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LOreal USA - Loreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner

  • by   Sep 03, 2009
  • Review #: 156438
Company LOreal USA
Product / Service Liquid Pencil Eyeliner
Location Dallas, Texas
Category Cosmetics and Toiletries
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The L'Oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner is not "sharpenable".The tip crumbles if you try sharpening the pencil, and if you try twisting the bottom, in the hopes of self-sharpening, nothing happens.

I bought three of them, just to check, and ALL three pencils failed to sharpen. This is a horrible product, they essentially sell you a pencil tip for 8 bucks.


If you have had a similar experience with this product, spread the word, so people do not waste their hard-earned money on a product that is of horrible quality.File a complaint with Loreal. 2db20e2

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Dec 26, 2013 
How do I get my $9 bucks back, could only use once!
Reply to Kathy S

Nov 27, 2013 
Reply to Anonymous

Aug 12, 2013  from Concord, New Hampshire
wtf they didn't have my color of eyeliner for the usual brand I get so I got this one. Spent eternity trying to twist it up but it wouldn't budge so I came to look at the reviews. This is absolutely ridiculous, how come Loreal has not taken these off the shelves yet? I had to break off the end and use a skewer to push the rest through.
Reply to Anonymous

Aug 08, 2013  from Boston, Massachusetts
Agree, and I am so relieved to know I am not the only one who had this experience. Sadly, this purchase was a disappointment and a complete waste of money.
Reply to barbara

Jul 30, 2013  from Denver, Colorado
I agree!! I've tried two of these just to see if the first was a defective pencil but the second one did the same thing. It just won't advance past the first part that shows when you buy it. What a waste of $8.00! Now I have to find my receipts and take them back for a refund, then find another eyeliner and hope I don't get ripped off again.

L'oreal...you are stealing money! A company with your reputation should be producing a better product than this.
Reply to Anonymous

Jul 24, 2013  from El Paso, Texas
I spend 10 dollars and I was only able to use it once. What a waste of money!
Reply to Bella

Jul 15, 2013 
Tried this thing 4 the 1st time; shook it ... the pencil came all out, and it's dry. Maybe not all are like this one, but I just wasted my money. I'll never ever going to buy this one again!
Reply to Wastemoney

Jul 04, 2013 
Yes, me too, I usually use Neutrogena eyeliners, but so this new option of a pencil/liquid things that Loreal has...can't sharpen it. I might try a eyeliner sharpener, and see if it works, but hate to spend money on that...my regular sharpener usually works, but not on this item. I have only had mine less than a week, a true bummer for a lot of money for a short time.
Reply to Wash and Wear Girl

Jun 08, 2013  from Winnsboro, South Carolina
I too am pissed. I should not have to go to all of those lengths to get to the pencil. I used it only a couple of times and then had to do what the lady said and push it out from a broken end. Rip off!
Reply to bo

Jun 01, 2013 
I just broke the bottom off and shoved a q-tip through the hole and it pushed the liner point up
there is a TON more liner in the pencil you just have to get to it :/
Reply to Catie

May 12, 2013  from Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas
Just sharpen it with a pencil sharpener. It works great after you get the outside layer of plastic off. Took me 3 days and desperation to figure it out!
Reply to Anonymous

May 04, 2013  from Guelph, Ontario
I too was upset but figured after reading these reviews i was SOOL so i tried to sharpen it, It did not work so well however if you do it little by little and have a liner brush it works really well to just smudge on it and you can keep using it. hope this helps some at least.
Reply to dino

Apr 24, 2013  from Toronto, Ontario
I had the exact same problem! This is my second one. I got it on Sunday and its only Wednesday and it is already done! What a rip off!!!!
Reply to AmberIPR

Feb 25, 2013 
I had exactly the same experience as Denisse, posted January 31! Same feelings of feeling *** about not knowing how to operate the thing. I cannot afford $10 every 2 weeks. I am on to another product, another company.
Reply to Ocean

Feb 06, 2013 
I actually had the same problem,but it's true if you buy an eyeliner sharpener it works perfectly...
Reply to Jas

Jan 31, 2013 
Thank God I'm not the only one. I was starting to feel retarded in not being able to twist up the eyeliner. But I guess it's the product itself, what a bummer. I too love the intensity of the color, and the smudger is great too. But it only lasted less than 2 weeks, rediculous! I can't believe it and the pencil is like so long! Loreal needs to Fix It!
Reply to Denisse

Jan 24, 2013  from Miami, Florida
If the liner is flat, try to brake off the little tip on the other side. When you do that, take the tip and dab it on the liner. Just apply the liner from there. :)
Reply to Taylor

Dec 11, 2012 
Rip off! The 3 times I was actually able to sharpen it enough to use it, it smeared all over. Leaves me with black fingers from trying to re-from the pencil tip, and YES I used an eyeliner pencil sharpener, duh! The same one that works fine for all my other liners. $8 wasted. I want my money back.
Reply to Kelsy

Nov 25, 2012 
This is the best eyeliner I have used so far. Unfortunately, I was mislead just like the other users that the eyeliner twist up. I have also tried sharpening the pencil and the tough plasticky-like tip doesn't sharpen. I went through two of these eyeliners and eventually broke the pencil in half just to push the eyeliner out. Loreal definitely need to refine this product for better use.
Reply to Emma

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