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This is my second review i am writing about luminess air. The first one you should read i believe its titled save your money go with Dinair. Its also marked as resolved and its anything but that .Try to bare with me here, its a long story but ill make it quick as possible. i originally ordered luminess air on black Friday nearly a month ago. as Christmas drew closer, i was starting to get... Read more

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In the ads It says the amount in a set and It's not well explain that the airbrush has additional separate charge from the kit set that they keep charging every customer every month ..if I only know that the airbrush is being purchase separately from the kit set ..One hundred times that I will not order this product because it is very expensive and doesn't work good at all like what is shown on... Read more

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I ordered the free trial, with the words "This is a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee Trial Offer." Read again-IT DOES NOT OFFER MONEY BACK if not satisfied. When I finaly received the order (quite a while after my credit card was charged $24.91 and $1.00 for processing the card) I looked at it, and decided that it was far more complicated than had been indicated in all the ads, and I did not want... Read more

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I agree with all the bad reviews. I ordered with rushed shipping November 27 2014 I haven't received my system yet. The tracking number provided keeps changing date of delivery. Please don't buy Read more

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If you don't want to loss money, then run away from this company. I bought the set online, they did not mention anything about additional charge during the purchase. I also particular checked the box saying no need for auto shipment. After I got the system, one month later, I started to get charged $79.99, for $79.99 and $42.xx for the 2nd months, when I found the charge, and called my cc company... Read more

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Big Scam....they give to you the trial but they charge already for the trial and for the monthly payments, so you have a first charge in your credit card for $25 + $59.99 and when you call to ask they tell you that is the deposit as guarantee for the product. If you want to return it, you have to call again and get an authorization number to do it. If you return, hopefully before than 30 days... Read more

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Hi i been wanting the luminous air system for years. i am a freelance makeup artist but also wanted it for myself..its seems so amazing and dreamy, the kind of picture; us woman and men fantasize about when it comes to make up. I was already iffy about ordering not only is it expensive but it had a lot of bad reviews and looking at dinars website and prices i don't know what i was thinking to go... Read more

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Do not order this!!!!still have not received my stuff, but they're got their money!!! 3 times more than than I agreed on. Read more

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