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Kohls - Purchased a jacket online

  • by   Dec 10, 2013
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Company Kohls
Product / Service Product Exchange
Location Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Category Supermarkets and Malls
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Monetary Loss

So I purchased a jacket online and ordered it too large forgot my receipt at home and my cell phone had no reception in the store to pull up the original.All I wanted to do was even exchange my item for a smaller size.

Well after shuffling through my purse finding the credit card I purchased the items on the lady tells me I'm only going to get 40.00 back although my original purchase was 80.00. Since I received kohls cash and a discount. Well I found another jacket on sale for 85.00 and was willing to pay the extra 5.00. She told me that wasn't possible.

I don't understand why. She's like you have 2 options locate a jacket that has a 200.00 base price which mind you those are in the plus size pricing or receive a corporate refund. I opted for the corporate refund and now reading over the blogs I may be without a jacket and no refund either.

I can assure you it wasn't fraud.But I seem to think if I originally had an 80.00 sale price item in my cart and the one I currently have was 80.00 why couldn't i do an exchange...... 2e15510

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Dec 11, 2013 
corporate refund (black hole) you have moved into KOHLS BLACK HOLE. which means they will do nothing at all to give you your money back. You will place numerous phone calls that will go unanswered, you will send emails that go unanswered, BLACK HOLE!!
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Dec 10, 2013  from Orlando, Florida
Listen and understand this thoroughly. When you use a coupon/kohls/reward/discount of any kind, that goes off the original price of the item. You DO NOT get that back. For example, if the jacket is $80 and after a discount and kohls cash you only paid $40, then that's what you get back. You only paid $40 out of your own pocket. Coupons/rewards/kohls cash you DO NOT get back. It's NOT cash, despite what people like you tell yourself in your mind. It always states that on the coupons. If you people would read the fine print on your coupons, you would understand this. But I realize reading isn't as fundamental anymore. smh. Also, if you don't have the receipt, you are subject to get back the lowest sale price. It's not the store's fault if you forget your receipt at home. That's your problem. I'm tired of people like you coming into the stores thinking we owe you something. NO, I don't work for kohls, but I do work for a department store and have to experience similar encounters as this. It's annoying!
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