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La Fitness takes over Bally's

Company LA Fitness
Location Camden, New Jersey
Category Fitness Centers
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Monetary Loss

We are members at Bally's Voorhess & the facility is taken over by LA Fitness overnight.We are sent emails after the fact that we are supposed to go to Somerdale facility moving forward & will not disclose what is the plan for the future of this facility.

We are also supposed to decide within one month to finalize our facility & will not be able to use any other loc.( even if they renovate & open in Voorhees!!! ridiculous). We are despetarely trying to get answers from Bally's Corporate as to how our refund will be handled & they raise their hands saying LA fitness is responsible & give us their ph#.

LA Fitness on the other hand say Bally's are responsible & kick u back to another ph# for Bally's corporate.
Both parties seem to enjoy playing this game of soccer.No ans anywhere..no email for LA Fitness either!!! 2d6beea

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Jan 08, 2012  from Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand
I understand that seniors with silver sneakers membership will be no longer able to use this membership.Is it because the la fitness does not like the idea of seniors coming in and using the varios equipement, or is it just because they do not want their members to see a bunch of oldies. It was nice when Ballys was there,, they cared,well some day you too will be older,think back to this day. well have a nice day
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Dec 13, 2011 
LA Fitness just gave my hair salon (they leased space inside Bally's in Tigard, OR) less than 1 month's notice to clear out!

This effectively puts the salon and all hair dressers who leased chairs out of business.

The turds aren't even closing this facility and refuse to extend salon's lease for couple months...at least long enough to find another space.

Heartless, *** and useless.
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Dec 07, 2011 
Lafitness is disgusting and filthy. Because of the basketball courts people robb you in the locker room by cutting off your lock.
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Dec 06, 2011 
sounds similiar to the Cardinal "takeover"
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Dec 06, 2011 
The acquisition of Ballys by L.A. Fitness was a total customer relations disaster. There were no announcements and most of the gym members didn't even know of the change-over until December 1, the apparent effective date. I was a member through the Silver Sneakers program. When I went in on Monday, Dec. 5th, I was told that L.A. Fitness no longer accepted Silver Sneaker members, even though I had a month remaining on my current membership. I will be letting my insurance carrier know of this rip off, since they are the ones paying for my membership. Even though the staff was excellent and the facility was well maintained I will encourage others to find another gym and not consider L.A. Fitness.
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Dec 02, 2011 
Thanks for the advise, but unfortunately we had paid Ballys for 3 yrs in advance and are paid up until 2013!!! Both the clubs refuse to refund and LA Fitness has sent us email stating that we have to pay extra on top of what we have paid to Ballys to be members starting Jan 2012. If we do not upgrade we cannot use their clubs. Completely unethical !!!
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Dec 02, 2011 
Terminate your membership immediately by following the LA Fitness protocol for membership cancellation. Waiting any longer will only cause you to lose more money. LA Fitness will force you into a new contract. They will pressure you everytime you enter the facility to do this, and to sign up for Personal Training. They will call you incessantly, tap your personal info. and basically destroy your life. Cancel immediatley, and go to a different club.
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