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Leaf Filter Gutter Protection - Leaf Filter Screening Clogs and Keeps Water out of your Gutters

  • by   May 28, 2013
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Company Leaf Filter Gutter Protection
Product / Service Leif Filter
Location Bothell, Washington
Category Installers
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Monetary Loss

I put on Leaf Filter Gutter Protection so I would not have to clean my gutters, I paid over $2000 for this privilege and that was for the 2nd story gutters only.They guarantee that my gutters would never clog and they are right, after about 12 month's the screening clogs up and absolutely nothing gets into your gutters, not even the water.

This is causing damage to my house and landscaping from the waterfalls that comes off my roof which is splashing back onto my house. When I bought this system I was told by the dealer that they would come out and clean the screening for free if it clogs. They did keep their word and came out when I called at no charge the first time. Downside the waterfalls started back within 12 months and progressively gets worst.

I called to get the screen cleaned again and found out that the company that sold me this garbage is no longer carrying this line and Leaf Filter is not supporting their claim to cleaning the screening and want $105 for the cleaning.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from these gutter systems as they are really not much more than a great idea that mother nature will figure out a way to clog.If your dealer says they will clean the screening for free, they might, until they move on to a different product line and leave you with nothing more than promises to suck more money out of you.

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Jun 05, 2013 
I've only had my system a couple of months and I'm already afraid of the mesh clogging. I feel like such a fool for getting this system.
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Half these complaints are anonymous........what does that tell you ? Most of this is all BOGUS.!! !...

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