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Chase bank and LBPS; conspire to de-fruad homeowners

Company LBPS
Product / Service Lending Services
Location Los Angeles, California
Category Loans and Mortgages
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There is a conspiracy to defraud us homeowners by Chase Bank and IBM Lender Business Process Services (LBPS). I have spent countless hours on the phone being passed around until I get a dial tone….there are many people like me.

Our story begins when President Obama passed the Make Homes Affordable Act. Chase outlined what was expected of us, paperwork, modified payments, and the deal breaker- "˜it can't be late', phrase. We thought to ourselves, it's too good to be true. We have given them all and more than they requested. Faxed it the same day and Fed Exed the payments to their payment office, and finally made daily calls to find out if our status has changed. Meaning, are we out of the imminent default, is the "˜late payment status' going to be put into current payment status.

However, after 6 months of promises that it will all be brought current when the modification becomes permanent, we were notified that our loan had been "released" to LBPS.

A private corporation, we learned does not have to follow the same rules as a bank institution. LBPS is a very fine tuned organization of stupidity. When they informed us that they now own our loan, they could not figure out how much it was or when we should pay it. After a single payment in August of 2010, they wrote to tell us that they cannot accept any more payments. They had no record of any modification payments from Chase concerning our loan. We were in default they said.

Several months later, and a mountain of paperwork, we are still fighting to get that modification permanent. We have contacted 995- HOPE. Chase notified this agency that we were late on our 5th payment. I have proof that they received it by Fed Ex 3 weeks earlier than the day they cashed it. Then LBPS says they reapplied us, and we were AGAIN denied because we failed to give them paperwork when asked. We have proof that they did receive it, in fax and Fed Ex with in days of requesting it.

We have contacted our Rep. Mack for assistance, who has started an investigation into Chase through the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. We have contacted the Department of Corporations who passed our complaint on to LBPS. Nothing has been done for our benefit. When does the conspiracy stop? After some investigating of our own, we have found many homeowners in the same plight as us. We have found that these banks and private lenders are falsifying documents and play dumb on the phone. They act as if they are helping you, and for months we have been sitting ducks waiting for them to actually do something human.

Now we need to act, scream, yell, and holler. We homeowners need to make noise. I want the same treatment as other Americans who received a loan modification. I want equal treatment; we already qualified, and followed their rules! We need to make them accountable too. Our government bailed them out of trouble, its time to bail out the people who want to keep their homes!

We have proof on hand and are willing to share it with anyone.


Travis and Becky Parsons


Cc: Department of Corporations
Rep. Bono-Mack
Sen. John J. Benoit
Sen. Barbara Boxer
Press Enterprise
New York Times
IMB Lender Business Process Services
Comptroller of the Currency


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Aug 28, 2011 
so I got the loan modification with Chase in july 2010 and to months later they sold it to Fannie Mae with LBPS-now Seterus.I haven;t been late on payments or anything but the HAMP says if you paid in time every year you get a $ 1,000 towards to your principal and the lender gets $500 I think .Where is my $1000 ?
Reply to valeria

Aug 27, 2011 
Providence Homeowner: that tactic did work for my sister. she was able to consolidate a 2nd mortgage as well as other debts and it made it much easier for her to live.
Reply to Parz

Aug 27, 2011 
Fort Myers Homeowner....how are you able to get a change in who services your loan? Please share.
Reply to Parz

Aug 26, 2011 
My mortgage was sold by Chase to LBPS. I feel behind in my mortgage, LBPS promptly Fed-Ex financial papers to assist me with refi. It has been 4 months have not heard from them. I have since filed for chapter 13, and hoping by working through the courts I can have my mortgage adjusted.
Reply to Providence R.I. Homeowner

Jun 30, 2011 
Chase is forclosing on my brother's home in Florida even though he attempted to pay the back mortgage payments. They actually sent his check back to him, refusing the money. His home is worth twice the total remaining mortgage. You do the math!
Reply to K.Doehlert

Apr 18, 2011 
Ok, Please share your knowledge. Are you getting a refi? how is this possible? LBPS already has ruined our credit. Please share your journey all info helps others.
Reply to parz

Apr 18, 2011 
Chase bank sold our loan to LBPS (along with 1000's of other innocent victims). LBPS is nothing more than a low life collection agency (which they even proclaim to be on their letterhead), that uses unnecessary pressure like phone calls on a Sunday night to try to intimidate their clients into paying more than needed and prior to the due date. Chase should be brought before a court for selling their clients to a bottom feeding group like LBPS.
I am trying to change my mortgage to a reputable firm - Something Chase never gave me the chance to do.
Reply to Fort Myers Homeowner

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