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Company Kikker 5150
Product / Service Hardknock
Location Sacramento, California
Category Equipment
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This was the biggest piece of CHINA made *** that our dealership has ever purchased in the 30 years that we have been in business.Mr.

Kelly Kikker owner of this company is under investigation by the Federal Government and i can't wait until this fraud is behind bars. Mr.Kikkert claims his piece of junk bikes are made in the USA when anyone that researches this fraud will find out the truth that he gets all his CHINA JUNK components shipped straight to his CA. residents. These bike are junk, all of them and the only thing worse than his bike was having to deal directly with this Junk use car dealer.

I could spend another day on the what a total unprofessional RIP OFF artist this Mr.

Kikkert is, if his mouth is moving that means only one thing, that he is lying.Good luck Mr Kikkert i cant wait until the FEDS catch up to you and your little scam and put you behind bars. 3030c8b

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Apr 03 
This stuff is Chinese, this is without question. This alone doesn't make them bad. But the demeanor of the staff is horrible. They have no professionalism and they give off a vibe after being strung around by their word games for a while of, I just don't give a F*** what you think or if you buy. I mean, they come off as a bunch of lawless terrorists. If we think, perhaps we can have them shut down. Anybody ever get hurt on one of these things? Surely a class action would do great things for thier business model. Dave is a real *** too. Don't know where he fits into the equation, but he's gonna run his mouth to the wrong person some day.
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Sep 12, 2013  from Chickasha, Oklahoma
I called Mr. Kikker to ask him some questions about his mini bobber
assembly, and was told if I didn't know what I was doing to sell the bike to someone that dose know what they are doing.
I really like the bike to get around some of the rallies I want to turn it into a trike, but getting help from Mr. Kikker is like getting a kick in the ***. *** you Mr. Kikker. you are a real ***!
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Jul 26, 2013  from Eisenach, Thuringen
Mein Kikker-Bike ist das geilste Bike in der Umgebung!
Mit einem bisschen technischen Verständnis kann man alles selber machen!
Die besten Grüße aus Deutschland !!!
I'M LOVIN' IT :zzz
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Jul 09, 2013  from Ashburn, Virginia
Oh cry me a river. Ive had mine for 3 years. No probelms. If you have experience with bikes and not some noob you wouldn't have issues.
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Feb 17, 2013  from Shakopee, Minnesota
this rant against kikkers and the 5150 brand is just from direct competitors, This is false accusations and a total low class approach, Instead of competing in the field and sales...You simply bad mouth and make up lies about the Kikker 5150 company and it's dealers....The bikes are better than any competitor, they are better looking, and they are more affordable.

Simply put, you and all the whiners and liars can suck my tail pipe...lol
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Mar 02, 2013 
Nice try. The internet is FULL of complaints against kikker! Just google the name KELLY KIKKERT.Check out Kikker's BBB rating! it's an F. BAD NEWS! BEWARE! Do your research folks! Dont get ripped off like so many of us have!
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Jan 09, 2013 
How many imported parts are on your assembled in America HARLEYS?
Reply to murf

Jan 12, 2013  from Rupert, Idaho
Mostly American parts, smartass. Some electronic parts made in Japan. I defy you to find any big ticket item that isn't at least partially made overseas.
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Feb 01, 2013 
Harley parts are designed in the USA and their imported parts have quality control. It's different than importing cheap chinese junk bikes, slapping some KIKKER badges on it and calling it good.They're junk. If youre an undecerning *** not embarrassed to ride an underpowered 3/4 size chinese junk heap, take your chances on one of these. There are so many complaints abouyt them online you have to be an *** to even consider buying one. :x
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Nov 26, 2012 
Hey looking to get one if from Greenville sc, to the other member that have one here how do I go about getting the title and registering it to ride, email: dj_brwr@yahoo.com
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Oct 31, 2012 
Beware! Kikker has a F rating with the BBB. Lots of rip off stories on the net about them. BEWARE!
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Oct 16, 2012 
Love the bikes I mounted a 20 HP Briggs on mine wen the motor blew up cause my dum *** brother had to mess with it :grin
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Oct 07, 2012 
I have an opportunity to purchase a 2008 kikker ..... anything I should be concerned with??
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Oct 05, 2012 
You can't. The bike isn't epa or dot approved. Michigan State Police WILL NOT approve a Kikker Hardknock for street use. Read Kikker's warranty. It sez they are NOT intended for use on US streets, roads or highways.
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Oct 01, 2012 
I have just purchased the 125cc kikker. For those who have, in fact, been able to make it street legal, please explain how you did it.
Reply to Dave

Sep 24, 2012 
This is hilarious.! Kikker bikes are great! I own 2 of them and I have not had any problems with this bike. However this bike is not for driving down the street in public traffic. Maybe a cruise around your neighborhood is all its worth. you can pick them up for 800 bucks . I have paid that for some go carts. I had no prob making mine legal.....no different than a moped. But for the care of other people I would not put it on a main road in traffic...I wouldn't put a moped there either! This bike will last a while if taken care of. I've had lawn mowers run years with cheap motors.Not a street bike but a fun little neighborhood cruiser.
Reply to shadden

Sep 20, 2012 
My kikker is sick runs great and worth the money. Bike is kinda cheap SO WAS PRICE. Yes it is a chinease bike. Almost everything is made in china. Parts are hard to come by and most shops won't work on them. I still LOVE MINE! this bike is for crusing up street and back maybe to liqor store not primary vehicle I had no problem getting insurance and registration is a prosses but not a hard one. Mine is street legal did it myself without telling a single lie. California wants hour money so registering your kikker not hard as u think.
Reply to Brandon

Sep 04, 2012 
BEWARE! Kikker has an F@rating with the BBB. They're not EPA or DOT approved in the US. Their warranty card says 'not intended for use on streets or roads". Buy a real, leagal, safe bike. Kikkers are like midgets. Everyone stares but it don't mean they want one and they ain't laffing.
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Sep 02, 2012 
Soo many nana nana Bo boos regarding Kikker 5150 it made me suspisious of the auther. When I investigated prior to purchasing a used one"double jeopardy" I read all of this neg propaganda and bought the used bike as soon as I found a local listing.
Now that I have worked on it ,put 1500 miles on it,and ordered spare parts from the company. I'm proof positive that I made the right choice.
I wish all motorcycle communities offered the same technical help I have received from Kikker 5150 owners group. :p :cry :x
Reply to I'm the third owner of an hki2

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