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Lowes - Extended warranty issues

  • by   Jan 21, 2013
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Company Lowes
Location San Diego, California
Category Appliances and Electronics
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I purchased a Whirlpool Washer with a Lowes Advantage 4 year warranty.After about 15 months I started to have problems with the washer. Over the next 3 months I had service appmts approx 6 times finally averdict that they could not figure out what was wrong and I had not reached the repair threshold so now the confusion starts that eventually led to a partial allowance after another 2 and a half months went buy.
The problem in the end was the lack of responsiveness of Lowes Corporate and the stalling, I believe hoping I would give up.
I would not buy from them again, the aggravation and lack of real conern was just min d boggling and I would buy from a different stor like Bestbuy and try their extended warranty.
Lowes is just not worth the aggravation and I have never experienced poorer customer service in my life. 2f18344

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Aug 13, 2013 
Same thing with my Lowe's Advantage extended warranty. Lowe's pockets the money and you are left on your own. Lowe's does not care about its customers, they just want your money upfront.
It will hurt them in the long run though when people wise up and do not go back there to purchase appliances.
Learn from our mistakes.....do not buy an extended warranty on any appliance from Lowes ever.
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Feb 13, 2013  from Daingerfield, Texas
Did you ever read the conditions of coverage? The fact of the matter is that Lowe's has no obligation once the machine is in your home. Our store (yes, I'm a part-time employee) will step in and help for a period for 4-6 weeks by replacing the units and dealing with the return ourselves. It is the manufacturer who holds the responsibility for repair (normally through and outside contractor) after the initial warranty period, the responsibility passes to the extended warranty company. Calling and complaining to Lowe's will do no good, they are out of the loop, there is nothing at all that they can do.
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Mar 25, 2013  from Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Your wrong! Lowes sells the products and sells the warrantees! They are 100% responsible for the problems to the products they sell! Because they do no stand behind the warrantees is what makes people mad and upset! That is not customer service! When you are talking about washers and dryers you are talking about putting people in a huge inconvenience when they break down and they are not usable. You expect the company that sold you the product and the warranty to stand behind it, not go to a corner and hide!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Mar 26, 2013 
:eek Try this for a little better understanding of extended warranties. Lets say that you bought a car from Joe Blows auto, Joe does not repair vehicles but can supply you with a CONTRACT with an outside provider, AFTER THE Manufacturer's warranty runs out. You have had the vehicle for 6 months and a problem arises, or 14 months to get it out of the manufacturer's warranty. You don't call Joe Blow and expect him to repair it. You call the people that you have a CONTRACT with. There is the source of your problem. If you are dissatisfied with the contractors service or lack of service, the sue them in small claims court for every penny that you can think of. You don't complain about the guy that sold the dog that bit you, you go after the current owner for not taking care of their dog.
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Jan 30, 2013  from Atlanta, Georgia
I also bought a maytag washer from Lowe's that is now 18 months old, and also broken. I am under Lowe's Service Advantage extended warranty, so I was under the impression Lowe's would make it right. I've since had 5 service calls, easily wasted over 10 hours handling appointments and calls, and still no satisfaction. Lowe's keeps sending out service companies that cannot fix it, keep billing them, and yet, I have no working washing machine. I have asked them to just replace it already, but there seems to be a long process of difficult hoops to jump through to be able to do this. I am really disappointed in Lowe's too
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Jan 22, 2013  from Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
I feel your pain. I am in the exact same situation now, although in Massachusetts. Good luck to you.
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