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Level 3 Communications Are Scumbags

Company Level 3 Communications
Product / Service T1 Service
Location Irvine, California
Category Internet
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Monetary Loss

This company is garbage.We had their T1 it was never as fast as sold and it was unreliable too.

Their customer service is non existant. They take you money and do not give a rip. We canceled them after 2.5 years of *** service, then they pull a contract out that we did not sign and say we owed them for the full 3 yrs. I called their customer service pointing to the thousands in lost production cost that they cost our company and they told me to F myself and pay, in nice corporate BS.

We switched to Cox and there are no issues more reliable, faster and shocker customer service. I hope this company goes under.

I wish I had the the time and the money to sue this douche company.AVOID LEVEL 3 LIKE THE PLAGUE 2d99798

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Aug 20, 2013  from San Jose, California
Level 3 Communications are scam artists..F what ^ these guys say I've experienced myself..I dunno bout Cox but Level 3 can suck it
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Mar 28, 2013 
Cox gets their services from Level 3 anyway.
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