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Mart of China online company false advertising

Company Mart Of China
Product / Service Clothing
Location Melbourne, Victoria
Category Online Shopping
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Mart of China is an online China company selling clothes online which I had numerous issues with. Setting aside the smaller ones and only concentrating on four major issues:
Firstly, false advertising. They advertised a jacket as leather. Made of leather. So I bought it. I arrived (it arrived almost a month later although I was charged for UPS) and it wasn't leather! I chatted online with the supplierr and they confirmed it was PVC and when I said it was false advertising, was merely told "ok, we'll remove the leather from the description". I don't want PVC, my skin can't breath in it.
Secondly, another item which arrived was of a totally different product. After taking pictures of the product and sending it to them, they admitted the blouse I ordered was out of stock so they substituted with a tube. I don't wear tube and don't want it.
Thirdly, I asked for refund of the two items and they refused. Still in dispute after 3 weeks.
I wrote a number of reviews of the clothing I bought (15 pieces) and obviously the bad reviews failed to be published on their site.
Lastly, they overcharged for shipping costs. They probably charged me for around 6kg but the actual weigh was only 4kg. 2f314bc

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Jan 30 
Worst experience ever with martofchina! I am a student and regret buying heels to sell on to make a bit of extra cash, as the minute I tried them on they snapped!!! Do not buy off them!!
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Feb 17 
Dear friend,
thanks for letting us know your problem. can you tell me your order number?then we can help you resolve the :) issue
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Jan 23 
We always take customers' feedback seriously especially the terrible ones. Because It is the ones that tell us where we can improve that are valuable
So we asked the reviewers to tell us the order number to help resolve their issue. , But none of them replied us back. The truth is they never purchase from our site and therefore cannot provide an order number. All their make ups is nonsense and pointless.
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Jan 23 
i admit that it is a joyful shopping experience, i just order one necklace, for the sake of its security, just buy one item for free shipping, but they shipped to me, i got it, it is so nice and gorgeous to match the clothes...
so i am gonna to order something else
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Jan 20 
Ordered just one pc of leggings just to check. Had no problems as such. Will be ordering more but just one item at a time.
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Jan 05  from Sydney, New South Wales
was a bit weary to begin with ordering from these sites,after reading these comments and the great comments which some are clearly questionable, I will not be ordering...thx for saving me time and money :grin

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Jan 06 
Dear friends,
We're extremely grateful fortelling us your concern and feelings .we take feedback seriously.We fully understand your worry and doubt as a first time buyer.that why we alway suggest the customers to make a small order first like a piece of jewelry to test the products. if you find them satisfactory. plesae come back to order more.

we also have 7 days return policy to gurantee the customers interests.

We are grateful to all who take the time to review us and while the terrific review are lovely to get.It is the ones that tell us where we can improve that are invaluable. Thank you again for bring these matter to our attention.



Martofchina Customer Service Manager

USA: 001-213 - 9851052
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Jan 02 
This online clothing store has great clothes, jewellery, basically items for cheap and affordable prices. There is also an in style, trendy, chic fashion sense on their clothing. I would order there again. My only problem is that their material for the clothing is very cheap i.e But it is a good place to shop especially shoes.
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Dec 26, 2013 
I have been shopping online at Martofchina.com..I have to say that for persons who had doubts about the site, it is a very legitimate web site. I am from the Caribbean and I have received all of my wonderful products, dresses, shoes and jewellery that I am absolutely very pleased with..Styles are very unique and contemporary and suitable for all..I recommend this site for shopping on line..so ladies especially, I know you will be excited about your products from sammydress..happy shopping
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Dec 23, 2013 
I chose the DHL as the courier, and they delivered the package door to door.I was

extremely surprised when my orders arrived in 7 days! wow!

My co-worker saw my orders and they all love it. I recommended this site to them
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Dec 18, 2013 
Their site maybe outdated, and I found their lack of user reviews to be very wary of at

first, but I personally love this site. And I hope any potential buyers have the same luck

I did. Keep in mind that this isn't some gold mine. You need to treat the staff with

respect when they give you the same in return. Trust your gut and use common sense.
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Dec 17, 2013 
The designs on the websites were what I got in actuality in person. I was a bit worried about that given what some other reviews for other wholesales were like, but this wasn't the case.

I did make sure to check all the measurements and I purposefully did not order anything that could turn out problematic (e.g. chiffon, shirts that might be too transparent, etc). I think with these wholesale sites it's just a matter of avoiding potentially bad materials and/or designs that might be hard to pull off/replicate. There was a dress that didn't turn out right for me - but that was because it didn't fit me the way I wanted to, the material itself was fine.

Given what I paid for, and that I received everything more or less in less than two weeks, I'm pretty happy! Prices don't always correlate with quality either - one of the t-shirts I ordered was around 7US dollars and had better material than one that cost double that.

For reference, I'm 5'4", 117lbs, wear normally a S to an M in North American clothing. I have bigger shoulders too because I do work out a lot. I'm not a skinny Asian model like the ones who wear the clothes in the pictures -_-;;;
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Dec 12, 2013  from Villach, Karnten
I've ordered three months ago and still have not delivered .. they were very rude in the mail conversation .. not recommended :(
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Dec 10, 2013  from Vancouver, British Columbia
Maybe I was lucky? But here's my experience....
I recently ordered 20 pieces of clothing from Martofchina.com. This was after much googling of other asian wholesale websites such as wholesale-dress, wholesale7, CCT, etc, etc. - this site seemed to have overall good reviews. My order consisted of cotton-mix t-shirts, sweaters, and dresses. I had to change a size of a certain dress that I ordered, and I found the customer service to be prompt and polite. I had replies to my emails within 24 hours (often faster - I'm ordering from Canada and have a tendency to stay up late at night, so when I email them late at night in Canada, I usually get replies within 5 hours - probably working hours in Shanghai). I tried their chat too and found the clerk to be helpful and polite too.
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Dec 05, 2013 

I like the site and I like the clothing. However shipping is very very high. Paying $90 in shipping charges is out of reach for me.
A friend of mine ordered a few dresses here for a big event, unfortunately the dresses didn't fit and some of the buttons were broken on arrival. We didn't really think much of it, or I guess we didn't mind it at all.

A few months later I start my own order! Mostly leggings and tops, and I found out everything is done through e-checks in PayPal which saves me so much time. Anyway, their customer service is really on pointe, consistent, and extremely polite. I had a few out of stock things in my order and not once was I pressured or even worried that I'd be scammed if I said to refund my PayPal. Sure enough, they were true to their word. I honestly love this site for their staff, so don't knock these guys too much.
Reply to linna

Dec 03, 2013 
their products are reasonably priced, staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and their selection is extensive.I hope they offer free shpping on all products one day.After all shipping fee is two expensive
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Dec 02, 2013 
Before I made the order, I asked the customer service about the size.they told me to choose one size larger for men's clothes and women's shoes. My size is 37,so I chose size 38. When I got them, they just fit me perfectly.I guess it is truth that their size run small.
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Nov 29, 2013 
This company should not be given any publicity, it's sizing is completely inaccurate and misleading and the quality inferior not remotely resembling the images. In fact, the entire presentation represents a fraud and do they refuse to re-imburse me notwithstanding the fact that they sent me the wrong sized and that it does not remotely correspond with the measurements. I trust Google will consider this and not give them any opportunity to advertise.
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Jan 24 
Maybe the sizing is inaccurate because it's based on asian average sizes.
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Nov 27, 2013 
Does anyone know anything about their sizing?

I want to get a sweater off there but it's only "one size" so it's too big. I'd wear it as an oversized sweater but i'm not sure if their sizes are accurate or not? (don't want to look like i'm wearing a huge sack) Considering it's a chinese company are their clothes for petite women? If so i'd be more sure if i want to get it or not
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