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Literotica is the best.

Company Literotica
Product / Service Online Forum
Location Miami, Florida
Category Internet
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Literotica is one of the few adult websites that actually has people on it 24 hours a day, from all over the world. Its a place where you can meet someone and have a real interaction with them. I get invitations to join 3 or 4 forums a month. When I check them out, there is no one there. A post can go 2 or 3 days before it gets read by another member.

The erotic story forum is moderated and stories must meet minimum standards of readability.

The General Board forum is an anarchic discussion forum. There are no moderators. Anyone can say anything they like, just as long as they do not violate the forum policies.

If anyone had a bad experience on Lit, it is probably their own fault. You can't please everybody. 2e76ae8

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Dec 08, 2013 
Love Literotica, but I gotta say, I don't think the anarchism of the General Board is a plus, for the same reason why anarchism isn't generally a good thing in real life. Haven't been on there for a while but I remember not being able to have a decent discussion because of all the nutjobs who would derail the discussion almost immediately.
Reply to Lit user

Mar 13, 2011 
Lierotic.com is one of the best adult websites. There were thousands of stories we could enjoy reading. What has happened? I can't seem to get this excellent website anymore.
Reply to Jay

Jan 04, 2011 
I am a mod at literotica.com and I admit that I do hate white people and if anyone doesn't like it they can just leave. Better yet I will ban them if they come around. That is what I get paid to do.
Reply to RoryN

Dec 27, 2010 
Literotica is a mature website obviously frequented by IMMATURE people. It's a great site. Ya don't like it, don't click on it. And wow, my GOD are there a bunch of losers on here. You're a fat *** who bribes kids with candy, blah blah? Wow your witty and cynical banter is killin me...get a life
Reply to Kate

Jul 21, 2010 
I am a fat disgusting *** who trolls on underage girls on Literotica. I bribe them with candy and Dr. Pepper. I like to shove hot objects up my bunghole for fun.
Reply to Bronzeage

Jan 16, 2010 
I am fat and ugly.

Not even I can get laid there :cry
Reply to Morcheeba

Oct 14, 2009 
I am a paid poster. I am known as the board racist and drug addict. But I really don't care.

Where are you mewphie?
Reply to seanh

Oct 14, 2009 
I am a mod and I admit to having over 50 alts. But I use them to keep the board active when nobody is on.

I love posting my black power stuff it really gets people excited.
Reply to RoryN

Oct 14, 2009 
Bronzeage, you are a f ucking old coot who posts disgusting pictures and trolls young babes who think you are heinous. Go back into retirement and leave the screwing to us young studs.

There aren't any moderators on the General Board and that's why it's so fun. I love trolling Cade and making his life miserable. I hate white people, especially trash like Bronze Age.
Reply to RoryN

Jul 15, 2008  from Springfield, Michigan
Everyone on the GB hates me or has me on iggy. I am forced to create alts so I get people to talk to me. I can't believe that a blatant racist like Killswitch got laid more than a couple of times. I am still wanking off in my mom's basement.
Reply to Cade_Is_Here

Jul 10, 2008  from Dexter, Oregon
that is wrong. we have moderators. i am one of them.
Reply to sweetvee

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