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Luminess Airbrush - Review in Cosmetics and Toiletries category from West Newton, Pennsylvania
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I just can't understand where any of the confusion stems from as far as billing goes... Yes the trial is advertised as either 29.95 or 19.95, but as I went through the checkout process and read the entire agreement they made plainly clear in black and white regular sized font that if I did not return my order within the 30 day trial period, I would begin immediately being charged 59.99 every 30... Read more

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I am concern,because i am being charged for the air brush machine, in addition i was charged additional money,for air brush makeup a month later. I havent made my money back from the purchase.And as one person said,it looks cheap. And i feel it doesn't do the job like i see on TV. Read more

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first the stylist didn't work had to send back the second one didn't work got attitude when I called to get return authorization cancel all future orders and received another order. do you not know what cancel order is? I have put hold on all future payment, I feel that u are nothing but scam artist of the worst kind. u prey on women. I have never been so dissatisfied with a product in my... Read more

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With Official Company Response

I received the trial package end od december. They withdrew the initial money plus additional funds which they said is a security deposit. I cancelled my order and have not received anything more other than the original samples. The system does not apply evenly and streaks my face and l end up having the worst cover ever. Now they keep on billing me for the full system and insist that l have to... Read more

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With Official Company Response

I was watching infomercial and decided for $19.99 I'd try.Didn't see what the "added expenses" would be online or the commercial, so called to order. Asked upfront what they would be and he told me, talking extremely fast- their training. I agreed and said I DIDN'T want anything else, but said he had all the time in the world. I don't! He went on and on to sell me more and finally I told him... Read more

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When I saw the commerical I liked the product as it was being demonstrated. Why did it take a long time to just tell you the price. I saw price for $19.99 and called Luminess Air. The price went from $19.99 plus a $4.00 processing fee. I said ok. The representative begin to talk fastly about additional money 5 payments of $59.00 monthly fee and $19.00 after that. I told the women no that was too... Read more

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How do people not know there is more than just the one payment of $29.95? I called to order after failing on line and it was beat into my head the whole call about more payments, upgrades and charges. Maybe you should pay attention to what the other person on the line is saying when you place an order over the phone and give your credit card information!! I have a couple complaints but being... Read more

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With Official Company Response

Hi there, Luminess Air representative, Just today, I realized that monthly charges were being made on my checking account that had added up to $465.11. I was interested in this airbrush product and ordered it over the phone. I was told that if I liked and kept the airbrush kit, I would then receive replacement foundations. However I did not like the way this product worked on my skin... It... Read more

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With Official Company Response

I saw the tv ad that showed pricing to be $29.95. Upon receipt of product I read the packing list and found that they were going to require 5 monthly payments of $69.99 plus payments every month of $39.95 plus S&H for foundation!!! I was never advised of the payment schedule when I called the company to order the product. I was offered the choice of ordering more foundation but turned it... Read more

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