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  • by   Aug 13, 2011
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Company JD Byrider
Product / Service Morgantown Store
Location Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania
Category Auto Financing
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Worked for these guys for a while.The manager was Chad.

He tells the customers "I dont want you to marry the car, just date it for a while" I hated watching chad lie to customers. You are so buried and upsidedown in these cars that not only will you have to keep it for the length of the term....you will have to buy the dam thing a wedding ring. Another big one he would tell people " we rebuild your credit" ***, *** and more ***. A lot more factors go into rebuilding your credit than buying a car and reporting it to the credit bureaus.

If you buy a car from one these places you havnt done your homework, bad place to buy.Mike. 2e155a1

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Jan 07  from Morgantown, West Virginia
My fiancé and I bought a car an 07 pt cruiser. We pointed out issues upon test drive. They said they would fix them in 30 days and it was in writing. It took 2 months and 4 trips to shop. Within 30 days we started having more issues. The car cuts out when idling and now it is very cold and car won't start. We got this car cause we didn't trust the old one to start so she would be safe. Now the old car is only one that will start. It has done nothing but cost more money. And time. The staff at the store keeps blowing me off and putting all the expense on us. This car is costing over 16 thousand dollars and the old 200 dollar car runs and this one don't. This is crazy. So if u r buying a car don't go to jd byrider in morgantown wv. They hide stuff in the contract and if they get a car in that's not exactly right that is the car they try to put u in. Even if u tell them it's not what u r looking for. They talk u into it promising to fix what is wrong in a timely manor. This never happens :cry :x :(
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Jan 09  from Morgantown, West Virginia
thats what you for going to jd byrider there a bunch of crooks I dont understand why they are still in busissness they buy a car for 3000 dollars and sell it for 15000 after they spit shine it up and give you a buttload of promises
Reply to ray

Aug 25, 2013  from Morgantown, West Virginia
They are truly loosers looking out the windows as you drive up like buzzards waiting for prey they buy the vehicles then double what they pay for them then that do all the repairs and double that and charge the customer the doubled cost and repair charges then charge 25% interest the upper management and owners of these company's are millionaires preying on the single moms , the old people on fixed incomes , the people that have bad credit due to medical bills they are trained to look like they really care but in reality all they care about is your wallet and if they can take your very last dime after you sign the papers they will and could care less if you go hungry or cant feed your children they will repair your car with junkyard parts if what is broken is covered if you want to sink further in the quicksand and get ripped off go buy a car there you'll be sorry read the posts there all true im sure
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Mar 27, 2013  from Kingwood, West Virginia

Wake up . lol how *** do you think the general public is .. well your still selling worn out cars I guess there is still some people that are in the lower gene-pool . as long as there is jd byrider will *** them into buying a worn out car then guaranteeing/warranting them with junkyard parts Be proud of your jd byrider car let everyone know your an *** be proud drive right up and let everyone see your jd byrider car via stickers and jd byrider plates plastered all over the car then everyone will know what a looser you are that you had to dish out 18,000 to 25,000 dollars for a worn out pos thats waxed up with that junkyard warranty ,that someone that was trained to talk you into thinking you was doing the right thing , tht you was going to get your credit fixed at the same time they are thinking in their mind "I got another *** to buy one of theese cars"lol ... rent a center and arrons rentals do the same thing BUT you get new stuff not something that has been worn completely out or gotten rid of because it has a problem and cant be fixed they think us hillbillies are not so bright :grin
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Aug 28, 2012 
We went down and was told right away we couldn't purchase what we wanted (we needed a 4 wheel drive because of winters and our location in preston co.) They would choose a vehicle for us. Usual run-around, was basically told we couldn't get anything with a mortgage payment so we iust left, went across thebroad to Superior Ford and (surprisingly) drove home in a used (2007) supercrew F150. Only use these guys as an absolute last resort, check your options first.
Reply to JDC

Aug 17, 2012 
My daughter purchased a 2005 PT crusier from the jd byrider in morgantown. She changed jobs several months after buying the car. With the change in jobs and change in pay schedule she was three weeks behind on making her payment. She went to the car lot to bring the payments current with cash in hand. They refused to take her money and told her that they had to take the car. I had to leave work to go pick her up so she would have a way home. So all said and done they ended up with $1900.00 of her money and she ended up with nothing. She talked to them a couple of days before and was told to go ahead and come in to make the payments. They didn't tell her that they were going to repossess it.
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May 11, 2012 
The biggest rip-off I have ever seen. Shame on you JDBYRIDER for taking advantage of little old ladies.
Reply to Mildred

Nov 14, 2011 
I bought a 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser. 93k miles, purchase price 15k. NADA on it was 4600. Total rip-off.
Reply to Daniel

Oct 17, 2011 
Can someone please post an example of the prices of there cars, the interest rates, and what they (JD) means when they say " we are going to dip the customer" Thanks :x
Reply to Stupmed

Aug 25, 2013  from Morgantown, West Virginia
The price of the vehicle you buy here is aprox 4.5 times the price they pay at auction then is sold to you at around 24% interest with a warranty that covers some of the parts the parts used for warranty is used junkyard parts that are worn out they are not going to pay as little as possible to fix your car here is a number to call if you need satisfaction 740-516-3646 ask for MARK MORRIS
Reply to JEFF M

Oct 04, 2011 
i went into the morgantown location and dealt with Chad the manager, he was very straight forward and to the point with me. When i asked him the prices of the cars he asked if he could explain their program first because if he didn't then the price wouldn't make sense, he did a flpchart thing and everything made sense, the prices were posted in their lobby, i asked him about their rates and he told me that as well. as for the credit rebuilding they report to 3 major bureus so it would help rebuild my credit...i asked him if it would improve my score and he said he couldn't guarantee it and then he explained to me everything that went into the credit score. I asked him if he used to have a guy named mike work for him, which is what this post says he told me no, i asked if he had ever heard about the complaints or about this site and he simply said " i encourage everyone to come meet me and judge for themsleves"...i bought a car from him, yes it is expensive but it is worth it to me, my uncle is going to see him next week. i just felt the need to comment because i was skeptical because of what i read but after i met Chad i was very happy i went there, i would recommend them to anyone, it doesn't hurt to do what he said..just go meet him.
Reply to Shawn

Mar 18, 2013 
this was posted by chad himself i watched him post it
Reply to fran

Sep 24, 2011 
I went to the Morgantown store and asked them the price and they refused to tell me. Then I asked them what there rates are and they refused to tell me. They were mean and unprofessional.
Reply to Shelly

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i am pissed at jd byryder

never go to jd byryder they r rude and never fix anything right poor mechanie work they lye to much...

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