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JC Whitney reviews, JC Whitney complaints, read JC Whitney reviews, find JC Whitney reviews, JC Whitney scam reports
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  • 63 complaints
  • $7,555 claimed losses
  • $120 average
  • 2445 since Sep 18, 2008

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JC Whitney
Main address: Customer Service Department 61301 La Salle IL
1-800-603-4383, 1-800-541-4716 , 1-800-537-2700, http://sales.liveperson.net/hc/s-5255712/cmd/kbresource/kb-5887161647528473390/escalate!PAGETYPE?Vis
JC Whitney reviews, JC Whitney complaints, read JC Whitney reviews, find JC Whitney reviews, JC Whitney scam reports
  • 63 complaints
  • $7,555 claimed losses
  • $120 average
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  • Apr 05
  • Vero Beach, Florida
  • Customer Service
  • 1
  • 6

I can take steps to protect myself also - from other people's *** decisions. Trying to order this product today took 3 tries because of your people, who were ignorant on how to look up, and verify the application for what I was trying to purchase, could not tell what they were looking at. After 3 times, utilizing online chat, and telephone, taking over a hour in all, I finally was able to place... Read more

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  • Mar 24
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Gas Tank Online Order
  • 9

A few weeks ago I ordered a gas tank for my 1989 GMC 2500 series Sierra pick up truck and I was sent the wrong size gas tank , to return it will cost $250 which I am expected to pay. After arguing with the phone person, they came up with a counter offer and offered to send me a $160 shipping label to paste to the box plus said they would issue me a $43 credit. Then they suggested that I try... Read more

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  • Mar 06
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Items Delivery
  • 4

I ordered two of the same item but received only one. I called customer service the same day and they wanted to know if the box was damaged (no it was not, it was in perfect condition). They said the would have to check with their shipping dept. and get back to me. That makes me feel like they are saying they don't believe me! I got an email the next day saying that the shipping department... Read more

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  • Feb 07
  • Quincy, Washington
  • Wrong Disk Bolt Pattern
  • 5

When JC Whitney sent me the wrong part (wrong disk bolt pattern, wrong break pads) they refused a return r/t the no squeal greese. Added to the pads. Then they insisted that it was the right part! They further asked me if my scion TC was 4 wheel drive? WTF? Once again she said they sent the right part. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!! It would have been nice to talk to someone who knows about... Read more

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  • Nov 03, 2013
  • West Columbia, Texas
  • Auto Parts
  • 16

I Placed an order using the web site and their specific vehicle app. I chose one of two choices offered. They part was wrong for my vehicle. I call customer service for a RA and their rep with a thick accent beyond understanding after taking my info puts me on hold for ten minutes. When she comes back she tells me this is my fault but she is going to send me an e- mail. When I get my RA I'm... Read more

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  • Oct 14, 2013
  • Online Order
  • 2
  • 28

A change to my order was the request, simple enough right? WRONG, these muppets had no idea what they were doing and continuously put me on hold, so much so that i had to call back 7 times and each time i had to explain my problem. Well 1 hour later and 7 calls, problem is not resolved and the i'm not bothered i'd rather lose $40 dollars on a wrong part than listen to these kermits again. My... Read more

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  • Oct 08, 2013
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Auto Part
  • 19

It took two weeks to receive the wrong part. I returned the wrong part using JC Whitney label. It took 2 weeks after 7 e-mails for them to confirm that they receive the two days after I ship it. They deducted the shipping and then added a tax charge for the return part. Still fighting with them. They answer with a scrip that shows that they don't read the e mails. I purchase the part on ebay. JC... Read more

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  • Sep 07, 2013
  • Ac Control Switch
  • 23

I was going to place an order with jc whitney when I noticed that the item I wanted had two different items with the same part number. I then called them and made them aware of it and I wanted to make sure I received the correct part. I was told not to worry. Guess what, wrong part. That's not so bad. What is so bad is how they start with there lies to you. Its been a week and I have not even... Read more

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  • Aug 05, 2013
  • Tail Gate Cable
  • 33
JC Whitney - Yet another J.C. Whitney complaint

Here is the problem: A 12 dollar tailgate cable for my truck broke. It has one small end and one slotted end for quick removal. Without the two different ends, the part is useless. J.C. Whitney had the cable in stock, had a correct picture of the item, and the correct part number. I ordered it. When I received the item it had two small ends. Either a manufacturing error or a packaging error made... Read more

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  • Jul 31, 2013
  • Automotive Accessories
  • 34

Placed and order for floor and cargo mats for a large SUV. Wasn't advised until later that the floor mats were out of stock. When trying to cancel the order I was advised that it was too late. This was all within a matter of hours. They should have held the order when they realized that the main part of it wasn't available. About 12 hours after trying cancel the order, I get a shipping... Read more

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