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Kohls - Took my money, where's my order?

  • by   Dec 10, 2013
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Company Kohls
Product / Service Fulfillment Service
Category Customer Service
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Okay, so I ordered some clothing online, it took two weeks to arrive!Before I realized how horrible the service was I made an additional order using the Kohls cash towards my purchase, that I had earned with the first order.

One week later my order sits in fulfillment, not processed and they were quick to take my money. I have sent them e mails twice and all I have gotten is a generic automatic reply! I have called and have yet to speak to a live person! I have a sneaky suspicion that once that Kohls cash expires, my order will be automaticly canceled ( a complaint by many , many customers on Kohls FaceBook page )...

The fact is they do not respond to order inquiries, they do not processthe order in a timely matter, but they take the money right off the bat!

Walmart has better service hands down!I will never shop at Kohls again and will stick with Kmart, Sears and Walmart! 2e1579c

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Dec 11, 2013 
I'm in the same situation. I've called most everyday..even called corporate to no avail. They even tell me lies saying it's shipping tomorrow or the next day and still nothing. I'm irrate! Yet there's no solution!??
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Dec 11, 2013 
I order a shirt got a bra. I was told to return the bra for a refund! how fun was that standing in a line 10 deep waiting to return something I did not order having an order that says I have a shirt but NO i have a bra. WASN'T FUN AT ALL. Did I ever get the shirt NO wasn't worth any more hassles.
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