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Market America is a Scam

  • by   May 20, 2010
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Company Market America
Location Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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I was very interested in Market America.I was contacted by a person I know and they were very heavly invested into market america.

What I didn't like is when they constantly used the terms 'BV' and 'IBV'. BV are products that are available exclusive through the company and IBV are partner companies such as K-mart, Best Buy etc etc. To get initiated, you must put money down to purchase products. I was told I need '600 BV' to get started.

Well in my mind, what exactly is BV equivalant to in real life money. It is just over $1000. For these times where the economy is hard and jobs are not easy to come by, telling a person to spend $1000 on *** I don't need, and promising them it will sell, is a lot of money. Promise is nice and all, but if I dont hear the words "I guaranty you will sell..." is not very reassuring.

Again, remember, it is over $1000 you could be throwing away. So after the $1000 well spent, you have to purchase 50BV every month. 50BV equates to about $134. For me, I am a single man living on my own, I don't spend $134 a month on nutriants or supplments or shampoo or energy drinks.

Where this all went wrong with me is this and this is why I got upset. After I gave the individuals my credit card information for my initial $1000 down, this person CHOSE and DID NOT tell me about the 50BV I had to buy every month. He took my credit card information and used it so he could get 50BV added onto his score too. Again he fraudulantly used my credit card.

I report it and him to market america and nothing was done. This is a pretty good representation of how market America does business. It is a pyramid scheme. Please remember this, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

If you make money off of the person below you and also with the person below them, it is illegal. Also remember this,you go to work to MAKE money, NOT PAY money. When I go to work today, I do not go to get a bill. I go to get paid.

Can Market America be profitable? Sure. Any company can be. But in the case of pyrimid schemes, you need to be the first few people to join.

I looked at the top people making money in MA, guess who they are, JR (owner) and the 15 people who he got to join him.

Save yourself the money and time and don't go and do not join this.People should not have to sell you the company, you should want to join the company and you should have to sell yourself to the company. 2ee15f9

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Mar 26 
I was sucked in by a friend and lost money and my friends went to GNC to buy product at a third of the cost Then I found the book on false profits very fitting those at the top make out try and sell this to people with a tight budget for $70.00 a bottle and friends and family :upset think your crazy...By the way my friend deserted me after I left the company..
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Mar 10 
I am a new distributor with Market America...signed up less than a month ago. I was told initially you need 300 BV, which cost me about $640. Yes, it's still quite a bit of money if you're on a strict budget, but my point being the training material that came with my initial order all says start up is 300 BV. They even have a "fast start" which has predetermined products along with some support materials like catalogs. The cost for that was under $400. Not sure why you were told $1000 buy in.
Also, the 50 BV requirement may be over $100 for some people, but it may be less for others. One OPC-3 antioxidant is 42.5 BV alone. Things you already would buy like laundry detergent and dish soap would take care of those last few BV points needed. Sell the OPC if you don't want to use it yourself.
My opinion to readers of this is, check it out for yourself. This business is not for everyone, but it might be for you.
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Nov 06, 2013  from Richmond, Virginia
And for all of you citing statistics on the success rate of MA this one's for you. Over 70% of real estate agents fail in their first year. So by your logic I guess that makes real estate a scam.
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Nov 06, 2013  from Richmond, Virginia
Make sure you get your facts straight when you make comments like this. MA has created over 100 millionaires and well over 1000 people are making 6 figures. I agree with you on one thing. Don't join this if you have an "employee" mentality. Employees make money for other people. "Entrepreneurs" make money for themselves.
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Oct 23, 2013 
What part of a business don't you get - yes if you want to work for an hourly paycheck your whole life have at it. Does a business owner make money off his sales team .... yes he/she does! As far as pyramid scheme - you get products and a business - buy a Panera or Starbuck and see how much money you have to put out. Do they make money off of selling products .... oh .... yes they do. Would you have to put out money every month - oh wait ... yes you would... Do they make money off customers ... Oh wait - that must be a pyramid scheme too! You have the mentality of an hourly worker - not entrepreneur - good thing you got out! :zzz
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Feb 02  from College Park, Maryland
yes they make money off of customers, not their employees- very different thing. Panera is not based upon a chain of profit. As I stated in another post, buy product at cost, and sell it and make money, don't sell it and fail. You are responsible entirely for your own sales, which provides value to your customers.
What makes MA and others like it legal (barely) is that the product is really the idea of entrepreneurship, and the profit is made by selling this idea to new sales reps - the actual product you are supposed to be able to buy at cost does not actually benefit you because you are purchasing it from another rep, who is purchasing it from another rep... etc. etc. When the chain breaks, the bottom links are out of luck because no one is buying the products at a discounted rate- all of you are buying the products for exactly the same price from each other, depending on recruits below you in order to earn money off the product (passed up to the line when you buy yours, and your sponsor buys his, etc. etc)
If this were a value providing business, all of you would buy your product from one source - MA, and sell it if you can. Recruiting would not be a part of the requirements of continued franchise "ownership." This is important because you must buy the product at wholesale so you can make money off of your sales. If you have to spend more than you can realistically make in order to purchase the product you are reselling, then not only is it a bad investment for a
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Oct 14, 2013 
How is it the company's fault that you were too lazy to perform due diligence? Especially when it's totally possible to complete the financial requirements without spending a penny of your own money? The fact that you complain about the monthly requirement shows that you haven't got a clue about what constitutes an illegal pyramid scheme.

Before you get too huffy, I've been a distributor with Market America for over 15 years and I'm not making crazy money. However, I'm honest enough to admit that I'm too lazy to do what's needed to make that money I'm content to coast along, selling to a group of satisfied customers and buying the excellent products at wholesale for my own use.

Go whine about something real.
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Oct 09, 2013  from Boston, Massachusetts
It's not a pyramid - you are in a pyramid of you are working in Corporate America, you are working to make the president money! Think about it? This is a bilateral pay structure, it just sounds like the person sucks, if you do your due diligence it is rated in the BBB at A+ and has been in biz since 1992 without a down qtr. it's just facts, that's it! Sorry it didn't work out for you but it truly is the real deal!
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Oct 09, 2013  from Boston, Massachusetts
It's like anything in life-you get what you put in and it doesn't happen overnight, like everything people! I've unfortunately did a pyramid NOTHING the same!! It's sad that folks have given up on their dreams!
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Oct 09, 2013  from Boston, Massachusetts
The products are not ***!! If you were a health professional and certified to speak on it then do so but if you are not, does not make any sense to me. I know many health professionals using it in their practices. Enough said, they can stand by and would e risking their license if it was a scam!!!! Hello?? Facts, that's it
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Oct 03, 2013 
Fact. MA has created more millionaires than Microsoft. Enough said!
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Sep 16, 2013 
yea same *** happen to me but in another pyramid scheme company Primerica. They took around 100 bucks for background check. I told my recruiters that I was getting marry in a month so I told them i won't be working this month. Put me down for that month took $25 out of my bank account w/o me knowing because once you sign your name for the background check, you're in. *** People. Not trustworthy even the recruiter that was my friend's friend. I'm am telling you all I am just going to be realistic and go back to school to get a degree. Yea, all of them say you can earn 6 digital by the time you are 23. Yea, really? What's the percentage in the company. Top 1-5%? Like 1-5 people out of 100 people? I ain't going to waste time here. But for those who think big. Go give it a try.
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Sep 01, 2013 
this is so sad. My niece and my older sister sells that ***. I was very much screwed over. leave it to family to *** over huh????
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Jul 27, 2013  from Norwalk, Connecticut
LOL @ all the suckers on here defending Market America!

Enjoy your pyramid scheme while it lasts. Anyone with a brain will cut their losses and leave this *** behind them, ASAP.
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Aug 19, 2013  from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I'm not defending them but from what I've heard they've been around since 1992...seems like it's lasted awhile.
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Jul 18, 2013  from Auburndale, Massachusetts
I know that this post is almost 3 years old, but the time span since this was posted may help to put things in perspective. Hopefully the person who wrote this can answer these questions. What did you do for a living then, and what do you do for a living now? When have you ever been told that you will be gauranteed that something will sell? Did you whole heartedly believe that if you invested $1000 into opening your own business, that you wouldn't have to work to create profit off of that investment? If the person who wrote this comment is still around, do you/did you understand that this was not a consumer purchase, but starting your own e-commerce business? I only point this out because the name of this website is pissedconsumer.com
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Jul 03, 2013  from Boston, Massachusetts
I have been involved with market America for over 10 years and find them extremely reputable. The difference between working for a company and owning a business is that working you show up and get a paycheck. Owning your own business you get paid on what you actually produce. No one is telling you to quit your day job, this is a business you can own and supplement your current income or replace. That's up to you. As far as working and getting paid off others, that is simply how any business works, otherwise your current employer wouldn't need you. Unless you're in the sales department of your company, you're not actually producing revenue, they are. So, you're getting paid off the efforts of other people. I've owned and managed several small businesses an found this to be the most fair, equitable of them all. I have people on my sales team that make more than me, and I know people that started after me that make way more as well. So getting in at the beginning isn't necessary to succeed. Your monthly overhead in market America is only about $100-$125 out of which about $90 is product that you can use and or sell. I personally use over 150bv a month and that doesn't count what my family uses. I commend you for being open and looking for something to supplement your income. But it sounds like you are looking for a part time job, rather than starting a business. I wish you the best in your search.
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Jun 29, 2013  from Beverly Hills, California
Laughable ..this *** has the mind of a flea ..absolutely does not know what he/she is talkingt about...just does not get it..very sad !! :upset
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Jun 23, 2013  from Clifton Park, New York
I went to those famous meetings 3 times but every time I felt a lot of indirect pressure to join them!... My friend that was trying to get me in in those meetings was standing up like some sort of administrators title in the chain and he was pretending that he is earning 1200$ a week- PURE LIEEEEEEEEEEEEE because he doesn't understand a lot on computers and I help him a lot and I see clearly how much commissions he earned in all since he was registered almost 4 years ago (almost nothing, just 3 0r 4, 300$ checks).... It's crazy how people who are in consider them as cult for real and they pay a lot of many for traveling, meetings, trying to convince people (usually friends @ family- bad idea because after a while everybody doesn't even like to see you anymore because of these)...

I am not saying that some people cant be successful but probability is extremely low based on my friend friends who were registered and now more than 90% of them are inactive and they canceled this "business"...
If you go to these meetings just ask this question to them and see how they're going to react " What is percentage of people that entry to this business and still they continue to be loyal after 2 years of registering (less than 2% I guess)

Yeah and like some commentators above said it's strange that majority of people there are foreigners (I am foreigner too) and mostly Asians that they believe in their friends or family members who brought them
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Jun 13, 2013 
Aw jeez, what part of "MLM scam" don't you get?
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