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Labor Ready reviews, Labor Ready complaints, read Labor Ready reviews, find Labor Ready reviews, Labor Ready scam reports
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  • 113 complaints
  • $61,809 claimed losses
  • $547 average
  • 15255 since Oct 31, 2007

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Labor Ready
Main address: P.O. Box 2910 98401-2910 Tacoma WA
877-733-0430, 877-733-0399,
Labor Ready reviews, Labor Ready complaints, read Labor Ready reviews, find Labor Ready reviews, Labor Ready scam reports
  • 113 complaints
  • $61,809 claimed losses
  • $547 average
Had an experience with Labor Ready?
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  • Mar 22
  • Columbia, South Carolina
  • Office Conditions
  • 2
  • 15

The labor ready in West Columbia, and the other one on milwood be stank. I cant understand how they want to upgrade they're image and use college kids and stuff but theys offices are growse. Concrete floors, dirt and leaves and cigarettes everywhere. The bathrooms got *** smeared, and people be smoking in the doorways. I wnted to get extra work in between class days cuz i go to mtc, but i cant... Read more

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  • Jan 15
  • Long Beach, California
  • Unprofessional Customer Service
  • 1
  • 38

I want to know what I can do about the mental anguish I'm receiving from the Staff here in Long Beach, Ca The way I'm treated I feel terrible about myself and get very depressed. It's effecting my performance at my other job, it's now effecting my family and I'm just tired of allowing this to bring me down. I mad a formal complaint to Corporate and they have don absolutely nothing, I've contacted... Read more

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  • Jan 11
  • Millville, New Jersey
  • Work Injury
  • 1
  • 40

They don't have any jobs lined up go in at 5:30 am and wait for hours at a tome..98% your turned away..then your luck to get 4 hours work..maybe enough to pay your gas..then I was hurt on the job..then they denied me..I felt my injury on the job..when it happened ..but just thought I pulled a muscle ..then went away I never reported it..the doctor said it was a prolonged. Injury. This... Read more

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  • Jan 09
  • Walthourville, Georgia
  • Employee Firing
  • 2
  • 50

I got fired for turning down a garbage ticket and now they say that I'm a threat to the workers and the people behind the counter but I have been working there for 12 and a half year with no complaints but when the woman that works in the morning has the manager lieing for her and a couple of years ago when she firsted got there I went on a ticket with a couple of people and got off the man asked... Read more

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  • Dec 30, 2013
  • Buffalo, New York
  • Customer Service Representative
  • 5
  • 60

After reading all the stories on here, I had to write and give my impression of being a CSR for Labor Ready. I worked only for a short time and found this job to be the worst job I ever had. People would show up at the door in line before 5:30am (that's when the doors open). Many were repeats for jobs..oh, if you are a driver you usually got to work that day. People who wanted to work would... Read more

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  • Dec 17, 2013
  • Staff Wearing
  • 2
  • 68

Labor Ready Asked Staff To Wear Thier Used Steel Toed Shoes. That is Very Dirty To Wear Shoes That Others Have Worn. Also If Not The Correct Size it IS More Hazzaradous Than No Steel Towed Shoe. Very Hard To Work All day Unloading Trucks Wearing Zize 11 shoe When i Weat 9. Also the pay reate of $8per hour is simply not acceptable for any person. DRIVING STAFF TO JOB SITE NOT ADVISED, as... Read more

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  • Dec 16, 2013
  • Long Beach, California
  • Behavior Problem
  • 5
  • 73

My boyfriend passed away and he was working for Labor Ready at the time he died and I called them up so I could figure out what happen and I was treated like *** the ladies at that particular branch were so nasty to me I couldn't believe what I was hearing here I was grieving and they were threatening me and telling me that I had an Obsessive behavior problem and I need to get over it and move on... Read more

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  • Dec 10, 2013
  • Cheap Pay
  • 2
  • 63

Every job they send you too pays only $7.25 an hour even on a 3rd shift!!!! The pay fuc*** sucks!!!! Who can live on that pay???? Fuc* labor ready!!!!!! I hate this company. They take advantage of people, paying them peanuts to support their family. What a slap in the face. You can't survive with that type of pay in this country. How can you pay bills? They don't think about us! They just rip you... Read more

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  • Oct 19, 2013
  • Treatment Of Employees
  • 2
  • 75

I had been in the temp business for almost 10 yrs, when i was terminated. My former CSR..told the company that I had made inappropriate comments to the staff, my staff of 1..which was him and it was taken totally out of context..he had told temps to go F*** themselves when they came in to get paid..of course i said something to him, and he apologized and then after he quite and told me how much... Read more

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  • Aug 21, 2013
  • Durham, North Carolina
  • Bad Customer Service
  • 93

I live in Durham, Nc and Labor Ready was something I became interested in about a month ago. I went down to Labor Ready the first few times and the Employee who prints the tickets was very uninformative and unprofessional. My I.D. was expired once I finally made it on time . Which was no problem until she asked everyone in the room very loudly and unprofessional "What's the date , What's the... Read more

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