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Justice For Girls - Order placed 11/22, it's 12/21, still no items!

  • by   Dec 21, 2013
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Company Justice For Girls
Product / Service Delivery Unconvenience
Location Baltimore, Maryland
Category Kids' Stores
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I was a valued Justice customer until today. I placed an order on 11/22/13 and I received an email on 11/24/13, stating my order was shipped on 11/23/13 and I was given a tracking number. When I tried to track this item, through the Fedex system, the number showed only a tracking number was initiated at 5:10am on 11/24/13 and no further information. I contacted their customer service department and after being on hold for 45 minutes, I was told if I didn't receive my order by the next day, which was Friday 12/6/13 call back and their company would send a replacement order because of a 10 day rule for not receiving packages. During this time I also sent an email 12/5/13 @ 8:16 pm to Justice.

I called back on Friday 12/6/13 and was on hold for over 30 minutes and was still unable to speak to someone regarding my order. I called back Saturday morning, and finally spoke to someone after being on hold for 56 minutes! I explained my situation regarding my order and she was NO HELP at all, so I requested to speak to a manager. The customer service rep told me the manager was busy, so I then ask to speak to a supervisor; instead of me speaking to a manager/supervisor, my call was put back into the call que and I was placed on hold for another 20 minutes before I hung up the call.

I called back on 12/9/13 and spoke to someone from Justice who informed me, a request to have my order reshipped was sent for a managers approval. I also received an email on 12/11/13 at 2:55pm, a response to my email sent on 12/5/13, with the following message: "Thank you for contacting Justice regarding the status of your recent Justice order. I do show this order has been sent up for a replacement and is awaiting approval. I do apologize for the delay."

On 12/12/13 at 5:02, I received an email from Justice with an order number, to include a list of half of the items I ordered on 11/22/13 and it stated I would receive another email when the order was shipped, to include a tracking number. According to the email, the reported payment was made through gift cards. I was under the impression, since their company couldn't locate my order and for the inconvenience of not getting my order, Justice shipped these items for free and paid with gift cards. The payment section listed "gift cards" and my balance was $0.00 for 9 items compared to my original 19 items that I ordered from their company on 11/22/13.

On 12/16/13, I tried calling their customer service department at 18662465822, to inquire about my order, but their phone systems were not working. I tried for several days but their phone systems were still not working properly. I sent an email 12/16/13 at 1:23pm, regarding my order and I received the following response on 12/19/13 at 7:51pm: " Dear Valued customer, thanks for the email! Due to the busy holiday season, we're receiving a higher volume of messages than usual. Please know that your email is important to us and we'll respond as soon as possible."

After I received this email on 12/19/13, I tried to contact customer service again regarding my order but their phone systems were still not working! I finally got through to a customer service rep on 12/20/13, after waiting for over an hour! When I was speaking to a gentleman, I was able to give him, my name and tracking number and the call was disconnected! I tried calling back but again the phone lines were not working!

Around 8:30pm on 12/20/13, I received the following email from Shaquan "Thank you for contacting Justice regarding your order.

"We have reviewed your order. At this time we are unable to verify the billing information submitted on this order and therefore this order was cancelled. If you wish to place a new order we suggest you call our customer service department to verify your billing information prior to placing a new orders."

Are you serious?! After all of this confusion, they are now telling me I need to place a NEW order!!!!!!! I can tell you I will NEVER place another order with their company!!! I placed an order last month for my daughters Christmas gifts to make sure I had them before the holiday and now I have nothing because of the negligence and lack of concern for my order. It's unfortunate, Justice does not value their customers, actions definitely speak louder than words because they have a faulty phone system, pseudo tracking numbers and customer service reps who lack the necessary training to handle inquires about orders.

I was a frequent customer, who always shopped in Justice and online for my daughter, until today! They have lost my patronage and I will make sure I notify the necessary chain of command regarding my experience with Justice, to include the Better Business Bureau!

Have a good day.

A previous customer

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Dec 24, 2013  from Los Angeles, California
Identical problem. I ordered on 11.29.13.
Reply to Anonymous

Dec 23, 2013  from New Fairfield, Connecticut
i am also having this problem
Reply to Anonymous

Dec 22, 2013  from Terryville, Connecticut
Almost identical experience.
Reply to Dee

Dec 21, 2013  from Canton, Michigan
I am having the exact same problem! This is absolutely ridiculous. I still haven't been able to get ahold of anybody.
Reply to mommy0005

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