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Lexis Nexis - Lexis Nexus Refuses to Correct Driving Record

  • by   Nov 19, 2012
  • Review #: 360406
Company Lexis Nexis
Product / Service Consumer Database
Location Greeley, Colorado
Category Professional Services
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Through a clerical error at the Colorado DMV, a speeding ticket from February 2012 was wrongly attributed to my driving record and my insurance premium was raised.I contacted the Colorado DMV and the error was corrected in July 2012.

esurance.com refunded the $65 for the premium increase that was made based on a erroneous driving record supplied by ChoicePoint/Lexis Nexis. When my insurance came due again this month, again, I noticed a marked increase in my fees. I called esurance.com (who were simply passing the buck on to ChoicePoint) and learned they were still seeing the speeding ticket from 2/2012 and that this was being reported by ChoicePoint.

I just got off the phone with Russ at ChoicePoint who was very rude and refused to correct this bad information, or to help me to the right person who could.There needs to be an effective way to correct these errors when they occur. 2e2ccd5

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