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Macys - Macy's BED BUGS in new mattress - IN plastic - 2011

Company Macys
Product / Service Sealy Posturepedic
Location El Segundo, California
Category Supermarkets and Malls
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We bought a SEAL POSTUREPEDIC mattress from Macy's for $1500 in mid May 2011 only to discover, 2 weeks later it is infested with BED BUGS!They're in the box spring!

We have never had bugs in our immaculate apartment and the BED BUG specialist came today to let us know that they are LIVING in the box spring. Macy's is NOT being helpful AT ALL and won't cart the mattress away and WON'T EVEN HONOR THEIR OWN 60 DAY return policy! UNBELIEVABLE!

And now we're stuck with a $4000 project and we have to POTENTIALLY MOVE OUT of our apartment!This is CRIMINAL. 2f18415

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Jun 13, 2011 
all macys beds are made to order from the manufacturer. I have managed an appart complex and because bed bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide (the air you breath out) while you are sleeping they can come from other appartments and become a big problem. More likely that someone in your complex or maybe you brought them back from a vacation then from a mattress warehouse that people dont sleep in
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