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Kay Jewelers - outrageous charges for watch battery replacement

Company Kay Jewelers
Product / Service Movado Watch
Location Nashville, Tennessee
Category Luxury / Jewelry
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I bought a Movado watch from a Kays store.The slaesperson recommended a lifetime battery replacement contract which I bought.

When my battery played out I took the watch back to Kays for replacement.

I was told they had to send it off and it would take 4-6 weeks.I received a call a few weeks later informing me that there would be a charge of $105 because when the watch is opened to replace the battery the gasket is broken and the watch has to be resealed, hence the $105.
I was sold the battery replacement contract by the explanation that I have NO cost for lifetime battery replacement.
I have been ripped off and have no recourse if I want my watch back. 2d69c22

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Jan 10, 2012 

that is the most absurd thing I have ever heard! I have seen people try to change thier own watch batteries and ruin their time piece, prying off a screw back , not to mention that there are over 50 different battery sizes used in watches. if you buy expensive things it is expensive to repair/ maintain them. if you don't then just buy a cheap throwaway.
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Nov 15, 2011 
I have two movado time pieces . The one I have that is for 100 meters or more I have searched high and low for someone to do a battery change. No one will touch it because they do not have the equipment in store to pressure seal the gasket. It's nearly a two thousand dollar watch, so I would like to keep it waterproof , so i do pay for the gasket to be sealed back. My other movado doesn't have a description of water meters. So they change them in store for me. But I can see why they would have that policy. If they are going to break the seal to change the battery on it, and I were to get moisture in it and the watch stops working, yeah, they would pay for me to have a new watch in a heart beat. it makes sense to me.
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Nov 11, 2011 
People- if you want quality jewelry and service don't buy from a chain that does business out of a mall!!! DUH!
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Nov 10, 2011 
You can buy a card full of something like 24 various-size button batteries at many dollar stores. I buy them and replace watch batteries, etc. for all sorts of items. I would tell them to just return the watch without fixing it and then open it up and replace the battery yourself. You can probably figure out how to make a gasket yourself once you see how it goes in. They are usually only a narrow circular rubber thing. Even an "o" ring might work.
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