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Maaco Collision Repair & Auto painting

  • by   Sep 28, 2013
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Company MAACO
Product / Service Auto Paint Job
Location Hialeah Gardens, Florida
Category Service Centers and Customer Services
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Monetary Loss

They could paint a car correctly at all.It was like asking them to deliver a baby without any medical training.

BELIEVE ME!!! Do not take your car to this shop! You will wait for your car for about sixty days without any damage if is damaged maybe up to a year just for a paint job. When you call for status of your car no one knows anything rude as *** the manager Andres Llanos is a disgusting person very arrogant.

He simply said I can take my car to another center if I do not like it tough! I paid $2400 plus tax. I had to get police involved and call Maaco Headquarters what a treat.They are careless as they are just a Maaco service center!!! Corporate is of no help at all.

I'm now left with a car that has been painted over ten times and still is not correctly painted my advise to you!! Get all the children in your neighborhood and have them crayon in your car trust me it will look better...

If need to reach me for further information..Do not hesitate to contact me at orravanlila@comcast.net or go to http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/search/maaco?&pg=2 Thank, Lila 2ed88cd

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Jan 09  from Pasco, Washington
M-1753 Kennewick Washington Maaco 8605 Clearwater stole $6478 and ruined my 1970 Monte Carlo doors and interior they never did anything they made me pay for work that I had never agreed to before being forced to pay for it or they would keep my car.

The most important thing for him to understand is he NEVER GOT WRITTEN SIGNATURE PRIOR TO RE WRITING THE FIRST ESTIMATE HE DID A DIRECT BAIT AND SWITCH In Washington state and in all states a signed written work authorization IS REQUIRED Never got one EVER.

I demanded he produce the written authorization for any work to begin and he told me to leave his shop to get out!

This was stated in front of 2 witness's I have reported the entire family and the headquarters to washington atg consumer protection since this illegal buisness was never in compliance with the state auto repair laws concerning customer rights RCW 46.71.031 Sign Required this business has been operating outside the state consumer protection laws since 1997 its going to be a PLEASURE TAKING HIS STATE CHARTER FROM HIM AND HE IS PUT OUT OF BUISNESS can ya say BU BYE :p your game is OVER
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