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Juniper Bank Credit card - Juniper Bank Platinum MC --Horrible

  • by   Aug 31, 2009
  • Review #: 156278
Company Juniper Bank Credit card
Product / Service Master Card
Location Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Category Credit Cards
Views 29

Juniper Bank Credit cards are now issued through Barclays.I have perfect credit and have never carried a balance, though i've had a Juniper Master card for a number of years and charge quite a few thousand dollars on it each year, so they make plenty from my purchases..

Today i received a letter telling me that there APR for cash advances is going to prime plus 23.99%! Their late payment and over limit fees are going to $40.00! If you have a "penalty event", which can be almost anything from late payment to over limit, your APR goes to 30.24%. Though none of these fees would affect me since i never carry a balance, i nevertheless will take my business elsewhere.

These fees and APR's are criminal and i don't want to give them any more of my business.If you have a Juniper card, I would strongly suggest canceling it and getting another through a more reasonable bank. 2db2772

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