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Leaf Filter Gutter Protection - How can any of you claim ***?

  • by   Jul 01, 2013
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Company Leaf Filter Gutter Protection
Product / Service Leaffilter Gutter Protection
Category Household Services
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How can any of you idiots claim *** on a complaint?Were you there to dispute because you know what was claimed didnt happen?

No. Do you personally know the homeowners? No. Are you *** enough to think a bunch of people would take the time to create very detailed complaints that were totally fabricated?

Does anyone think leaf filter goes on this site to hit the *** button? Duh!!!!

Stop using the *** button when you know that you have no idea wether or not the claim is legit.Also have enough sense to know a guy who installs gutter protection does it because he isn't talented/knowledgeable enough to do any worthwhile type of construction, so what type of quality could you really hope to get. 2da616f

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Jan 21  from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
You want a complaint I worked for the company two years I've worked on gutters for over 10 years bottom line the product sucks u want tiger stripes on your gutters after two years cause where their 5 foot sections come together cause a valley and stain the outside gutter great! Let's see what else oh they don't manufacture there product all together it comes in 5 foot sections with no screen installed that's up to the SUBCONTRACTORS CAUSE THEY DONT HIRE IN HOUSE INSTALLERS so bottom line who are these ppl they wanna get paid n leave your *** house they don't care about their product cause they know it doesn't work anyway so who cares. Hey read the warranty guaranteed never to clog the INTERIOR OF GUTTER what about their screen that's so fine? Hmmm wondered why every single year they get hundreds upon hundreds of service calls at every location Fact worked in pittsburgh Maryland Charlotte and jersey location doing subcontracting !!
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