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Leaf Filter Gutter Protection - Tom

  • by   Jun 13, 2013
  • Review #: 418292
Company Leaf Filter Gutter Protection
Product / Service Leaf Filter Gutter Covers
Location Charlotte, North Carolina
Category Household Services
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Half these complaints are anonymous........what does that tell you ?
Most of this is all BOGUS.!

! ! It does a discredit to the industry when false complaints are filed. We homeowners try to do our best due diligence, and then find it difficult at best to get proper information.

If you anonymous individuals refuse to leave your name at the very least, how can you be taken seriously.

You just hope there are enough of us that are that gullible.Please take some time, go back and at least tell us who you are to lend at least a little validity. 2ff7c5f

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Mar 16 
Leaf filter prices- they start at 25 per foot or *** close then their big sales pitch. Sign contract today put a sign in your yard coupon I'll knock 300 off or so sign today oh yeah we're installing tomorrow hmmmm y maybe cause in most states you have 3 days to cancel a contract legally (UNLESS) they have already done the job or put material on the house throw your 3 days out plus they don't want you reading about things on here how the screen overflows hard rains stains the outside of your gutters with tiger stripes screen held in by silicone that by the way they make on site half the time and they are working with wet silicone all over there hands oh and they aren't factory trained employees I was told they take you out one day then you have at it lol joke company
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Jan 22  from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Want my comment call me I worked for company 2 half years probably saw at least 300 service calls multiple problems with system bottom line it sucks email me I'll supply pictures I don't need to be hidden hey check out leaf filter truth you tube
Email bdecker51@yahoo.com
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Feb 28  from Canton, Ohio
And your just a sad bitter ex-employee.
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