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Kaiser Permanente - KAISER SUCKS!

Company Kaiser Permanente
Location Washington, District Of Columbia
Category Health Insurance
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Don't get Kaiser!We just switched to Kaiser HMO 2012, regret it!

My wife need to see a an OBGYN doctor, went to the office waited for 3 hours and was unable to get a refferal to see the doctor. Now, they informed her she needs to travel to another location to get the refferal, then travel to another location to see the doctor. (We were like WOW) I write on and on, but bottom line is -DON'T GET KAISER-!

- Lastly, how do you have a company survive like that, so regret.Can't wait to switch out 2dd03b9

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Feb 19 
They lied to me. They told me my premium would remain the same at the beginning of 2014 for the whole year then the day I turn 55 my premium goes up from $390 to $900. I think Kaiser is over rated and rates itself now that I see this happening. Time to drop all health insurance and move to another country
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Jan 29  from Sacramento, California
Yes kaiser sucks. The drs are overwhelmed. And the new policy on pain management has me considering heroin as an alternative to needles in my ear and snotty pain specialists who view everyone who requests strong medicine for pain as drug seekers. It's pointless to argue with it as it only gives them more of a reason to label you a drug addict. :(
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Jan 10 
Kaiser is useless. There are a grand total of 6 doctors within 25 miles of our home which I can choose from as our mandatory primary care physician.

One - ONE - of these doctors attended medical school in the US. The others are obviously bargain basement rejects from foreign medical schools in India and the Caribbean.

Coverage begins in 2 days and no cards received yet. Kaiser says they should be here by the 30th - 18 days AFTER coverage begins.

Coverage hasn't even begun yet and I'm already disgusted. This was obviously a huge mistake that we're stuck with for the next year.
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Dec 13, 2013 
Doctors have the hardest job in the world. They are only human and errors do happen. But everyone makes errors now and then. The biggest problem are patients who wont follow their doctors orders. That means you take the prescription medications as prescribed and don't ever question your doctors decisions. It's rude to do so. Doctors didn't spend 15 years in medical training gaining all of that knowledge and expertise just to be questioned by their patients and not follow proper treatment procedure. Your doctor knows best. You may think that you know "what's best," but people who ignore their doctors orders are the ones who wont survive their ailments. Why do you think people are living way longer nowadays? These people take their medications to control deadly cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. It's deadly foods like meat, eggs, butter and saturated fats that your doctor will tell you not to eat. Whole grains are what your body needs. Don't listen to anybody who say prescription medications are dangerous. They're not if you follow your doctors orders. These meds prolong lives by decades. FYI: Kaiser has a better than average track record than most medical facilities do.
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Dec 09, 2013 
Try getting treatment for a pre-existing history of degenerative disk disease and a herniated disk at L4-L5!

My GP was on vacation, so Kaiser offered another GP who committed MEDICAL MALPRACTICE by prescribing "Home Exercise" based upon her statement "90% of all back pain resolves itself with in two weeks" after she interrupted my extensive history which included TWO previous surgeries on my spine!

She would NOT order an x-ray and concluded my "diagnosis" was "Sciatica" which is a general list of SYMPTOMS, not the CAUSE. I was told to go home and come back for a follow up in two weeks!

I filed a formal complaint against this GP and I was called by a Kaiser Nurse Advocate who conducted a very thorough interview including my medical history.

This advocate set a second appointment at my local Kaiser facility with another GP... This was a repeat of the first appointment, except this GP prescribed pain medication and PHYSICAL THERAPY with out ordering an x-ray!

For those unfamiliar with "Sciatica" as a collection of symptoms, Sciatica can be caused by anything from a simple back muscle strain up to and including My previously diagnosed "Herniated Disk at L4-L5" and up to a cancerous tumor on the spine...

Yet two Kaiser GP's chose to commit Medical Malpractice and stating the very same Company Talking Point that "90% of all back pain resolves itself in two weeks" when I am NOT a "typical patient"...... Show more
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Oct 24, 2013  from Aiea, Hawaii
I have to agree with all consumer complaints and more, I used to be an employee at Kaiser Hospital in Honolulu Hawaii for 6 years(too long)at the bedside medical care career. Very sad to say the care is wreckless with patients and the for treatment by Administration to employees is inexcusable. This company only "THRIVES" on financial gain for the huge population of upper management. I am so disappointed that there is an institution that cares nothing about anything or anyone. I could go on and on, with many details of my short stem of my career of 27 years in the medical field. Please beware of this glamorous misinterpreted medical company. Switch your insurance now! when I took my oath into my profession the number one priority was your patient, not with Kaiser.
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Oct 24, 2013  from Ventura, California
I Hate Kaiser. They suck and are the Worst. If your thinking of getting them, DONT! RUN! I have no choice at this point, but am willing to switch to OBAMACARE because nothing could be worse then Kaiser. I had dangerously High Blood Pressure and Legally they should not have released me but did 2 times. Then they sent a letter and called a room mate of mine to tell them I had heart problems a year later?? WTF? they had my telephone number and work number but yet contacted an old location and called an old??? OMG I can't believe them. Next I see the DR once for checkup and neck pain and Pay two co-pay's and x-ray fees then get a bill on top of it??? The DR didn't prescribe anything or send me to another dr.
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Sep 01, 2013  from San Francisco, California
Kaiser sucks I got a :( over the phone appt. With my DR. He didn't even care to call. Every time I go see him the nurse always ask me so what's wrong now in a bad way. I hate kaiser I am getting rid of them as soon my job has open enrollment. I had my tubes tied I got pregnant in 4 months after surgery. I had strep troat and they didn't care to treat me I went to a private doctor he prescribe me antibiotics. Really kaiser I am so sick of you.
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Aug 25, 2013 
It took six years and me changing doctors a handful of times to get diagnosis that no doctor at Kaiser knows how to treat.
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Jul 30, 2013 
I just dumped Kaiser altogether as a medical provider that my employer pays for. They charge us $540/mo. and the service I get is so bad that I opted to go without medical insurance altogether, than put up with Kaiser's BS. Kaiser could not care less about patient care; they're HUGELY profitable, and that's it. Patients can pound sand as far as these Union Hacks are concerned; nothing less than a cattle chute. Me? I dumped Kaiser altogether, and chose to self-insure. To *** with Kaiser and the morons who work for them. You now get NOTHING from me, ever. Your medical prowess STINKS, and I just voted with my feet. Adios!
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Jul 24, 2013 
Yes! They truly are a sad entity. Without getting into details about my father's painful death due to negligent Kaiser medical staff, a week after my father passed away at Kaiser hospital we received a questionnaire in the mail about his current health status. Shall I answer zero blood pressure, zero heart rate and very cold? Good luck making your numbers Kaiser but your system is nothing but an embarrassment. Perhaps you should change your name and start over...but remember what Albert Einstein says, "The definition of insanity is making the same mistakes over and over and expecting different results." If you want to succeed you need to stop making the same mistakes. Work on accountability, a sense of follow through and urgent care. I assume Kaiser hires the bottom feeders in doctors and staff. This is what my experience has been like time and again. :p
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Jul 18, 2013  from Pleasanton, California
They are the absolute worst. Kaiser is where you go to die. I asked for my doctor's email address, they sent me back a three page letter telling me all these hoops to jump through, and then I had to wait 7-10 days. Wow, Kaiser, you've actually made email difficult.

When I went there and asked for the email address, the lady behind the counter said "You have to talk to my manager, I just work here." The manager said (in front of me) "I has a MEETin ta goes to, y'alls figga it out ya own self." Then caused trouble with my doctor and me by, instead of handling it (which is all she's paid to do), ran to mommy, and the doctor had to come out into the lobby.

Do. Not. Use. Kaiser.
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Jun 18, 2013  from Denver, Colorado
Totally agree. I've never had to jump through so many hoops to get basic medical care and prescriptions. I called in a prescription yesterday that I NEED today and was told it takes two days to come from their Off site building. This has happened so many times and in so many instances it's not even funny. We have done more driving than ever just see the NUMEROUS different docs we need and they are 25 miles apart.
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Jun 04, 2013  from Beaverton, Oregon
This HMO sucks! Hopefully you have a LOT of vacation time to blow trying to make an appointment. Also, when joining Kaiser, you can look forward to driving all over town trying to get to your appointment. I live within walking distance of a Kaiser HOSPITAL, and have NEVER been able to get an appointment there. Such an effing nightmare
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Apr 28, 2013  from Fontana, California
I received yet another denial of treatment yesterday (on my birthday) from Kaiser. This time they've decided that prescribing Xanax (which the letter of denial of treatment spelled as "Zanax") to a person with Panic Disorder/PTSD and MS-related vertigo was "medically unnecessary". I've been taking this drug since 1996 at a dosage of 0.5mg daily as needed (a trivial dosage). It really beats the vertigo and helps with the panic disorder immensely.

Before I was unfortunately chained to Kaiser 4 years ago I was taking the following: Zocor for high Cholesterol. Copaxone for Multiple Sclerosis. Paxil for Panic Disorder and PTSD. Xanax for vertigo and PTSD. And the occasional muscle relaxant for my damaged back (I have eleven damaged vertebrae).

After 4 years of being with Kaiser I have been denied treatment IN WRITING for every condition listed above and currently receive absolutely zero medication of any kind.

Every time they've denied me medication they've said it was medically unnecessary. Copaxone for relapsing/remitting multiple sclerosis medically unnecessary? Statins for a person with extremely high cholesterol medically unnecessary?
Xanax and Paxil for a person with panic disorder, MS-related vertigo and PTSD medically unnecessary? Muscle relaxants and pain medication for a person with a severely damaged back medically unnecessary?

If you're thinking of joining Kaiser, don't! If you're stuck with
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Jan 04, 2013  from Sacramento, California
:( I hate Kaiser! I have had back and neck pain for years. I have episodes w/ leg weakness so bad I collapse. I get occasionally hoarse and my eyelid droops. My creatine is not in low yet but is steadily declining each test (I HAVE TO ASK FOR EVERY TEST - ) as if my muscles are wasting away. I have no muscle pain. NO MUSCLE PAIN just weakness - I do have bone pain. I have this feeling like I am wearing a belt that is too tight. I was tested for MS and it was inconclusive - not positive but not negative - What? But they have never re-checked. Just let it go. The doctors were insisting I was depressed. I asked, "can someone be depressed and not know it?" the doc answers, "Absolutely." I refused anti-depressants. Months go by. I am getting worse pain. The doctor stood on the other side of the room and diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. He never touched me. But diagnosed me. I have pain in 3 specific areas with leg weakness. NO MUSCLE PAIN> "I don't care what you think. I am diagnosing you with fibromyalgia" is what I am told. What do they want to prescribe? Anti-depressants! Oh! My son laughed himself off the seat when the doctor stood across from me and said, "Your eyelids look symmetrical to me." My rt eye was half closed. We pay $250.00 a week for a group plan at Kaiser. I cannot get other insurance because of preexisting conditions...but I would rather pay cash than keep this insurance. With Kaiser I leave an... Show more
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Nov 18, 2012 
Kaiser is not a people caring business, they think they can do what ever they want and get away with it. It really is sickening to see what has happened to them. I don't understand why, just that they don't care anymore about their patients just the money.
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Oct 25, 2012 
This whole incident took place in the back and the side of the Manteca Medical Center
I was leaving the medical center via the back of the center where I was parked.
A female in a black truck came speeding up into the driveway, took up over half of the driveway, and almost hit my car. When I looked at the female driver in astonishment, she gave me a dirty look. I noticed she was in scrubs. I backed up my car and stopped where she was parking. I was waiting for her to get out of her car and she did not right away. I wanted to roll my window down and ask her if she worked here. She was taking awhile to get out, so I parked my car a stall away from her. She exited her vehicle, i exited mine. I said, " excuse me do you work here?" She said yes. I said I want to know who her supervisor is. She said why. I told her that she was speeding into the parking lot and she took up half the driveway speeding into the parking lot, and that she almost hit my car. I also told her that she gave me a dirty look as though I was in the wrong. I asked again who was her supervisor, I had already taken note of her name Deltoya I think and the last name was Montoya. She said I was just driving I did not do anything. She said I knew her, she was the one who works in the flu clinic. I asked again for her supervisors name she rudely told me to go to HR. I told her how dare you talk this way to me I am the reason you are here. She told me that I am nothing to her, who are you, you are not
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Sep 02, 2012 
They have several nincompoops working as in Ophth in Sacramento. One Ophth "specialist" actually asked us to mail him Ophth medical papers to show him what all the top rated eye centers are prescribing their pts. Seems he is a slow reader because he hasn't caught on yet. I pay $12,000 a year for this circus. You can replace them with walkin-labs for tests and go alternative. You'll save your life.
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Aug 19, 2012 
Worked for Kaiser for exactly two months. Worst Experience ever. I had a full time job, with health benefits. I got the call from the recruiter ONE YEAR after I had applied for the float pool/on-call m.a. position . They give us a letter at the group interview saying that we were only gonna have 4 days of orientation training. They tell us last minute that's its a whole month. I lost my good job cuz of Kaiser's *** ***. (Thankfully I was able to get it back) so in training, they overload you with a bunch of bullcrap and then send you off to department training .... which only lasts 4 days. Now for my training, the dumbass supervisor put me in a department where they didn't let me do ANYTHING. Then they switch me to a place where I did less than the minimum. Come our last day, I ask my supervisor "I dont feel comfortable going out to start covering yet, can I have another few days to train?" And she flat out said "no I told you this was it. You should know everything by now. We don't have enough $$ in the budget to keep training more than a week" so I end up getting stressed out Like never before and I did receptionist for a day. Loved it. So all I was doing was receptionist. I never did one day of back office. Because I didn't have adequate training in back office. The staff is rude to you, and the nurses deserve to rot in ***. They told me that I can't do only receptionist. The job title is for medical assistant. They scheduled me for geriatrics one day back office and I... Show more
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