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Kangen water Scam

Company Kangen Water
Product / Service Kangen Sd501
Location Vancouver, British Columbia
Category Food Stores
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Monetary Loss

Kangen Water machine - Beware! This machine costs a minimum of $4000. They claim it produces alkaline pH water that contains anti oxidents, and will cure almost anything.
See website http://www.chem1.com/CQ/ionbunk.html - Ionized and alkaline water - Snake Oil on Tap.
This is a multi level marketing firm, and their return policy is that it costs you $100 if you return it unopened within 15 days, you lose $600 if you return it within 15 days opened. If you return it 16 days after returning it, you do not receive any money back (lose a $1000 down payment).
Check out the website above, and buyer beware. 30804dd

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Mar 10 
Kangen worked for me - after 15 years with Rheumatoid Arthritis - I am now free of my disease. I once took five medications, denied health insurance, and was nearly disabled all before the age of 30.
At 32, I started drinking the water and I'm 35 now - no medication and no need to see a doctor. I can honestly say Kangen saved my life. Healthyra.com to read my story.
Heather M 253-209-7434
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Mar 01 
So far I am concern as my friend introduce to me this machine. I purchase the SunUS machine of Kangen Water machine and and without trying the water and I just need to change my water I bought travel machine for 1,300 Canadian Dollar and it has a same benefits with with their 4000 dollar machine and won't cost me a lot just to change my water because I know I buy a very nasty water bottled and reverse osmosis/distilled water that is mostly acidic and worsier a DEAD WATER.. not all water are made equal and remember our body is 75 percent water but we need a right water a ALIVE water and not DEAD at all. I am using my Kangen water for 2 years and I purchase again the 4000 dollars machine and as far I am concern I am really happy and satisfied. This water is definitely true and it heals my broken body a lot. I don't buy now any Chemicals cleaning materials too because the machine produces 11.5 Ph for decreaser and 2.5 ph for antibacterial.. you don't need to buy organic food because by washing it by the strong alkaline water your fruits and vegetables will be morelikely organic. I save a money a lot on this machine.. and 4000 dollars for 20 years is still cheap than buying a acidic, worst water in a dollar. Thanks for the person who introduce to me this machine. By the way every business needs a profits and everything is Networking no matter what they say about the Kangen I highly recommend to the viewers to try the water and it works !!! This is a wisdom I thank God and... Show more
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Feb 19 
This Kangen company is a disgusting vile creation from Japan sent to plauge poor little old people who are trying to extend the final years of their life or who have pain from things like arthritis. I became so infuriated when I researched the machine which I saw my grandmother had purchased when I visited her last year for Christmas dinner. She said that although she really liked that water and thought it was a good idea at first when she changed her mind about a month later they would not let her return it. After reading around now I know why, this thing was 4000 dollars and she purchased it from some *** woman in her neighborhood that had been giving her free water. Come to find out this scam is being purpotrated nationwide on our eldery as I read here http://www.alkalinewaterionizers.org/consumer-reports-why-are-kangen-water-ionizers-so-expensive/
Totally vile and dispicable international corporation utilizing people with no morals to push their product on the elderly. The FTC should really look into this business as it is clearly exploiting customers rights by not allowing them to return the products.
Reply to Brandon

Mar 03 
You are very exaggerated in pushing the product in elderly.. everybody drinks water right ? You buy cheap nasty water bottle right ? Do you know the top Billionaires here in Industry are those company who claims their water bottles is healthy? How come you don't see their hokus focus advertising but that their water are all contributions of cancers.. Kangen Water Machine is a highly Medical Grade Platinum coated by titanum plates which is more expensive than gold.. do research first before you put your comments because those people who bought this machine will just laugh at you because they are really happy and satisfied. Money is the issue here nobody forcing you to buy a 4000 dollar machine ..the water itself will tell you to buy and not the seller. If you are looking a quality and a perfect Ionizers machine I will highly recommend to buy the Kangen Water machine and it is really worth.
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Sep 22, 2013 
Any time there is a product wherein half the price is due to home based salespeople, especially a multi-level marketing business model, the consumer needs to beware. As far as health claims, unless it is backed by reputable research and is repeatable research with A/B blind studies and especially FDA or other world recognized government agency approved, then okay...it is worth looking at and the unit should be available to test out for 30 days, much like the model used by Hoover Vacuums. WAY WAY WAY WAY TOO MANY RED FLAGS! I hope most people would have the common sense to google things nowadays and do even just a bit of research and look for the product name plus reviews or plus scams and make rational decisions. A financing agreement that could take a $4000 machine up to $9000 machine. Come on sales people...how can you really live with this???
Reply to Gary

Sep 13, 2013 
This guy is just trying to run down the product and it has its own hidden motives. I've used the machine for more than a year now and I'm totally satisfied with the Kangen machine.
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Feb 25  from Fontana, California
Dude I have used the machine for 5 years, haven't felt any better when I drink the water. And now knowing more about science than 5 years ago I'm going to have the say the machine is dangerous for ones health. The machine that my family owns has a ph range between 7-9.5. Alkiline water with a P.H of 9.5 is just as dangerous to your body as water that has a PH of 4.5. The reason for that is each interval the P.H increases the more reactive a substance is. P.H also stands for Potentail hydrogen. The higher the PH the more hydrogen, the lower the PH the more oxygen. And when an acid comes into contat with an alikline substance they will form a salt. Now many of the substances in your body like oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen are all vital for life. Carbon is in everything, oxygen is often found in most compounds in the body, and nitrogen is in ones DNA. So the side effects from drinking this water are: Weight gin, high salt levels, indigestion, destroyed body tissue, and in some rare cases cancer. So do t waste 4000 usd oN this peice of ***.
Reply to The scientist

Sep 12, 2013 
How sad that this person misrepresented this product. The warranty is clear and written, she signed it before she bought it. Some people buy things they cannot afford....this is one. We absolutely love ours.

This is not a multi-level marketing program. (another hint she has no idea what she is talking about)

If you use it before returning it, the refund is much less... decide before you buy it...or decide when you get it and return it then...or return it at least BEFORE YOU USE IT! NOBODY WANTS YOUR USED PRODUCT FOR A NEW PRICE.

Sep 11, 2013  from Los Angeles, California
The Advocate has entered the building. Let's mention our subject items first, there's H2O, Kangen Device itself ($1K-$4K), the designer of the product Mr. Oshiro(worlds only patent owner of a business model), Distributors & finally the end user the People. That being said lets start with H2O. For those that don't know H2O or water does indeed retain memory and is conscientious of it's surroundings,(look up Dr. Imoto for more on this FACT). To summarize when you treat water poorly it literally its molecules look it & this can be verified as physical evidence under a microscope. Treat it with kindness the exact opposite happens it becomes symmetrical in shape under a microscope. So if you believe this Kangen water or any water for that matter, isn't going to help you before you drink it, it will respond because of its conscience and your bad attitude becomes imprinted on the H2O molecule and bang you see nor feel any results or you might even get sick. To save space here envision instead the opposite of what I just mentioned above and bang you see & feel the positive results. Now step way back from it all and look at yourself in a mirror. Realize YOU are made up of 70%-80% of yep you guessed it H2O & so are all the family, friends, co-workers, etc. around you. Really look at yourself and say if I treated a glass of H2O with a bad attitude I get this and a good attitude I get this...so in conclusion YOU are the glass (your body) now tell me are you going to... Show more
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Sep 11, 2013  from Los Angeles, California
Now lets cover the device and the designer of it all together here. The device and the designer together have proven how the aging process works and ultimately the TRUE reason we will all inevitably die due to one thing...(I realize car accidents, still borns, heart attacks, etc. may appear as different) from what I'm about to say but nonetheless if all other known reasons for death could be set aside for a moment you'll come to find that the reason each of us are slowly dying since birth is because of Oxidation. Wait what do you...what does that mean? Well its easily explained like this, we breathe oxygen & exhale CO2 (carbon-dioxide) ahha there's that word again Oxide or Oxidation. So what is it...Well I'm sure its safe to say that everyone reading this has had some experience with RUST in one way or another since RUST is a.k.a. Iron-Oxide. For those that don't get it yet, each human being on this planet is slowly dying literally from, "RUSTING," on the inside out. If you need to go throw up go right ahead or better yet go pour a tall glass of water instead. This is the reason why we all experience the aging process, as we breathe out or out gas our H2O as CO2 all that comes in contact with that Oxidized gas or breath is rusting away. Now does the word Anti-Oxidant make brand new sense to you geez "Anti" "Oxidant" or it could be said as "against oxidation." What did we just say is the real cause of aging and death...Oxidation! So do the opposite and
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Sep 08, 2013 
Thanks for your post. I was going to buy one of these but after reading your post and reviewing the website. I will not be purchasing this.
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Oct 20, 2013 
Too bad you missed out on something good.
Reply to Anndon Nee

Aug 14, 2013  from Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur
What you wrote is a whole lot of bull. I bought a machine 6 months ago. Nothing like what you said.
Reply to Satisfied Customer

Jul 31, 2013 
July 26, 2013...this is what the Japanese Ministry of Health said about Kangen Water: No, Government does not authorize the use of Kangen Water at hospitals. Some doctors, however, use it at their own responsibility. Kangen Water's claim about WQA's Gold Seal...WQA says it does not endorse Kangen's claims of health benefits. I am not being paid by anyone. Yes I have tasted the water...side by side with my Tap water and cannot taste the difference. I suggest people try drinking a gallon a day of their oown tap water..and see if they feel better...before investing $4k.

Reply to Hardwater1

Jun 25, 2013  from Vancouver, British Columbia
The real snake oil are the parasite websites as above right, 'The Real Truth Revealed' Compare Life Ionizers to Kangen'
Half the price and twice as bad. Some water stores refuse to sell their product as their machines work so poorly that they keep having to come up with new models almost every other year. Their technology is poorly designed and the company is owned by Jupiter who owns several companies and is marketing cheap quality technology for the mass market. Cheap plates equal cheap quality. You get what you pay for.
Reply to Harriette

Jul 31, 2013 
Harriette..do you realize that if this water were able to cure such dreaded diseases as Cancer, SickleCell, sarcoidoisis, ashama, arthritis..on and on. It would not have to make outlandish claims and lies about the water usage benefits...such as they claim is used in Japan. Were such claims valid...people would be lined up by the millions trying to purchase it... I lived in Japan for 5 years and most Japanese I know have never heard of this water. They will tell you oh...no it will not have the same effect on everyone...oh yeah. Also ask them for any records of people who have been cured..such as legitimate doctors/hospitals reports that a patient had this disease and it was cured by the water. There are literally billions of claims out their curing all kinds of diseases...yes I suppose some of them work...just like the placebo pink pill. I had my water tested and compared with Kangen and frankly the improvement made by Kangen, except increasing the pH level was marginal and not important. No I am not paid by anyone...have tried drinking a gallon of water a day from any source...if not why not.
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Jun 25, 2013  from Vancouver, British Columbia
I alternated between thinking Kangen was a scam or hype because I had actually never tried the water but only analyzed it. Later when I was desperate through a serious medical condition and willing to try anything, much to my surprise it worked beyond my wildest non-expectations as I remained a sceptic. This is the real deal, that is, if you drink it. That means stop lying to yourself about what other fluids you put in your body. THis water would save millions of dollars in health care.
Other ionizers are OK appliances but Kangen belongs in a different category as it is more effective. Others I have talked to that buy cheaper machines do not get the same benefits as quickly or not at all. You get what you pay for or put another way...you get what you deserve!
Reply to Nikki

Jun 14, 2013  from Phoenix, Arizona
I am a nurse who checks everything thoroughly. I was told about the alkaline water at a water store, read the brochure and though it sounded good, it didn't add up so I started research. Mayo Clinic stated it was "snake oil", and mentioned what I considered, your stomach contents are acidic and that water will change. By the time it hits your cells it is not the same as when you swallowed it. Also, they state any company that claims cures of medical illness better have true scientific documentation to back them up which there are none, according to the medical experts. Just like orange juice is acidic but is alkaline by the time it hits the bladder.
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Jul 24, 2013 
So many things wrong here I don't know where to start.
First off, I find people commenting on the effects or non-effects of alkaline water and haven't tried it, totally irreverent.

I have been drinking the water for over a year now.
Before I started I was diagnosed with gastritis and gastroenteritis. I was on a totally bland diet, the least of spices or grease in my food would cause extreme discomfort. I started on the water and felt a difference in my stomach, if that's possible, anyway I started introducing mild spices and tried a slice of bacon and elevated it from there.
Well a year later, and I can eat anything, spicy, greasy you name it, nothing is off limits.
The only thing I did different is "change my water".

As far as the Mayo Clinic saying it was "snake oil" well... maybe they need to tell Bill Gates, who bought 16 machines, or Donald Trump and his staff or the entire New York Yankees Baseball Team and yeah, give Jillian Michael (Biggest Loser) trainer a call and tell her with all her educations and training in the field of nutrition and exercise, that she is drinking "snake oil". Oh, forgot, If you got connections give the the people who live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Wash DC a call and ask them what that "snake oil" they're drinking taste like.

Get real! Use your common sense.

What puzzles me is "how the ***" can you talk negative and downgrade something, if you
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