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John Casablanca Modeling - John casablancas

  • by   Sep 04, 2008
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Company John Casablanca Modeling
Product / Service Audition Watch
Location Charlotte, North Carolina
Category Schools
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I dont think there a scam because they keep calling me back over and over again so there not a scam if they want u they want if your ugly move on cause your not getting it. These people dont just want your money if you dont have money work for it ***. I went there for an audition watch out these are the noseyiest people ever they will ask you ever single question about your life.So give john casablancas a try if you get an audition that is.John casablancas works with tyra banks and real agencys not like fake or fraude agencys

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Jun 18, 2013 
It looks like you need to go back to a real school and pick up some knowledge because your post looks like something a 6 year old typed.
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Sep 09, 2008 
John Casablancas had made there employees and offered iPods and other rewards to students to make positive comments about there "business"

The fact of the matter is: They are a modeling school who only cares about your enrollment fee. They give everyone a "B" grade which means that you "have a great look, but you just need the training and skills to be a success in this industry."

They scam people because people actually believe that they are an Agency and will try and find them work, and although most John Casablancas locations have "agencies" usually called and MTM contained within the school, it is just a sales tool and they do not really find you any real work.

If you wish to get started in the industry, just contact real agencies (who will not charge you anything upfront and will only take a commission when they find you work). Real agents will work with you to give you the knowledge you need before going to a casting.

I would not pay for John Casablancas classes for two reasons:

1.) You really dont "need" it to work in the modeling industry.

2.) Their curriculum is outdated and is based on how the industry was run in 1988.

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