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King Soopers - Bait and switch pricing

  • by   Aug 30, 2013
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Company King Soopers
Product / Service Pricing
Category Food
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King Sooper in Conifer Colorado is relentless in their bait and switch pricing and they keep finding new ways to show the consumer the wrong/lower price.Today, they had $1.99 ea.

under the pineapples but they charged me $3.99 at check out. I told the cashier I did not want the pineapple at that price and she seemed to get disturbed that she had to remove the item.

When I wen back to check the pricing of $1.99/ea it was for kwiwi that was hidden way in the back of the pineapple.King Sooper in Conifer, colorado like to make a practice of this deception. 3028490

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Mar 09  from Conifer, Colorado
I had that happen to me also. What they do is make the $1.99 in real big letters and the per lb so small you cannot see it.
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Dec 06, 2013  from Denver, Colorado
Sorry, it was your fault for NOT paying attention...
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