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Kay Jewelers - I am very upset

  • by   Jul 07, 2008
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Company Kay Jewelers
Location Houma, Louisiana
Category Luxury / Jewelry
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Monetary Loss

My husband purchased a 2 carat ring it took two weeks for us to get the ring back from it being sized .We picked the ring up a day before we got married, as soon as i got home i tried the ring on my finger and a diamond came out.The next day was our wedding and they fixed the ring.

Then the diamond came out the very next day for $3,000 i think that the diamonds should not have came out so fast. So i had to wait a week to get the ring back.

When i got it back i wore it for two days then noticed the ring was turning yellow.I don't think it was worthe all the money!!

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Oct 08, 2010  from Godow, Slaskie
a 2 carat ring for #3,000 are you kidding me?? you get what you pay for you materialistic person :?
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Dec 18, 2009 
Rusty, you're not correct. White gold can turn yellow. Since white gold is not mined, they have to add nickel and other white metals to it to give it the white look, so you're correct on that part. However, if the rhodium plating wears off it can look yellow, which is completely normal. It is not physically impossible.
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Aug 03, 2009 
I have had numerous problems with them too! We purchased my ring at the end of December 2008 and by Feb of 2009 my diamond had fallen out. I went into the store and received no attention or apology at all. They brused me off like I didn't even matter at all. But, I went ahead and sent my ring to be repaired....what other choice do you have? Once repaired, I thought all would be well. I was wrong. Not even 5 months later my diamond fell out again! This was only 2 weeks after having it "inspected." Once again, no apology or even empathy for my problems...not only that, but I explained to them that I was to be married in October 2009 and still needed to have my band sautered to my engagement ring. They "promised" me it would be back in 4-6 weeks. Four weeks later, I called to check the status. The "manager" VERY rudely informed me that it would be the very end of September before my ring would be done. What?? I will be getting married without my ring! They didn't even act like it was a big deal. Sure, not to them, but getting married without your ring? I called customer service and they offered to give me another ring for the same price. Who does that??? Obviously it has sentimental value...at least to me, obvisoulsy not them. I would never ever ever recommend kay jewelers even to my worst enemy!!!!!
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Jul 26, 2009 
Perhaps the reason your ring is not of a good quality is because you spent $2000 on a 2 carat diamond ring. Sound like you chose size over quality.
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Jul 14, 2008  from Hodonin, Jihomoravsky Kraj
What size did the ring have to sized to? There are limits to to safely sizing a ring depending on style. Also, white gold will not turn yellow. It is physically impossible. White gold is made with yellow gold and nickel is added to make it white. You don't mine white gold. It is all yellow. What probably happened is the rhodium plating that is applied over top the white gold to give it that fake chrome look wore off.
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