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JustHookup - Just Hook Up SCAM

  • by   Mar 24, 2012
  • Review #: 307295
Company JustHookup
Product / Service Dating Service
Location Sarepta, Louisiana
Category Social Networks
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This is a COMPLETE scam.There is absolutely no service provided.

Our government should shut this down. All profiles are fake. The entire site only exists only to extract money from unsuspecting people.
Do not be fooled by this site. It exists for the sole purpose of selling you multiple services that do not exist.

All profiles are phoney and completely made-up. There are NO dates...EVER.
Not one word is true. I was a victim.

Do not fall for this total scam. These people should go to jail. This is FRAUD at the highest level. There is absolutely no intent by this site to provide anything except a scam; EVER.

Enter a zip code where 50 people live in 500 miles and they will convince you that 200 horney women, all wanting you, live within 5 minutes of you.

These women are all stolen picures with made-up profiles.No one ever responds to any email you send. 2f315c7

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Apr 10  from Mountain View, Missouri
I am mad i have never put my profile on justhookup and my son see me on there and ask me what was i doing on that site you even have my pic on there i want me off there now ir i am going to get the law involved i do not like you putting me on here you have me on there as donnavoyles56 please take me off
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Jan 21 
yep. me too!
I got suspicious when I noticed that there is always 98,491 (members online), yeah, right!
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Nov 14, 2013 
Next time just ***! Hahaha stu.pid people wonder why they get fooled every time. :p
Reply to Esty Effyew

Nov 14, 2013 
Just hook up is a scam. I tried to delete my free account and their customer support refused to delete it until I got authorities involved.
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Nov 08, 2013  from Dublin, Dublin City
It must be possible to sue these guys and put them out of business
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Oct 01, 2013  from Plaquemine, Louisiana
Correct, the contract language acknowledges the site uses fake profiles to promote itself.
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Oct 01, 2013  from Fort Worth, Texas
you mean there aren't tons of *** hotchicks in my area who would love to ***, I'm shocked. Anyone who would pay for that *** is a ***.
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Sep 02, 2013  from Baker, Louisiana
Lol, Caught the scam from the beginning, here's a tip for all you who got burned by this.. GOOGLE THE SITE NAME BEFORE JOINING!! That way you'll find things like this, and know it's a scam.. Just a good rule of thumb.. Also, Apparently they're trying to scam through Skype aswell, got added by some random person named 'Princess Daniel' with username xoxcherry_jess31894 who sent me a bit.ly link that lead to justhookup, and being me the fact he bit.lyed it made me cautious.. and on top of that right after the link he said 'And don't worry, it's free, you don't need a credit card..' got me cautious aswell.. so I used common sence, looked at the bottom of the page filled with half nude women [which I don't even like because I'm *** btw..] and saw a Billing Support link.. well if it's free why is there billing?.. So I did a quick google on 'just hook up' and in my chrome browser it was giving me this post as what I'm looking for, saw a bunch of questionable links on the front page of the search, though I also saw this post was near the lower area, but yeah, like I said, always, always google the name of the site BEFORE you join.. [Or bing or yahoo or whatever search provider you like the most..]
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Sep 01, 2013  from London, England
so can anybody tell me an e-mail i can contact to get them to cancel my account?
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Sep 16, 2013 
to cancel your paid membership you need to go to terms of service, in there will be a termination section that will give you steps to unsubscribe. This generally means filling a couple of blanks and submitting it. You may be able to find it faster by ctrl+f something like terminat or something that you can sort of skip through till you find the right part
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Aug 26, 2013  from Bristol, England
Hi everyone I would like to share with you a message sent to me last night from JustHookUp after I tried to put up a message on their site forum here you can read their response to my forum topic.

Hi protrusile2,

Thank you for your recent forum post
Unfortunately your post in the topic "Am I real" has been rejected for the following reason:
Reason: Inappropriate content
Your post was as follows:
I have read with great interest that I am not real. It seems that Justhookup are using false photos and fake profiles in order to gain cash. WOE IS ME! I can tell you that yes I am real as for meeting someone here in order to get laid is a dream I can only hope for. I am a realist I know I have no hope of this happening but it would be nice to know I am not the only real person here. Let me know your thoughts?
If you are unsure why your post was rejected please reply to this email and our support team will assist you.
Best regards,

I have read on other forum sites such as this that JustHookUp should be reported but first to whom? second they are doing nothing wrong as had already been pointed out clearly they are defrauding but they are getting around it. IF this site is to be brought down then it must start HERE... Go out into face book...Badoo and any site you know tell others about this site in forums the best way to hurt JustHookUp is
... Show more
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Aug 26, 2013  from Bath, England
OUCH!!!! Just got burnt wish I knew about this five days ago....
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Aug 25, 2013  from New Westminster, British Columbia
I also believe Just Hook Up is a scam. Don't get burnt like I did
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Aug 11, 2013 
Amen. & not 1 attractive person!! & my boyfriend says he only signed up for f****book.com & lonelywives, because I got on this site¡!!! :sigh
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Aug 09, 2013  from Varsity Lakes, Queensland
I have plenty emailsbut all scam agree dont sign up

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Aug 08, 2013 
As stated before, registered myself and got a load of replies. The think is they were from places within 10 miles of me, but i had never heard of them, like proper rural hamleys
Reply to Andy

Aug 06, 2013 
they stole my pictures that I took for my husband only from a password protected site and used it on their site to lure men in for escorting services. They are criminals!
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Aug 06, 2013  from Chatswood, New South Wales
I had about 300 to 400 answers to my add , which I mailed back to each one but answer came back completely different to the questions I asked {the lights were on but no one was home],its like no one was there to read the email , there were about 6 different answers amongst all , I would get a group of women from the same area as soon as I entered the site ,then next time I entered another area would be mentioned by probably 10 women but all with the same or similar questions ""how was your day"" I just bowed out , BUT IT IS DELINATELY A SCAM OR RIP OFF SITE , 6MONTHS NOT ONE DATE ,, I got ripped off
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Jul 28, 2013 
yeah a complete scam is right lol don't waste you money and time
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