about $200! Including the extra warranty.

In my experience if you talk to someone in the store, they will help you get the right info to fix the issue OR fix it themselves.

Sorry about your experience tho
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Aug 03, 2013  from Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Lost in the mail? Thousands of rebates get sent every day so a few a bound to get lost.
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Jul 26, 2013  from Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
I had an issue with the 11% rebate and contacted Menards and their Rebate center and all was corrected and verified and I did receive the rebates. This was on purchases of over $3,000.
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Jul 25, 2013  from El Centro, California
There seems to be quite a bit of misunderstanding regarding the sales tax on rebates. Yes you pay tax on the initial purchase price but if you pay equally close attention at the time of redemption, sales tax is only paid on the total less the merchandise credit! Hence there is no scam to steal extra money from you. Check your receipts...it's true :)

Also, Rebate International is a clearinghouse for rebates. There is no contact for them in Eau Claire, WI. The person who told you this was mistaken. All correspondence with Rebate International goes through their service department in Elk Mound, WI. This is the same place you are sending your rebates. If you email them a copy of your receipt and explain the problem they willfully correct any issues. I have followed up on rebates for numerous guests. Though the correspondence takes about a week, they always do right by the customer...if receipts are provided.

Good Luck
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Jul 25, 2013  from Davenport, Iowa
Just received my second rebate over the past 12 months and was shorted again. Tried to check it online but they have no record of it....even though I just got the rebate card (short as it was). I don't always reconcile the rebate with the original paperwork but the last 2 times I checked it has been short....way short. I have found if you send in one or two items it processess just fine. But, buy 5 or more and send them in and the rebates get shorted. Probably betting most people wont remember all that they bought or wont check and wont bother with the smaller discrepancies.
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Aug 13, 2013  from Euless, Texas
Early on... 15 years ago.... menards rebate processing was terrible... many times I never received them.
In the last 10 years I have NEVER had a problem... they have all arrived and all been for the amount I expected. I send in a lot of them... many times 15 per submission per envelope.
It isn't a scam. I think there is some operator error on your part.
If you received the rebate merchandise check... it is in the online system... you just typed something wrong and were not able to find it for that reason. When I am expecting a large one I still hold my breath until it arrives... because they are on post cards which anyone in the mail stream can see... the value too... and we have had multiple sealed envelopes stolen in the past from the US mail inside the Sheboygan, WI post office... I wish menards would put these in an envelope.
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Jul 21, 2013  from Springfield, Illinois
We moved and have been very patient and still no receipt of several rebates since April 2013 even with help of management. I suggest Lowes in the future. Too much dissatisfaction for $100.00. It is a scam!
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Jun 14, 2013  from Indianapolis, Indiana
I have been using Menard's rebates for years, and have never had a problem. I learned a little trick though, if you use your rebates on merchandise vs. food items in a state that does not charge tax on food you will lose the tax value that is given when used on merchandise. In Indiana that is a 7% loss. So don't use your rebates on food items.
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May 26, 2013  from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The Menards rebates work fine, I have submitted over 100 of these and always get them back. First off the prices at Menards are always lower and they always have decent Sales. Lowes and HD on the other hand barely issue weekly ads anymore. Last time I had to return a POS Brinkman grill that I got as a gift from Home Depot they made me take it to the original store it was purchased from. Yeah that was conveinient after unloading a huge 4 burner pile of *** off my trailer.

I have most of my tools from HD because I started the sets long before I cared about store preference. I tried to return a brand new Li Ion battery that I paid $100 for because it arrived to me with a broken clip. Yes the battery worked fine but it is my assumption that they shipped me a refurb battery. At the store they gave me the run arround and told me to contact Ryobi. Yeah thanks Home Depot.
I think I will ditch Ryobi *** tools in the future and just buy from Sears.

Anyways with a MIR you know most of the time it is a crapshoot. I work in IT purchasing so I buy a lot of *** from Amazon and Newegg and have seen plenty of worse MIR.
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May 04, 2013  from Naperville, Illinois
I've been doing rebates with Menards for years, even though they send you store credit I've still done it. Recently I sent in a slip, it came back "refused" even though the Post Office date stamped is within the rebate period. Now there's no # to call, so I'll be calling the corporate office and giving them a piece of my mind.
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May 04, 2013  from Valparaiso, Indiana
Was the envelope opened? How would they know if the rebate is expired?
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Mar 10, 2013  from Toledo, Ohio
I've always recieved my rebates from Menards and I've sent in a lot of them. Maybe you should ask your mailman what happened to your rebate if they never received it.
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Dec 23, 2012  from Phoenix, Arizona
I've sent in probably hundreds of Menards Rebates & believe that I have always received them as stated. I've been very pleased since the capability to send more than one rebate in an envelope as long as the address is the same. I have seen when they may have a different address. Don't know why, but it is almost always the Elk Grove, WI address. Rebates are a gimmick no matter who is issueing them. They are a business and playing the odds that X amount of people aren't going to send the rebate in. Yes, we want the rebate up front and with no further bother. But yeah, it's a gimmick, just like innumerable other ones that are out there. It's your choice to participate or not. If you don't send it in with the proper info & in the proper time frame who's fault is that? Don't participate if it take "TOO" much energy on your part! Do they make mistakes, undoubtedly, who doesn't. Is some customer service better than others? If you have problems with proof that aren't taken care of, turn it into your state Attorney General & the BBB. These agencies should know about big businesses that don't follow through. Yeah, it takes a little more effort and you may or may not get results. They can't interecede with disception if they aren't formally made aware that the consumer is having a problem. Your complaint might be the one that pushes past a "reasonable amount" of complaints and gets action moving. You may also live in a state that big companies have gotten away with wrong doing and so... Show more
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Nov 09, 2012 
I had problems receiving my rebates and went to store to complain and after arguing with customer service for an hour she broke down and admitted that she is getting tired of all the complaints from customers not receiving there rebates and she admitted that rebates intetiredrnational is actually owned by and created by menards to process rebates because they don't want to deal with customer complaint calls so they created a fictitious company called rebates international and that's why they only offer a P.O address which is why it is only a stones throw away from menards headquarters in Eau Claire Wi I had to contact them a few times and threaten them with contacting State Attorney Generals office and the Ftc which deals with rebate fraud before they finally mailed me my check. It's funny how knowing the right things to say got them to act all of a sudden like they are my best friend and even apologized for what they called a slight mix up. Just so everyone knows
Menards = Rebates International
Menards Headquarters 4777 Menards Dr.
Eau Claire, Wi 54703-9604
Phone: ( 715)876-5911
FAX: ( 715)876-2868
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May 26, 2013  from Osseo, Minnesota
You must feel good abut yourself. When she broke down after you appear to have berated her "for an hour" as she was trying to do her job did she cry? You also state that you have had to contact them "a few times and threaten them"? :(

If I were Menards I would tell you that they are a private company, to take your business elsewhere, and issue you a no trespass order vs. having to put up with you berating people and threatening them.

Like you, "Just so everyone knows" I am just utilizing my 1st amendment rights, and in my humble protected opinion, perhaps either you are exaggerating or maybe the problem is in your execution.
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Aug 27, 2013 
I have seen number of people go in and complain to customer service to the point they break down maybe Menard needs to figure it out. There store is a *** just like you
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Oct 04, 2012 
I have never had an issue with my rebates from Menards. I just got one back for $246.00. It's not a scam.
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Jun 18, 2012 
We shop at Menards over Lowes and Home Depot because of their selection and also the rebates. We are remodeling a building and spend alot of money at Menards. Last year we did the rebate on over $400 of flooring and in January a table saw.

Never have had problem with receiving the rebates. I do photocopy my receipts, send all rebates in one envelope that I have before the postmark by date. I also spend an additional $1.15 and get a proof of mailing from the post office if the value of my rebate is going to be over $10.

Have been shopping at Menards for at least 30 years with my father and husband -- since they opened their second store. Not sure when they started the rebates--but only have had 1 problem with not receiving them over the many we have sent in.

I did miss out on a couple because I lost the receipts and found them after the post mark by date but that was my fault.
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