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Megabus - Dirty MuthaFukas

  • by   Jan 08
  • Review #: 469490
Company Megabus
Product / Service Bad Customer Service
Location Atlanta, Georgia
Category Ground Transportation - Trains, Buses
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If you miss your bus no matter what the reason is MegaBus will not refund nor put you on another bus with the money they already have but they want you to purchase a new ticket.SO *** UP
*** MEGABUS Not to mention they leave you outside for over three hours with no stores open, no shelter, no food, no restrooms, no nothing hope you don't have kids.

And they keep it freezing cold on the bus. I wouldn't recommend MegaBus to no one. It was the worst bus experience ever.

You also have to wait outside in the rural areas waiting on the bus.NO GO!!!!!! 3011023

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Jan 08 
You have made a lot of poor choices in life if you have to take the bus. You compound the problem by keeping such awful companies as this in business just by using them, instead of reputable transportation. You need to share the blame.
Incidentally, a smart person would contact the bus company, not this useless unaffilliated website.
Reply to TheProblemIsYou

Jan 11 
How do you know they did not do that ...! mind your business smart amm!
Reply to hollybrk

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