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Jobdiagnosis.com a scam- do not use!

Company JobDiagnosis
Product / Service Career Evaluation
Location Westland, Michigan
Category Employment Agencies
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TLDR version:

Avoid the scam web site jobdiagnosis.com!

-this website collects your personal information, promising to provide your ideal career, and information on related jobs available

-your report is nothing but common sense, and the job information is simply links to reputable job websites

-they then sell your information to everyone under the sun, and you will be inundated with spam and telemarketing calls

Here's the scrolly:

Jobdiagnosis.com claims to provide you with job offers that match your interests once you provide your contact information and complete a brief quiz consisting of a number of "either/or" pairs designed to guide you to the right career. I began to notice many typos and grammatical errors a few pages into the survey, which is an obvious red flag you are dealing with a less than reputable operation; sadly I had already provided my contact information, so it was too late to do anything about it. (*** being desperate for a job and too tired to know better at 4 AM!)

After completing the survey- which really wasn't at all helpful since it had nothing to do with aptitude and education, just conclusions you could come to on your own if you had any common sense whatsoever- I was provided a list of jobs I might be interested in applying for, which were merely direct links to a meta job search results from another web site. Everything of interested I had already applied for after visiting CareerBuilder and Monster.com.

Literally >10 minutes< after I completed my quiz, my phone started to ring. That day I received at least 25 emails and 5 phone calls offering pay-day loans, mortgage refinancing, over-priced college educations, online survey site memberships, predatory credit cards, etc. I have since continued to receive an average of 10 spam and 2 phone calls per day, which has been going on for over a week now.

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Oct 19, 2013 
I'm pretty sure this place stole my identity. After signing on here my bank accounts and credit cards have unusual charges. After signing on my husband someone tried to open accounts in his name! I know because we just moved and this place was the only one with that address! SCAM!!! :(
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Sep 27, 2013 
I'm not getting any spam or phone calls.
Reply to flower

Sep 20, 2013  from Phoenix, Arizona
I have gone through the same *** with this *** bag operation,all they provide is a list to every telemarketing and *** man in the nation. EVERY TIME I EVER CONTACTED THE HELP DESK (A WARPED SENSE OF HUMOR THESE *** HAVE)ONLY ONCE WAS I ANSWERED AND IT WENT TO MY SPAM, ANT WAS *** USELESS!! PLEASE AMERICA DO NOT USE THESE *** MEN


Sep 12, 2013 
Boy, you're not kidding! My phone is also ringing off the hook with college offers which I have told numerous times I'm not interested but they continue. Take me off your call list!! but then another one appears. I'm looking for work, not college, and the only time my phone rings it's another recruiter.
Reply to karen

Jan 27, 2013  from Fort Myers, Florida
All of them are bull....!the problem is that you cant go face to face with anyone no more.My biggest gripe is when you uncheck the box for education the still fu..... call.
Reply to pissed off job looker

Jan 30, 2013 
It's no wonder why you can't find a job - "cant go face to face no more" - are you kidding - Go back to 5th grade English and try again.
Reply to That Dude

Sep 06, 2012 
*** I knew I shouldn't do this I didn't fill out the educational opportunites thing just name,phone,email then I checked list of jobs and was going to apply for it and it took me to someone else that wanted info so I just clicked out of all of it. About half hour later my phone was ringing at 8:00pm no name well anyone I know that would be calling at that time the name would show so I didn't answer got another one this morning same number. Have not got any emails yet but when I do I will unsubscribe from them.
Reply to Karen

Aug 16, 2012 
***. I hesitated to sign up there, especially when I saw the check box for being able to receive "educational opportunities," but like the opening poster said: desperation. I only confirmed my account five minutes ago, but I wish I had followed my instincts and checked before I signed up there. Or read the TOS. I started and then just... gave up. A mistake, clearly.

Thanks for the head's up, anyway. I've clicked the unsubscribe link for e-mails. Now we just see if the phone calls start.
Reply to Annoyed

Jun 18, 2012 
Thanks for this heads up! Great to see people looking out for each other! Keep up the great work.!
Reply to plumcrazie

May 08, 2012 
Jobdiagosis is a site that is used purely for data collect. I know this because I have seen this same model used before. The second you submit user information it is immediately sold for around $.05 per user to about 5-10 advertisers (so around $.3 per user)

They then take your information and try to continue to get you to purchase from their advertisers. They receive payment if you sign up for an advertiser service.

They are basically a lead generation site. Call it 5 years ago when the online coupon craze started people also started looking at all the data that was being collected on the internet. They realized that it had some monetary value so people like JobDiag (aka VHM) bought the data from high traffic sites and the sold it to advertisers or other lead generation companies.

JobDiag is simply a front to collect data. It isn't illegal, everything they are going to do is properly disclosed in the TOS, but how many people really read that.

There is a sucker born every second, these guys just figured out how to make money off those suckers.
Reply to YepTheyAreAScam

Sep 10, 2013  from New York City, New York
I must have signed in to jobdiagnosis b4 I knew what it was about and then like 2 yrs later went to go on again and forgot my password. When I called the number help she quickly said they could help me then said something I couldn't understand...when I finally got her to speak slowly she said she could help my "
FOR $100.00"...well needless to say I f'ing curse her out quite a bit and h/u
Reply to dmb

Apr 06, 2012 
Always test a site with a phony ID and email address - just to see what you get.
Reply to Smartenough

Mar 25, 2012 
They appear to have an Address of 65 Broadway Suite 1808, NY, NY, 10006. Phone # 646-723-4353 and a Fax # 212-430-6360 DBA VHMnetwork LLC (Living Liability Corporation) meaning they do bleed. One can always pay them a visit or prank their telco numbers. I have advised them countless times to remove me from their list, it may be easier to simply remove them from my bucket.
Reply to Kipper

Mar 25, 2012 
We live in a dog eat dog society, perhaps I will be eating an employee or owners family member for dinner this evening. Ok, no rules justify no rules or no scruples justify no scruples. Nobody can hide from anyone anymore and if you attack first you're usually the winner in any situation, just cover your tracks. More crimes are committed everyday that will go unsolved no matter what "they" the law enforcement community will tell you :)
Reply to Kipper

Mar 14, 2012 
Anybody have a solution on how to stop the text alerts and phone calls?
Reply to Lindsey

Feb 13, 2012 
I didn't give them anything. It appears they got me e-mail from an online resume (monster and dice). I get e-mails daily and they will NOT stop. I've decided to take the issue to the FTC and whoever else will listen.
Reply to they won't stop

Jan 10, 2012 
You guys should try Jobserve.com. One of the few site i found that wont share or sell your info to anyone. They do seem to have more IT jobs than anything, but no spam.
Reply to Boyd

Jan 02, 2012 
*** already posted my info :cry i greatly dislike ppl taking advantage of thers smh
Reply to Ramael

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