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Lowes is the worse place to work at.

Company Lowes
Product / Service Lowes Management
Location Porterville, California
Category Installers
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I worked the loews in Fresno CA and let me tell you that was the worse job! When i was first hired i was never told how many days you can miss, when you start getting vacation, holiday pay or anything. When i asked a head cashier or my supervisor i never got the same answer. Then there were days i worked a 6 hr shift and only received one 15 min brake. I called a head cashier and told them i needed a brake and all they ever said is "OK i will try and send someone", that never happened. So i told my supervisor about it and he didn't care, and i never even got paid for it. Pay roll person said it will be on the next check but it was not.
Not receiving my brakes happened to me 8 different time my whole 7 months working their. Then one day i was working a closing shift and i felt sick all of a sudden and told my head cashier i was going to get sick. So i ran into the bathroom not even making it i thew up. Several of my co-workers saw me get sick and go into the bathroom. So after that i walked up to my supervisor and told him i got sick and needed to go home. He looked at a head cashier by him and said "did you just hear what she said? she wants to go home" and laughed. Then yelled at me and said " your not sick your just hungover you can stay". Well for one i was not even 21 at the time and i was actually sick. So i told him no I'm going home i get a doctors note. That was my first time ever going home, i never missed a day of work. If my supervisor did not like you he would show it and treat you like ***. Then the HR manager was just as bad .
I got married and changed my name and went to my hr and asked her if she could change it with Lowe's. She told me you need to make copies and i said i already did. Then she said well i have alot to do right now so come back later. I came back 3 times and still it was never done. I later found out if she dose not like you she wont help you. She also seemed to be very fond if your male. Their was this cashier working who dyed her hair with red highlights and the hr told her that's against dress code she had to wear a had. The phone operators daughter who worked their also had the same color hair but never got told anything and didn't have to wear a hat. Just because she was good friends with management and HR.
I feel that lowe's in Fresno ca is the most unorganized, hostel, law breaking place to work at. Its not only the store its the whole company. I called lowe's corp 3 times about not receiving brakes and they didn't seem to care nothing was ever done. So i quit and i tell be to think twice before applying at lowe's!!!!!! 2e748c7

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Apr 13  from San Jose, California
Brakes are on Cars. breaks are what you take at Work. Did you go to a School?
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Apr 13 
Your grammar denotes your level of education. Frankly, I think you're not very trustworthy and probably complain too much.
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Apr 14 
F.U. University
I have my degree 2 fingers for U (also)
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Feb 07  from Floyd, Virginia
Sounds like your situation is an isolated case. I currently work for Lowe's, and I also worked for Lowe's in 1999; when I had a near fatal automobile accident. I was in intensive care, and wasn't aware of any of this until I was discharged; My pay continued, my grown children were out of state, Lowe's contacted my kids, and my immediate supervisor, and next in command came to the hospital,informed my kids that if "They needed anything!" to let them know.
Sounds like you are one of those looking for an excuse for your "LACK" of responsibility, and ownership of your personal behavior(s).
Maybe "rethink" your life!
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Dec 04, 2013 
lowes is the best place I ever worked, maybe you should report those people instead of letting them *** you, kind of makes sense there are plenty of laws in place to cover employees maybe if you took the time to look them up you wouldn't have that problem and could rid that store of the bad managers. try working for a grocery store you'd be begging for your job back at lowes
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Nov 26, 2013  from Altoona, Alabama
I don't think it's lowes problem you don't get brakes. They don't even sell car parts. I work at lowes and love it. Good pay and benefits, reasonable expectations, and management has never been a problem. I do my job well and am well liked. Best company I have worked for yet, hands down.
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Oct 24, 2013 
Contractor for Lowe's. They call our crew for all the difficult and important installations/builds. We have a great customer satisfaction rating. It's funny how they fail to register your name for a particular job type, even after hiring you to do the work, all the way up until the job has been done for over a month. This means you finish a contract but don't get paid for the work until 5-6 WEEKS later. But god help you if you're in the middle of an install and cannot answer the phone immediately. I work with every store in my state, barring two locations. They ALL have this problem. How on earth can you HIRE someone for a job and not approve them for that until AFTER it's been done for over a MONTH? Only one store here has it together and doesn't commit this act of stupidity. Bottom line, they wont have installers for much longer if they continue to treat us this way.
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Sep 13, 2013 
I'm a manager at Lowe's and if this guy would have ever asked me how many days he was allowed to be absent he would instantly be on my sh*t list. I don't know how he made it through the interview process. He used brake instead of break! ***
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Sep 18, 2013 
I agree with what you said about this employee but if you are a manager or assistant manager at Lowe's you are also an ***. What a low life job. You are either uneducated or have a low IQ to do what you do.
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Aug 21, 2013  from Newburgh, New York
I work at Lowe's in Llyod New York and have been there little over a Month and personally I love it. The employees are all friendly and talkative, and its real laid back. No fighting, no drama, just good vibes.
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Jul 02, 2013  from Fresno, California
I worked thier at the same time I know who the cashier was who dyed her hair and the phone operators daughter is. I was a head cashier and it was just as bad for me too. The managers are jerks and a lot of the cashiers were always trying to come up with excuses not to work, the hr is awful. Managers were always trying to fire people, the customers were the rudest and most disrespectful customers I have ever felt with. The list goes on and on I finally quit last year and have never looked back.
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Jun 25, 2013  from Mesquite, Texas
Any company with multiple locations will have multiple personalities running them and multiple personalities working under the various managers. Of course there will be good ones and bad ones. This isn't rocket science folks. it also isn't indicative of a whole company. I've worked for Lowes for 14 years and the company has always taken care of me. Rather it be time missed for out of work injuries or making changes to my insurance to include my non married but live in spouse. 401k company match to 4 weeks of vacation next year (3 weeks currently). Anyone who blames their problems on a location or 2 simply is NOT a realistic thinker.
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Nov 22, 2013 
You have a charmed life at Lowes then, but there are some Lowes stores that treat their employees not very well. If the manager likes you, you will have a good experience, if they do not like you, they will treat you awful!
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Jun 19, 2013  from Patuxent River, Maryland
After reading your complaint and seeing that you cannot spell basic words correctly or use proper grammar, it is obvious to me why you didn't like working there. It seemsthat mMcDonalds is more suited for you since you only need to ask "would youlike fries wwith that?". Perhaps you need to reflect upon yourself and your capabilities before you bash a good company, maybe the company was too good for you.
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Jun 13, 2013 
iv worked for lowes for about a month now im a cashier and i don't think its that bad.. i think its cool how we get a 15 min break before lunch and after lunch and get paid for it most jobs dont have that, its really not hard work we get an hour lunch and get the days we request off.. so don't think its that bad. i really like working for lowes the pay is pretty good too., :)
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Mar 27, 2013 
I have worked for lowes for 5 yrs, March 31st 2013 is my last day. 'm not being fired or teminated, I'm leaving because this compnay really sucks, I have been a very succesful sales specialist, dont call in sick and did my job very well, management loves me and begged me not to leave. The corporate leaders at this company have no idea how to motivate or treat their employees, those who support them are just enjoying the koolaide while it lasts, The lies, descete, misguided promises and their LEF is elementary at best, nobody supports it because its not going to happen, how do i know this? Because the corporate leaders dont even know how to make it happen, I;ve heard the lies and promises for 5 years and nothing has changed for the better, its gotten much worse, please dont mention our commissions, OH!! did i mention our losing our commissions, and they said they were doing us a favor??? lol..
what a joke.. Good bye and iwont be shopping here either..
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Jan 11, 2013  from Minneapolis, Minnesota
I've been with Lowe's now for Just under 5 years and while I have to say that not everything about Lowe's is perfect, overall I'm pretty happy with my time spent with Lowe's thus far.
I've worked in two different stores one twice and while each store is unique I have found and certain things are considered more important than others at each store. Overall Its not a bad place to work at all. The benefits are good, pay is decent considering what the job requires and while Management can sometimes be a pain id strongly recommend lowe's to anyone as a good place to work
Those of you claim to have worked for Lowe's and weren't treated well all I have to say to you is remember you worked for just one store that store's views dont necessarily speak for the company as a whole.
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Jan 04, 2013  from Collinsville, Illinois
I've worked at lowes for over a month now, and my location is fantastic. We get breaks on time, unless extreme circumstances, and our HR manager is one of the nicest people ever.

So really, what this seems to be.. is that.. if your managers suck or you have a bad attitude / don't get along with everyone.. Your workplace sucks. No matter where you go.

Everywhere has its perks and downfalls. I'm an extremely easy to get along with worker, but my other job's managers are just horrid. No paid breaks, no holiday hours, extreme understaffing.. It could be worse.
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