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  • by   Aug 12, 2013
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Monetary Loss

I am a gold member of lyoness. Lyoness is a true scam. I can responsibly tell you this. STAY AWAY FROM LYONESS. Do not ever buy gold membership. I am going to tell you why.

First of all, I just spoke with their representative on the phone. They officially confirmed to me that all the discounts that you get in a form of cash back to your account are only redeemable towards purchases through Lyoness. You will never get any real money from them. I called to find out how to withdraw the accumulations in my cash account. They said - only by purchasing vouchers. Period. This means the stories of people making large amounts of money monthly are simple lies. Anyone who states otherwise is either a dreamer or is paid by Lyoness to say so.

Secondly, if you've seen the Lyoness videos, you've noticed that there is a complicated system of units that is very hard to grasp. Why do you think these units were created? Why not just stick with good old numbers - you spend this much, you get this much in cash, this much in bonus, this much in affiliated bonus, whatever else they may offer, everything can be expressed in dollars. No! Lyoness created units for you not to think of numbers. Why? Because if you start thinking numbers, you'll be running away from Lyoness as fast as you can.

Let's translate units into dollars.
When you, being a Lyoness member, make a purchase from a Lyoness merchant, you receive a small discount (0.5% for buying from Coles Express, for example), and a larger loyalty bonus. Of course, knowing that Lyoness charges up to 10% from the merchants, no one would go for 0.5%, so they created a loyalty bonus system. tOn top of 0.5% cash (just discovered that this cash is only redeemable towards purchases from Lyoness merchants), you receive 2-3-5% of loyalty bonus that eventually forms your UNITS. Every time you loyalty bonus accumulates to $75, you get one unit of Accounting Category I (ACI). How much do you have to spend to get an ACI? If you only buy expensive things from merchants Lyoness scammed for a higher discount, you might be able to get a unit by spending $1,500.00. But if you do what Lyoness advertises – “spend money on your everyday needs, just like you always do”, the realistic number will be closer to $2,500.00 You don’t get anything by forming a unit. The first bonus of $675 Lyoness pays you is when that unit “matures”. In order to mature one unit of the Accounting Category I (ACI) and receive $675, your entire lifeline (you, people you subscribed, people they subscribed) has to make purchases for $183,750.00, provided that the your lifeline only loses 5% of the units because of the imbalances. Yes, remember that in order to mature a unit, you have to deliver 70 units under it. 35 above the centreline and 35 below. So, if you have 335 units above the line and only 34 below, your initial unit will not mature until you get one more unit below the centreline. Smart, isn’t it.
Let’s take this number for further calculations. Since you are not allowed to market Lyoness to people you don’t know, and you are only limited to your friends and acquaintances, you can organise them yourself to make large purchases collectively and realise much higher discounts without being a Lyoness member. A 10% discount on total purchases of $183,750.00, which is relatively easy to negotiate these days, is $18,375.00, not $675 generously promised to you by Lyoness.

To mature a unit of the Accounting Category II (ACII), you have to accumulate 60 units of the ACI, so multiply $183,750.00 by 60. You underline will have to spend a total of $11,025,000, to mature one ACII. All for you to receive the most generous bonus of $1,275.00 from Lyoness. When is that going to happen?
To mature an ACIII and proudly receive $2,400.00 from Lyoness. Remember, this is not real money. Only spendable within Lyoness merchant network. So, to mature an ACIII, you lifeline will have to accumulate 50 ACIIs, meaning to spend $11,025,000.00 multiplied by 50 for a total of $551,250,000.00.
To mature an ACIV, your lifeline has to accumulate 25 ACIIIs, so multiply $551,250,000.00 by 25. You lifeline will have to spend $13,781,250,000.00, and you will receive $7,200.00 from Lyoness.
Finally, to mature an ACV and receive $24,000.00 from Lyoness... Wasn't that you goal? Are you ready?... Completely ready? Sitting down, listening to the drum beat, waiting for the number?.........
To mature one ACV, your lifeline will have to accumulate 25 ACIVs, meaning they will have to spend $13,781,250.000.00 multiplied by 25 for a total of $344,531,250,000. Three Hundred Forty Four BILLION, Five Hundred and Thirty One Million, Two Hundred and Fifty thousand dollars spent by your lifeline to receive a generous bonus of $24,000. So, when do you think all your relatives and friends that are *** enough to subscribe for Lyoness membership will spend that much money if they start today?

This is 0.00000007% of a discount. Imagine yourself walking to a local retailer and asking for a 0.00000007% discount on your purchase. (Especially if the purchase is for one third of a trillion dollars) There is no way for you to get that discount without Lyoness, of course.

As internet marketers say, BUT WAIT! THERE IS MORE!
So, if Lyoness negotiates a discount of 10% with the merchants, and you only get 0.00000007%, where does the difference go? Oh, yes, you get a regular discount of about 2% that is given to you in a form of cashback and is, by the way, taxable. We are still missing about 8%. Let’s not count 0.00000007% anymore. You’ve got to be Lyoness to call it money. So, on a $344 billion dollar purchase, Lyoness pockets about 8%, which is somewhere in the vicinity of $30 billion dollars. Not that it’s going to happen. All I’m trying to illustrate is that Lyoness gets you to run around subscribing people for 0,00000007% savings (not real money) and they get 8%. Isn’t it a little bit too fat? And if you have so much free time, wouldn’t you be better off just visiting your local stationary wholesaler, buying $10,000 worth of stationary from him at a 20% discount and selling it to the same relatives and friends? You’d make a solid $2000 profit over a school season, and your relatives and friends wouldn’t call you a scammer.
Another thing Lyoness doesn't tell you is that to use their system, you, all the people you refer and all the people they refer will have to permanently change their shopping habits. Have you seen many people happily changing their good lifelong habits over a 2% discount? Well, these are the people you will have to find and subscribe to earn your pennies from Lyoness. Now, if you want to make a little more pennies from Lyoness, these people will have not only change their shopping habits, they will have to be actively running around finding others alike and subscribing them to Lyoness. What a job! What a pay!
Do you buy from Woolworth? Well, forget it. With Lyoness you only earn your bonuses if you purchase from Coles. You probably know, that in most cases you have to purchase vouchers and gift cards of the merchants you want to use before you can get any benefit from Lyoness. That means, you buy a $300 gift card from Coles, wait for a week or two for it to arrive in the mail, and then, every time you walk by your favourite produce shop that's not a part of Lyoness, you have a dilemma. You can go and buy low priced quality produce from your favourite shop or you can buy Coles *** for about 50% more, but you'll get a 2.5% discount. And you will go and buy from Coles because you've already spent this money. That's right. You've already bought the gift card. Whether you use it or not, it is your problem now. Lyoness has already made their money and Coles too.

One of the few freedoms we have left in the modern society is the freedom to buy what you want and to spend your hard earned money the way you want. You don’t vote for the Prime Minister of this country. You don’t vote on carbon tax, bank deposit levy or cigarette tax. You don’t have those freedoms. Yet you still have a freedom to vote for your favourite shop by going there and spending your money. Lyoness takes this freedom away from you. From the moment you join Lyoness, you'll be buying from merchants that pay Lyoness to be in the system. You will have one freedom less. Form many people this is their last freedom.

This all means that you will be running with your tongue on your shoulder subscribing other people (paying $1.5 for each subscription from your pocket, by the way), convincing your friends and relatives to join Lyoness in a hope to get some retirement passive income for yourself, and at the end your entire lifeline, including yourself, will realise that the system is a pure scam. It takes your freedom away; it pays pennies for major inconveniences; and a little bit more pennies for hard work of selling memberships.

Stay away from Lyoness. Spread the world about this scam. 308c40c

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Mar 31 
There's a so called impartial review regarding Lyoness
The first thing it mentions is Due Diligence.
Firstly, lawyers will only protect their client’s interest with regards to the law but it's only an opinion. So plastering lawyers’ opinions & business accreditation mean absolute Jack in terms of legitimacy. Lyoness are not members of any regulated authority like the FCA - why would that be when all other cashback schemes are? Only government bodies have the power to close organisation like Lyoness & it’s starting to happen! Article feb 14 http://behindmlm.com/companies/lyoness/polands-occp-lyoness-is-a-ponzi-scheme/ Article Mar 14 http://behindmlm.com/companies/lyoness/lyoness-under-police-investigation-in-sweden/ Government bodies do not precisely define what a pyramid scheme is so I’m not going to bother. They do not look at what aspect maybe legitimate but look for how many ‘counters’ there are in such a scheme. I’ve counted at least 5 and in my opinion this is clearly a pyramid. ‘Any type of pyramid scheme is now illegal in the UK under two acts of legislation; The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 and the Gambling Act 2005’ When an authority is unable to close an organisation they go for their members. This will happen in the case of Lyoness. Google Searches – yes you do get what you search for but when you
... Show more
Reply to DueDiligence

Mar 25 
IT'S A SCAM !!!!!!!
I'm sure you've all seen Dragon's Den Canada
Why would 5 dragons rip this organisation apart when they would have 000's of employees /clients that they would benefit from?
'Unethical, distasteful & an illegal pyramid.' But is it a pyramid? Well, I'm sorry but everyone keeps mentioning lawyers but they only protect the interests of an individual or organisation. Like in a trail a defence & prosecutor lawyers can't both be right. In the UK ask the UKTI, a government body. Also Action Fraud - they have outlined that this is most likely a pyramid scheme - a clever one at that. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT CAN CLOSE DOWN ORGANISATIONS LIKE LYONESS. If it's a pyramid stay away. If it's a legal MLM think about this....... Calculate exactly how much time & expense Lyoness is actually costing you.... going to meetings recruiting people ect. Then work out you hourly rate from the income obtained through Lyoness!!! This is because the way money flows up the chain. There are many reasons why this is a pyramid .. do your own research but I will expel one myth -just because the membership is free and the card holders gain cashback with their purchasers, the loyalty part is a clever disguise of the pyramid. I have counted 5 counters that indicate this is a PYRAMID. STAY AWAY.

Mar 25  from Chicago, Illinois
I was contacted by a power team couple who claims No charges it's free to sign up. I was invited to a meeting and asked if I knew people in the construction industry to refer because a speaker from home depot will be there to promote lyoness. I said I'm not interested. I didn't bad mouth the program but I am extremely busy with my own business and personally seems like another pyramid scheme and I will not refer people to this. I know everyone believes in a system where you sign up someone and in future you make money off of their sign ups it's a pyramid scene at best I for one will not be a part of this. Especially after reading this.Thankyou
Reply to SayingNotInteresedX5

Mar 16 
I agree 'milehighmike'.
The bonehead SCAMMER didn't do his/ her research.
The $3K he/ she placed in 'voucher down payments for future shopping' can be shopped out whenever he/ she wishes. It NOT an investment. It's his/ her money and always will be. They just need to do some more research to find out HOW TO SHOP.
That can't be too hard. Can it. Go spend some money on shopping, just to live.
Reply to Boneheads Saviour

Mar 14  from Denver, Colorado
Reply to milehighmike

Mar 13 
Ma non sapete di che osa state parlando!!!
Lyoness funziona alla grande!!
A me i soldi nel conto corrente mi arrivano regolarmente
In maniera reale!
E son salito di carriera, *** più di 300 persone attraverso di
di me parlandone *** sole 6 persone!!! Siete voi che non sapete come usare lyoness nella maniera giusta!! E ancora guadagno per poter vivere e farmi le vacanze quante ne voglio io, senza lavorare!!! Ahahahah
Reply to Matthew

Mar 13 
Bone heads fail because they never try to learn go to amway they need you to work your *** off for 50cents.The companies who have signed up with Lyones their solictors have gone over this with a fine comb and also all the governments in every country. I Have been in networking for 10 years and this is the best yet no on going costs and I use gift and vouchers and sign my partner first to get return into my household and guess what I did after three weeks got 15 dollars not bad for starters. You teach others and they have to change the way they shop or you will fail.
Reply to Mychael

Mar 11 
I agree with the last comment.
To all the sceptical bone heads out there.
Why would the Worlds No1. brand be involved in a so called SCAM - yes Apple. If the small 3% who have made bone head comments! go to your country's website and you will see Apple is a Lyoness online merchant.
Amazon the worlds largest online shopping merchant, Microsoft, eBay and Marks & Spencer will shortly be Lyoness merchants.
Don't you think their legal eagles crawled all over the Lyoness model, before making a decision to participate or are you 3% bone heads the real experts.
Go play with Amway and work your butt off to make a dollar. Lyoness don't need you bone heads.
Reply to Dickys Buddy

Apr 21 
how do you know amazon, microsoft and ebay will be merchants?
thanks :zzz
Reply to Lyoness is great

Mar 11 
The turkey who placed this SCAM comment should man up and show his true identity. I would be pleased to give him his $3,000 and take over his 'booked units' just to get rid of his ***, so the real people of the world can get on making a good buck $$ without having to put up with a 3% of horse *** comments from bone heads.
Let all the sceptics go and play with Amway, the largest MLM, pyramid, ponzie in the world.
Reply to Dicky Bird

Mar 10 
Legit not true. I've seen the checks with my own eyes. I'm completely skeptical of how legal this all is or what they actually do with data but I know that the members and the referring friends get actual string-free money back. That part is real.
I'm looking into Lyoness wondering where their end is? How are they profiting and what is their take on purchasing cards. The process is complicated and based in another country. Kinda shady? This article is bs though so I'll keep digging.
Reply to Jillian G

Mar 10 
Jilian i can help you if youd like? I am with Lyoness and my family and I are doing pretty good so far. I do Lyoness partys and call them " I love to shop clinic" and they r pretty fun and rewarding
Reply to Yadi

21 hours ago 
Hey Yadi,
I would be interested in talking to you. Can you email me at sheila50crittin@yahoo.com
Reply to Anonymous

Feb 27  from Kamloops, British Columbia
Obviously you have no idea of what Lyoness actually, I'm sorry you were misinformed, by lazy people who had no idea what they were talking about.
Reply to Josh

Feb 18  from Melbourne, Victoria
A great example of someone that couldn't be bothered to understand the business model, then blames everyone but themself for not succeeding. Lyoness is to loyalty award program's that Visa is to credit cards. It's the best opportunity for the common man on the planet - if you aren't prepared to do any work, don't join the business, if you want to build an amazing income an meet an awesome group of like minded people, don't miss the opportunity when you're offered the opportunity.
Reply to Pedro

Feb 21  from Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Hey well we're all here talking about making money you should join my amway business! I'm making bank and it's SUPER EASY!
Reply to pshhhh Lyoness

Feb 06  from Brooklyn, New York
And I can show you my Lyoness back office and we'll see where the SCAM is. mylerner56@gmail.com
Reply to myl

Feb 06  from Brooklyn, New York
You were truly miss informed!! I am involved for over 9 Months and still didn't see anything that your complaining about. You can email me at mylerner56@gmail.com
Reply to myl

Feb 03 
It is hard to talk if you don't know what you talking about. As I read these comments, obviously they don't understand. I use to say that before to a lot of company, only to find out that I don't make money like the rest of them. If they don't make money it's a scam. Bottom line people are lazy. If it scam do something else that is not scam and don't waste time. Usually people whose saying that is a loser. Do your due diligence before you join and if you think is not for you don't do it. Want to see the SCAM? Check your bank account. That's the true scam.
Reply to Leo

Feb 01  from Red Deer, Alberta
Ask anyone in Canada pushing this on you why Lyoness won't simply pay to have the swipe terminals put into businesses so people can use the cards without having to buy gift cards online. You will get them same party line about them doing it when there are more members but no one will ever give you the magic number of members needed. A real business would put in the terminals knowing it would pay for itself many times over if the program actually worked. It doesn't work.
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