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Caution. Beware of SMART, Medical Credit Options, Frank DeSimone

Company Medical Credit Options
Product / Service Ex Employee Review
Location Conroe, Texas
Category Loans and Mortgages
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Monetary Loss

I was formerly the Marketing Director for the S.M.A.R.T. company as well as Medical Credit Options. In addition, my wife and I paid $7000 to become a Net Branch owner. I have already gained legal representation and will begin the process of filing full legal action today against Frank DeSimone and his companies.

Due to a failure on Mr. DeSimone's end to meet contractual obligations of the Net Branch buy-in, he agreed that a refund for the monies paid was in order. I have correspondence in hand dating back to mid-June that confirms his agreement to refund by June 30th. Needless to say we have exceeded that deadline by over 30 days.

I also have commitment in hand from a member of his management team that $2000 would be rendered for the services provided to his company - including but not limited to: multiple logo designs, "flash" site banners, brochures, website, envelopes, business cards, and letterhead. Since that agreement was made on July 5 by the company's CEO, I have yet to see a penny. When inquiring about the lack of payment, I was told by the CEO that in the entire month of June - NO applications had been approved and NO providers had enrolled... as a result I would not be paid. With this said, please note a comment on this forum from a member of the SMART team dated July 8 stating quote: "Providers are being enrolled, Loans are being Submitted and approved and reps and loan brokers are being paid." Is this statement bares any truth, where is my payment? Since payment for services rendered has not been received, it should be noted that the materials being used for promotional purposes are unauthorized and prohibited.

I must also add that I am not a disgruntled employee and hold nothing personal against any member of this company or the services in which it offers. I am however one of the many that have fallen into a deceptive trap set by Frank DeSimone to gain funds for various non-producing entities. I too am only after the $9, 000 total that is owed to me.

I am welcoming any /all that have had this same misfortune to join me in pursuing class legal action against Mr. DeSimone. I have so far identified 8 that have filed some sort of complaint on the internet regarding funds owed to them - the numbers just don't lie. Prior to contacting me, please ensure that you have all documention in hand to support your complaint or monetary loss. 303139d

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Jul 18, 2013  from Naples, Florida
This guy Frank Scammed me out of 4500,00,,I don't understand how the U.S. Attorney has not investigated
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Jun 21, 2011 
follow up june 2 post Frank desimone never setteled he lied once again. Turning him over
to the law He Lied once again never has paid back a penny from his fraud business. He says experian was his partner NOT.
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Jun 02, 2011 
Frank Desimone from fl has setteled his dispute with me. anything from been screwed has been cleared up. This Frank desimone has nothing to do with the real estate frank from NC. This is not the same person. Also Beth states that also
in her post.
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May 23, 2011 
Re to Sandy (post #3)

Because we have researched, investigated and lived this 24/7 for going on 4 years now, perhaps the best way, if you are close enough, would be to meet in person somewhere.

As it sounds like you have similar illegal activity info on Desimone, Blackmon and Harrison, please contact NC Real Estate Commission "Consumer protection officer" Steve Fussell at 919-875-3700. Last year, he was assigned to investigate allegations in a complaint we filed with NC REC on FD, Leslie Danielle Harrison and Gregory Mascaro re the fraud and the $100,000 commission (Greg Mascaro also got a $100,000 commission in the same fraud transaction that Desimone/Harrison got theirs from). The case # is D11-0051.

Our case re Desimone et al goes way up the political ladder. That would explain how they appear to go unscathed in spite of countless recorded judgments,civils and loan defaults adding up into the tens if not hundreds of millions.

FYI, Blackmon has real estate transaction ties with Douglas Therrell who was indicted in Gov. Mike Easley's "Cannonsgate" real estate fraud scheme. Therrell and Blackmon are also neighbors in the same upscale Charlotte neighborhood.

Also, you will not find any assistance in investigating this white collar crime ring from the U.S. Attorneys office in Charlotte. Call Assistant U.S. Attorney Kurt Meyers and ask him why he refuses to do so -- 704-344-6222.

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Reply to Beth

Mar 22, 2011 
All of this shir is true. No matter how long until I see him next he is still full of ***.
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Mar 20, 2011 
Can you tell us more this guy still has 500k of our money and swears it is in ESCROW and cant give it back until his deal closes \"TWO YEARS AGO\" years ago. We only got part of our money by going to his wife the rest must be history. He preys on his friends and gets us when we are at our weakest point.
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Mar 20, 2011 
Beth can you tell us more about the results you know of in cabarrus county. I am a local of NC and have a stack of complaints in regard to the same exact DeSimone as do a group of six of us. Him and his associates Blackmon and Harrison. The real estate commission will love to know he has taken more then just 100k in commissions that he isnt entitled to. He never had a license and it went right in his pocket. There is not a broker in Charge on record and never was nor did he ever have a agent registered with the firm.
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Mar 16, 2011 
I have requested several times that this post be removed. I have been fortunate enough to recover my investment from Mr. DeSimone and no longer have any issues pertaining to him or his businesses.
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Mar 16, 2011 
To Sandy-

You are right. I don't think the FD in Charlotte is the same as the one doing med fraud in Florida.

The coincidence is that the FD practicing real estate fraud in Charlotte has a relative who lives in Del Ray who the Charlotte FD defrauded out of over $1M using a deed of trust in a real estate transaction.

This same Charlotte FD and some of his associates were recently found guilty of real estate fraud, unfair and deceptive trade practices and alter egos by a jury of 12 in a 4-week long civil trial held in Concord, NC.
Reply to Beth

Mar 15, 2011 
Post #13..... Please understand you are just if not worse because you take your family and friends money and fraud them not just strangers so what they have in mind wont be anything you are going to like to hear since your are a scumbag just like your "so called" florida alias. Get a grip cuz your house of cards isnt going to stand on its own.
Reply to Really! Really!

Mar 15, 2011 
The multiple posts are a bit confused. There are actully multiple Frank DeSimones in Charlotte NC. THe Frank DeSimone in Charlotte NC is not the same guy we all thought was the Florida and Del Ray
Reply to Sandy

Feb 28, 2011 
Hi glad u wrote that I have turned him over for almost 2 years. If theirs enough of us we can get him I was the first. email me go to my complaints board jacksfin send me your email. He keeps saying he is going to pay me. He had a fake business with me. He is about to go down with criminal charges in my small state. Ihave another way He never paid me back a cent.
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Feb 27, 2011 
I'm not a lone! Sad, but I thought I was the only one that got ripped off. Worse business decision I have ever made. I called the FBI, Local Police, BBB, ETC and they did nothing. I am going to call the FBI again. This is as close to Bernie Madoff as you can come. The guy is the definition of EVIL!!

Frank, people are not afraid of you anymore. You see, no one cares if you try to sue for libel or defemation of character. You'll get what's coming to you Frank: JAIL!!!!
Reply to Steve

Feb 25, 2011 
Just read your post. Refer to my others and I have the first one on this guy 2/27/2010
under complaints board for His mft. He completly defrauded me 6,000.00 I gave him
in 8/2009. You are so write he is a *** man
from the word go. Please contact me We can share notes to put him behind bars
Reply to Benn screwed Over

Feb 12, 2011 
I'm dealing with him right now. He almost got me but luckily i researched him and did not spend a cent. I'm in FL and currently in a "transaction" with him he has no idea i know but wow what a scumbag, him and his wife annete. If anyone wants more info please post back i got him by the balls. 2/12/11
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Jan 15, 2011  from Sha Tin, Hong Kong (Sar)
Hi Beth,
If this is the same guy I have met him. His MO sounds the same. The web looks like his kind of web. He is acomplete scammer. I have home address where he lived in nc. in aug 09. Medical financing
tech, than med loan options than smart med services. he sales himself having people processing centers. he told me he was experians partner. he has a custom van with florida license plates. nothing scares this guy. he is 50-51. Slicked back hair. about 5ft 10 inches has a wife
anette. 2 college kids. He fools people takes money pretty much closes it. Read mine other peoples complaints. Keeps telling me he is going to pay me. We hopefully are getting closer have fl address and his leaed house. he is a motor mouth. let me know.
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Jan 13, 2011 
This real estate Frank Desimone has created over 60 NC corporations with which to hide money while his partner has over 40.

Desimone's companies all "share" the same 1500 square foot "office" space and phone number. Cobblestone Builders is the name on the outside of this 1500 square foot office located in Charlotte, NC that "houses" all of his other fraud entities.

The phone number for Cobblestone Builders and the multitude of others sharing this office space according to the NC Secretary of State is 704-568-2840. Currently the phone is being answered by "Lash Operations."

One of this Desimone's "MOs" in his real estate fraud is to tell people he's going to pay them, tell them or have an associate tell them the "check's in the mail", etc.... but the people NEVER get paid.

Another "MO" seems to be in how he names some of his companies... so they very closely resemble the names of legitimate, decent, solvent businesses.

The majority of this Desimone's most recent business creations are all about "financing" by the sound of their names, while at the same time under oath he states that he can't get financing and that he has no money to pay any debts.

Literally pages and pages of judgments have been filed in courthouses across numerous NC counties against this Desimone and certain of his multitude of entities. He and his entities are also named as defendants in just as many civil
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Reply to Beth

Jan 06, 2011 
Has anyone heard this guy mention anything about being in real estate?

I know of a Frank Desimone in Charlotte, NC who is practicing mortgage and bank fraud with other fraud "developers" and "associates" that include appraisers, attorneys and bank officers. Part of he and his associates "method" is the use of a multitude of "shell" companies by which they can funnel/hide/launder illicitly acquired bank loan funds, to make the money "disappear". The loans then get foreclosed on with little or no development evident and no trace of where the money went.

This FD and his associates have defrauded real property owners out of their property, payment for their property and unknowing banks out of tens of millions of loan $$$$.

This FD has ties to Florida, Brandenton and Delray Beach specifically, probably more.

If anyone has actually met this guy, has a photo or can describe his age, characteristics, etc., please post. If your med fraud FD is a match with this real estate FD, I know of his whereabouts and much more.

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