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Legacy Housing Ltd - Legacy Mobile Home Nightmare

Company Legacy Housing Ltd
Product / Service Heritage Manufactured Home
Location Cypress, Texas
Category Home Construction and Repair
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Monetary Loss
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I bought a new Legacy 32 X 60 double wide in late 2008 to replace the one destroyed by hurricane Ike.Big mistake.

Within a few months I began discovering structural problems. It started with humps in the floors and progressed to bowed walls, cracked siding, and now black mold growing where the cracks have let in rain water. The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) has inspected the home on three seperate occasions and ordered Legacy to fix it all three times.

TDHCA has even levied a fine ($2500) against Legacy for failure to comply, but none of that seems to matter.Legacy does not seem to be interested in making this right, and TDHCA doesn't seem to be willing or able to make them. 2ffe5e5

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Sep 18, 2013 
bought a legacy 18x80. Were supposed to be in July 1. Still waiting. One nightmare after another. This was bought in Santa Fe, nm. We tried to hook up the gas, the pipe was broken during delivery. All our furniture has been to new place. The wrong size of electric box was put in. No legimate electrician will touch it. Its September 18th. Still waiting. Next step attorney generals office. Run potential buyers. Duped in Santa Fe
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Sep 12, 2013 
my sister maxine purchased a legacy 18X80 over two months ago, the house was delivered last week. home made steps unsafe to use. door sticking, vinal siding missing, house very poorly set. no skirting, unless we pay extra. very cheap appliances. cheap carpet, very poorly installed, vinal square floring in kitchen comming loose. and the seller is a LLC company east of conroe tx. doesent want to b bothered with it. $47,000. my poor sister has been royaly screwed. (her mistake, was paying cash money and not a well known dealer.) ser. #nta1594545 frame #Lh213tx3847 this is MY opinion. not well built or sales handled properly. marvin
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Sep 16, 2012 
We got our new custom ordered Legacy home last December. It was to be our retirement home but I don't think it will last even 5 years. We thought we were getting wood cabinets and floors. The floors are vinyl and the cabinets are wood patterned paper on top of thin pressed wood. We payed a lot of money for updates. The sinks and bathtubs are plastic and like everyone else we've had the doors that don't shut, popping in the floor and a whole host of other issues. I feel we've been duped. All our money went into this home. So we have a quickly deteriorating home on a beautiful piece of land.
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Jan 20 
my husb.. and i also purchase a home from legacy that even six months ago and the floor all ready poping up cabinets crack and a lot of more detailing its a ripoff im traying to find a good lawer to sue hope i find one
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Sep 12, 2012 
I have been in the construction industry for over 22 years and know what constitutes quality construction; you will regret your purchase of a Legacy home as long as you own it. We bought an 18’ x 80’ single wide as a convenience while working a contract job because rent and sale prices of homes in a booming oil producing area are way over priced.
We purchased our home from “Oasis Homes” in Carlsbad, NM, a dealer for Legacy. Gilbert (owner of Oasis) is a practiced stereotypical "used car" salesman. He can undersell anybody on a new home because he sells the poorest quality manufactured homes made in the US. If there are any US citizens (as their web site claims) building these homes, they should be ashamed of the lack of quality (even bare minimum) put into constructing these units! The only quality control Legacy has is if the home doesn’t fall off of the frame when they tow it down the road!! They look just good enough until you actually spend some time in one of these shacks. Holes left in the roof from nails used during transport, roof vents siliconed (won’t stick) to asphalt shingles, broken shingles, Flooring popping up, carpet wrinkled, loose air nails left in carpet, squeaking floors, trim barely attached, windows leak, hot water tank lines not plumbed correctly, doors won't close/lock, missing screws from hinges, missing appliance (cheapest available) parts, cabinet doors not level and the vinyl covering peeling off, shower door can't keep water in
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Apr 18, 2013  from Corpus Christi, Texas
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Feb 29, 2012 
You get what you pay for. Legacy homes are the cheapest in price cause they are the cheapest made.
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Jan 20 
i think that a $55,000 house its not cheap people purchase what they can affrd and that because of that they r going to get crappy made homes
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Oct 07, 2011 
We also bought a new 2011 mobile home from Legacy through Nationwide in Midland, TX. From day one, problems. Bought in Jan. 2011 and they have tried to fix, broken back door, loose trim, nail holes, bubbling floors and shower wall, running toilets, the list goes on and on, it will never end. Now the kitchen floor is bubbling and the back door want lock unless you use the dead bolt. I did get a lettter from a lawyer that may take my case. We are all domed maybe we can form our own website "DON'T BUY FROM LEGACY HOUSING LTD".
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Mar 20, 2013  from Big Lake, Texas
We bought ours' from Nationwide (Burnett Homes) in Midland in March 2011 and this place is crumbling beneath our feet AND above our heads. We've been working on replacing everything since the dealer wouldn't do anything right. They came out, set it (poorly) on cinder bricks, forgot the tiedown, took the wheels and hauled a**. Worst customer service in the history thereof. As of right now, we're replacing the junk water heater (25 gallon for a 4 bed/2 bath) and upgrading to a 50 gallon that should have been installed in the first place. Big mistake. I cannot even begin to tell you how many problems we've had with this place, the flooring is trash at best, those vinyl coated walls are probably holding up better than anything else. The exterior is cracked in numerous places, it's unlevel and has been since they set it, the cabinets are worse than the flooring that's coming up, and the plumbing? Oh, that's one for the record books. We've had to replace ALL of the fixtures, the exterior doors and windows all leak. This was a $52,000 17x76 (although advertised as 18x80) piece of ***. I thought a new home regardless of manufacturing would be in much better condition. I've seen mobile homes 50 years old in better shape than this was new. Legacy is *** and their dealers are worthless. I don't see how either are still in business. They're all snakes in my book. Oh, and they ran our house into the gate while leaving the factory -- their hired drivers must take as much precaution as... Show more
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Jan 20 
yeah we should so other people know before they buy
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Sep 24, 2011 
My wife and I just bought our home in May 2011, We were told from the dealer that after we made our purchase that the factory would fix it. I'm a disable vet, I was told that Legacy was big on supporting vets. I summitted a list of repairs needed 1 1/2 months ago and still haven't been contacted about getting the repair fixed. Yes I agree that these mobile homes are cheaply made. My floors creek in many places, and I don't know where to turn.
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Sep 21, 2011 
We also bought one of the junk homes, Dont buy!!!! We have had some of the same problems and more since we custom ordered our home. We could have gotten a better made home for the same price, our home was not cheap. Floors are sinking in, service man said it was the floors that were put in, they were defective. It has leaked from day one, they cant find the leak. Plug ins have had to be replaced as you could touch them and they would just cave into the wall. Paint on sheetrock is bubbling...it never ends.
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Jan 25, 2011 
Sorry for your problems. Just curious did you shop around at other lots? If so was the reason you bought the legacy is because of the cheap prices?
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Mar 20, 2013  from Big Lake, Texas
The prices don't differ much from other homes the same size with seemingly similar features. The financing process was better for us, though I cannot speak for anyone else. They look great on the 'show lot' but it's after they set them on your property that you start seeing all the issues. From what I understand, the dealers for legacy have in their contractual agreements that they don't have to make repairs and once the paperwork is signed, it's all on the homeowner. It's like military recruiting -- big promises with zero delivery.
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Jan 20 
oh no my friend there are other cheapest places out there
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