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Company Kosher Expedition
Product / Service Kosher Expedition
Location New York, New York
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Update added by user May 02, 2011
Koher expeditions
Original review posted by user Apr 30, 2011

we just returned from the worst passover program of our lives.I feel the word needs to get out so that more people don't experience what our family just did!!

we were so isolated at this dirty, run down hotel that this tour took over for the holiday. they wouldn't give us bottled water because they said that it "isn't environmentally friendly". If they truly cared for the environment they would take measures to keep it clean. The grounds were filthy, surrounded with raccoon *** that nobody bothered to clean.

Any request I made (ex: "can my kids have orange juice?") was turned down. No food was shipped there because they claimed it was all "local fresh cuisine". They just didn't want to spend the money because there's nothing fresh about powdered juices and food that just keeps getting recycled (ex.

hard boiled eggs for thurs breakfast =egg salad for fri lunch and sat night dinner!!) nasty nasty nasty.if david or joel (the guys in charge) cared even a little to accommodate us we may not have felt so terrible about this really bad trip. 307b782

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Jul 07, 2011 
I had the my worst passover ever in Costa Rica with Kosher Expeditions.
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