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Menards - 9:30 pm delivery

Company Menards
Product / Service Late Delivery
Location Minneapolis, Minnesota
Category Supermarkets and Malls
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We ordered a washer and dryer last Sunday with a schedualed delivery time of 2:30 pm Wed.We received a phone call from Stacy from the Menards store in Ottumwa Ia after 4:00 stating that our delivery would be last as the delivery man had to go to another town to pick up a countertop.

I put my husband on the phone and he told her that was not acceptable to bring the washer and dryer first before he went out of town and she said ok and hung up. Well the delivery never came and after several phone calls we were told to expect our washer and dryer to be delivered at approximately 9:30 pm. We could not believe it and my husband said he didn't want it if it was going to come that late. He went to the store and canceled our order.

We had plans to do a lot of remodeling to our home in the near future and will never go to Menards again if that is how they treat their customers. I have worked in customer service for 35 years and expect good service.

My husband works at one of the largest employers in our town.We will be telling all of the people we know about this horrible incident.

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Feb 14  from Minneapolis, Minnesota
Well I see our incompetent clueless is back at it. I am not surprised with the typical menards service talked about here, sounds pretty common for menards. I wish people would wise up and shop somewhere other than menards. All you have to do is read what this menards employee clueless writes and you can see how you will be treated in the store. My hard earned money does not go to menards anymore, even if I have to spend more I will shop elsewhere. The customer service at menards is a joke. Try Lowes or Home Depot, they do treat their customers with respect not disdain.
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Feb 13  from Green Bay, Wisconsin
This is hilarious! Guoitu below made several key points that obliterated your pathetic complaint. I will make a few others. You said "The delivery driver had to go to another town to pick up a countertop" Impossible! Menards delivery drives don't randomly pick up items. Everything that gets delivered is already at the store. It's funny how you say order a washer and a dryer because you didn't order anything. You purchased a washer and a dry then set it up for delivery. Proving my point of EVERYTHING IS ALREADY AT THE STORE. Delivery drivers DELIVER THEY RARELY PICK UP ANYTHING. Menards contracts out delivery drivers and Menards barely breaks even on deliveries as it is.
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Feb 14  from Minneapolis, Minnesota
Your a ***
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Mar 17  from Green Bay, Wisconsin
Menards is notorious for delivery problems. They contract with outside people to do their deliveries and most of them have other stores they do other deliveries for too. And then they are going to take care of who pays most first, and Menards is not the most. Best thing to do is get it somewhere else where they care about customers. Menards and workers like Heartless don't care about treating people with dignity and courtesy. Go to Lowes.
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Feb 13 
Your complaint is bogus. Menards doesn't set specific delivery times. They will set a morning, afternoon or evening delivery. You know good and well that if you had a 2:30 time scheduled, you would have been calling the store well before 4:00 complaining your delivery was late. Unfortunately things sometimes happen to upset the delivery schedule and this is why you got a call letting you know the deliveries were running late. They put more than one delivery on a truck at a time and more than likely the driver was already gone to pick up the countertop to complete one of the other deliveries on the truck. Take a look at the complaints from Home Depot and Lowes. They wouldn't have bothered calling you. Granted the delivery would have been later in the day than you would have liked but you would have had your appliances rather than going shopping again and waiting for someone else to deliver them.
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