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Marvin Windows Doors - Problems with Marvin Windows & Doors Leaking

Company Marvin Windows Doors
Product / Service Hurricane Proof Woindows And Doors
Location Boston, Massachusetts
Category Appliances and Electronics
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My wife & I are in a nightmare.We bought and remodeled our dream home two years ago and installed all Marvin windows & doors.

They began leaking almost immediately. After fighting with the builder for a year about installation it was discovered the windows themselves are defective. Marvin had an independent testing company come in over six months ago and the testing company confirmed they are defective. Water continues to penetrate and damage our home but Marvin is only willing to send us new windows and not pay for the installation (est > $130K) and the interior damage to our home (est >$100K).

Has anyone had any luck with this company?Help! 305f508

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Aug 14, 2013  from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
These folks are uninformed, most new homes settle causing the frame to rack, and have tons of moisture, from new construction. Its all in the installation. We have looked between Marvin and Anderson they are similar its the installers. Make sure what ever you buy you can replace the seal in the frame this is where the problem starts!
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Jul 23, 2013  from Minneapolis, Minnesota
We have 2004 Marvin Integrity windows. There has been mold since day one. They came to look and haven't done anything about it. I am tired of cleaning mold off of the vinyl inner track. Any ideas how to proceed?
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Nov 04, 2012 
This site is very illuminating. We are shopping windows and sliding doors now for a new custom home. We were set on Marvin. Now we plan to expand our search. Too many dissatisfied customers.
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Jan 23, 2013  from Chicago, Illinois
Same here in Chicago.... had been set on Marvin and will now look @ Andersen.
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Mar 25, 2013 
DO NOT BUY ANDERSENS. The glass is warranted for 20 yrs. Vinyl clad comes off. Andersen says other parts warranted for 10 yrs. Vinly exterior clad came ungluged. Allowed water to go in between vinyl and wood. Won't replace. Acts of God are not only hurricane, snow, ice....but sunshine an rain too. Thought they were the best. HYMBUG!!!Floor and frame rotting, termites trying to next up. Terrible nightmare.
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May 11, 2013  from Chicago, Illinois
I find this hard to believe that the Andersen windows did this as they way the cladding is vacuum formed onto the sash and frame is highly unlikely the cladding could come off. Furthermore, it is not glued on. I have been to their factory to see their process for myself. Are you sure you don't have another manufacturer's product?

Jun 19, 2013  from Midland, Texas
Illuminating? This is all conjecture. There are not facts or details given here, what about the installation?...anyone can say anything.
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Oct 24, 2012 
I installed Marvin metal clad windows in 1997, new house and at the builders recommendation. These have leaked air from around the sash and built up huge ice on the surface every winter. Marvin rep came out and blamed it all on humidity in the house, I have no more than 40 per cent in winter and there are only two of living here.
I see Marvin won a lawsuit againstPPG Industries in 2001 or 2002 claiming that the wood preservative PPG used failed.
Anyone had windows replaced because of this lawsuit?
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Oct 19, 2012 
I installed Marvin Integrity wood windows in my home as an upgrade to the builders' windows in my new construction home in 2004. All of the glass panes are already cold and it is only 43 degrees outside right now. Last winter, I had to plastic cover the insides of my patio door as you couldn't stand near it in a strong breeze. If I could, I would replace them all right now. I am burning serious dollars in the summer for cooling and wearing heavy socks in my home in the winter. Unbelievable....
Reply to Devon Walton in Minnesota

Jul 06, 2012 
Hi Tom:I live in Ill, built a house in 2003 with marvin windows and have experienced your problems from day one. Marvin came in caulked and changed one window and I thought problem was solved. Since then nine, years later, I have mold and rotting of two windows right next to the one they originally changed. Last year seven small oval windows in my living room were changed due to some kind of deterioration (dust). On 6-29-12 we had a severe storm and almost all windows leaked. My guarantee is up this month Marvin has agreed to provide us new windows but will not cover installation fees. I also wonder if we change these windows now, how long before they deteriorate again? and will Marvin replace product without charge? How is your situation now? any progress with Marvin?
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Jun 18, 2012 
It's amazing that every complaint for EVERY brand is about leaking or rotting, but people just don't connect the dots. You folks should know that it's 20% window, 80% installation! Is the water coming through the window itself? NO! Was the frame flashed and sealed correctly? Unless you give the details of the exact product AND the name of the installer (who is an authorized Marvin installer, right, right?), please don't post anything. Thank you.
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May 14, 2012 
replaced 4 sets sliding doors with Marvin patin doors. Noticed rot around the interior wood at the lower edge of one of the doors that seldom is opened and discovered the lower corner was rotted. Local rep came out and took photos - said the water came in at the lower edge of the glass and the design was hanged shortly after mine were built. This was just after the warranty expired, but had gone unnoticed for some time. I was supposed to hear something from "the factory" never did. Found another one rotting at the top. Would not buy again
Reply to gj from st. louis

Oct 02, 2011 
Well I e had 3 sets of Marvin windows put in my house that was completed 1 month ago and I woke up this morning and guess what there leaking again.
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Sep 05, 2011 
I replaced half my windows (14) with Marvins at a big expense to me in my little house. I researched and asked and people convinced me that I wanted them for quality and appearance and energy effifiency. From the time they were installed I was disappointed. They are very cold to the touch, so much for Argon. They seem to radiate cold from them. They feel as drafty and cold as the original 1937 installed single panes. I am very disappointed and there is no way I can afford to replace them. Purchased Alum Clad wood interiors in 2006.
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Sep 05, 2011 
I replaced half my windows (14) with Marvins at a big expense to me in my little house. I researched and asked and people convinced me that I wanted them for quality and appearance and energy effifiency. From the time they were installed I was disappointed. They are very cold to the touch, so much for Argon. They seem to radiate cold from them. They feel as drafty and cold as the original 1937 installed single panes. I am very disappointed and there is no way I can afford to replace them. Purchased Alum Clad wood interiors in 2006.
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Sep 04, 2011 
I installed Marcein windows and patio doors all aluminum clad argon gas 1995..The two patio doors are 8 ft. tall alum.clad with wood interior. Upon deliver Marvin had to replace these doors three times before we had two doors that were not warp..The doors have always leaked water and I have replaced two doors already..Have also replaced four windows that have rotted..I also have numerous windows that the sliding mechanism has separeted from the window slide..I plan to contact Marvin about doors because now my pine floor has rot from leaking door. I bought Marvin from recommendation of "This Old House" show..Very disappointed with these windows...
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Jul 11, 2011 
Thanks guys!! For all of warning, I was going to replace my 9 windows with Marvin, now I'll stay away from the Marvin indefinitely. Thanks again.
Reply to Patrick

May 03, 2011 
We built a new home in March of 1999. Our builder reccommended Marvin windows becease of the great customer service. they installed the tilt pac windows. Our windows have been leaking and we have been getting mold in the corners of the windows.
We contacted Marvin and a rep cam out but unfortunately our warranty is expired. Last fall 4 of our windows fell apart because they have rotted out. We now have to replace all of our windows except the ones that are under our porch. But they are not going to last they too are getting wet some how. There are big gaps between the wondow and the frame where air is coming in.
I am currently battling with Marvin I am sending letters to BBB and Attorney Generals office. These windows have been rotting for some time and they should be responsible. They blamed the installer also. this is their way of being not being responsible.
Marvin Customer service is horrendous they do not back up their product this houes is only 12 years old. Marvin claims i have too much condensation in my house. i find that hard to believe when my entire house is log. If the condensation in my house is what is rotting these windows then why can't I find mold and mildew anywhere else in my house but on my wood windows??
Marvin will never step up for anyone that is over their warranty. I willnot replace my windows with Marvin. There are many companies out there that have warranties that last longer than Marvin please research them before
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Reply to Geri in Minesota

Sep 04, 2013  from Ypsilanti, Michigan
Why would you install tilt pac windows in new construction? Tilt pacs are for replacement. I'll assume you mean easy tilt windows that you are probably missing your chimney block pieces which caused the corner draft.
The early aluminum clad windows were not the best industry wide. Most major window companies used a vinyl glazing stop that shrunk and let water entreat the corners of the sash. Andersen, Weather shield, caradco, built best, Marvin and others. Wood windows require maintenance and constant inspection. Sealants are better today, but the prudent customer inspects on a regular basis.
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Apr 18, 2011 
We have the same problem with the tilt pacs. We had them installed 16 months ago and they began leaking cold air and forming condensation on the storm immediately. The installer isn't interested, the district rep sent a field tech. out twice and he tried to help but they still leak cold. We called the Minn. office twice and they never got back with us. We had a whole house energy audit and
it shows cold air pouring in. Much money spent and then Marvin informs us that these tilt pacs are not a rated window. Their authorized installer talked us into them. Who would live in a cold climate and knownly order windows that don't keep the cold out but bought them because they look nice. Not happy either.
Reply to Tom Palmer in Michigan

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